Assassin Who Shot Sunil Kumar Loharia Receives Street Justice

Assassin Who Shot Sunil Kumar Loharia Receives Street Justice

One of the assassins responsible for murder of Mumbai builder Sunil Kumar Loharia – the one who was dressed as a security guard and shot him 5 times with a hand gun, was caught by the members of the public shortly after the assassination and delivered a little Indian street justice. The crowd wanted to lynch the murderer medieval style, however the cops prevented them from going all the way.

Best Gore member IndianShooter provided me with a little info on what is going on in the video:

Everyone just wants to beat the shit out of the killer while he is trying to bullshit those police officer by saying “I haven’t done anything”. The police officers were not aware of the murder at the time. Later one of the officers is heard confirming that someone had been shot and killed and they had one of the killers in sight.

A person from the crowd is saying to the killer that he won’t take him to a hospital, that he would instead kill him right there where he was. That murderer is asking the cops to take him to a hospital but the crowd wants street justice.

IndianShooter also corrected me with up to date information that the beaten guy from this video was the hired hitman and not the suspended police officer Samuel Amolik. That police officer contracted the hitmen, but was not directly involved in the hit.

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19 thoughts on “Assassin Who Shot Sunil Kumar Loharia Receives Street Justice”

  1. Oh my goodness mr singh someone caved your head in…
    Street justice in India is crazy, I was in Amritsar 5 years ago and saw a guy getting chased down by another guy with a big fuckoff sabre, he was backed up by a big mob of Singhs…I didn’t get to see the end result but I’d say it was best gore viable.

  2. well, that was fast. hmm, maybe a gun isn’t the best form of assassination in a place where there are 800 people per square mile. these assassins are too key’d up when they do it. if they remained calm, cool and collected they’d be much better at achieving their desired result. and that goes with anything, really.

    1. True, If it was my first time killing someone I’d use a sawed off shotgun..there’s no missing with a 12ga up close. I’d bring a pistol along for back up as well. Nobody would’ve chased him after hearing a shotgun go off. Guy would’ve dropped dead right away too.

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