Australian Model Claire Helen Wrestled to the Ground and Beaten by Police in Sydney

Australian Model Claire Helen Wrestled to the Ground and Beaten by Police in Sydney

On December 4, 2014, an aspiring Australian model and a wannabe TV presenter Claire Helen was filmed on video being violently wrestled to the ground and beaten by New South Wales police in the suburb of Potts Point in Sydney’s Kings Cross district. Police deny accusations of brutality, claiming Claire Helen allegedly punched an officer in the face, after they responded to an alleged assault on a taxi driver. Claire Helen had been in the taxi with four others. They argued about the fare. One of them, is claimed, punched the driver.

The video shows a female officer forcing Claire Helen onto the ground, while another female officer repeatedly hits her with a baton. A male officer is later shown assisting in holding the woman down, as the baton swinging policewoman appears to kick her in the head.

Police superintendent Michael Fitzgerald told Sky News Australia that the cell phone video of the beating does not show the whole story. He said the officers moved to restrain Claire Helen after she punched one of them in the face. He also said they were not going to open an investigation against the beat-her-with-a-baton and kick-her-in-the-head officer, because they determined her use of force was reasonable and legitimate.

In his own words: “Police are not punching bags…” Apparently, civilians are! The “video does not show the whole story” has got to be the third most favorite line used by police, right after “I feared for my life” and “Stop resisting!

Claire Helen, who scored an acting role as an extra in Angelina Jolie’s film Unbroken, said the incident was the most frightening and humiliating experience of her life. On her Facebook page, she published an update stating: “Cops went to town on me.

Claire Helen and three others have been charged with a range of offenses, including assaulting police.

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  1. Ah yuck Looks likes another night down in the cross. One reason any educated Sydneysider hates going down there. All there is are emaciated black Sudanese men fighting each other with tree branches and Arab men getting roughed up and maced by bouncers and the police. Oh and not to mention as displayed in this video skanky nutcases yelling and going crazy like a female cat on heat.

  2. G DAY !!!!
    @Dutchy Thought you said the coppers were nice in Australia ? Granted nobody got shot but who the fuck feels like going out for a blooming onion after that shit ? 🙂

    1. Cops in St. Louis, just dropped another “black teen”.. This one pulled a gun, but that will probably get turned into, “He was jus trying to hand the gun to the police”. The next catchy chant can be, “Don’t shoot, Here’s my gun, it could go off if I drop it”

  3. WTF and what a disgrace…….. I live in northern NSW and never heard a whisper of this shit.

    Since joining BG I have learned that Aussie cops are no different to many other countries and act similar with the usual shit of ‘stop resisting’ etc….

    Yeah right, of course they ‘feared for their life’, what a joke.

  4. That’ll teach that plastic Hollywood chasing z lister to keep her pie hole shut.
    Having said that, I would have enjoyed seeing her twat those dyke cops right in their Laughing gear.
    Bitch scrap, gather round !

  5. Well the police are entrenched in their story now, so they’ll have to say the girl knocked the shit out of them first.
    It seems the police around the world are beating people more and more, perhaps to provoke people into attacking them back, so they can make new laws, and so it doesn’t look so uncommon in the eyes of the sheep. Hopefully it’s not a prelude to some awful developments. But if it is, it looks like America will be first, given the amount of incidents and backlash from the public.

  6. I think she deserved everything she got. She allegedly punched a taxi driver in the face, allegedly a police officer. She was clearly drunk and resisting arrest, what, are the police supposed to let loud mouth drunk slags get away with shit because they start screaming when their actions catch up with them? She looks like a cheap tart, model my arse, she probably posed for free on a couple of flyers for the local hand car dealership. Aspiring tv presenter? What talentless little attention seeker isn’t. I bet she’s never even had an interview, I bet she’s never even tries, just talks about it. Sorry to go off but it’s cheap munters like this that give all white women a bad name, leave the taxi driver alone with her for five minutes let him

  7. Here’s another fine example how police brutality is a worldwide thing.
    Even though it doesn’t show the whole story I think the woman is innocent and the cops are acting on their Power Trippen Authority. Not all cops are bad, just the majority of them let the power go to their heads. If you look at the Statistics of law inforcement their divorce and spouse/child abuse rates are higher, there more likely to use drugs and alcohol is higher. And the cops are never your friends in the first place even though they say they are. They got law running in the veins even though their ex-cop or retired, I still got that thing for law-enforcement until they die.

    I say save the woman from these primal savages that call themselves the law. In order to do this you would have to kill them because obviously they’re not listening to reason.

  8. Cops in many countries are power-crazed and violent. But our NSW Police Service is excellent. If she punched a cop in the face, she received the consequences. Let’s see if the “assault police” charge stands up in court … there were enough witnesses and video footage.

    We don’t want our cops attacked.

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