Babysitter from Hell Beats, Slams, Kicks and Steps on a Child

Babysitter from Hell Beats, Slams, Kicks and Steps on a Child

A truly disturbing video from the city of Kampala in Uganda, a country in East Africa, shows a babysitter from hell abusing a child in a way that’s beyond sickening.

While force-feeding the child, the babysitter commands the girl to swallow, and slaps her violently in the face and head. Later on, as the child throws up, the nanny slams her to the floor, and starts beating her with the handle of a large flash light. She then steps on the child with her full weight, and proceeds to kick her like she’s a soccer ball. A kick to the torso is followed with a hard kick to the face. She then repeatedly stomps the crying child before grabbing her by the arm and carrying her out of the camera view.

Having seen what she had done to his child, the child’s father, who set up the hidden nanny cam in the room, reportedly beat the babysitter half dead. As a result, she’s now reportedly confined to a wheelchair and eats through tubes.

The Uganda State Attorney upped her charge from child battering to attempted murder. She is held in Luzira Prison in Kampala waiting for her case to be reviewed.

Props to Best Gore member @brainfart008brainfart008 for the video:

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        1. Count me in. But she doesn’t deserve a good whipping, that’s too humane for the likes of her. I think it would be better to pluck out her eyes, burst her eardrums, cut off her tongue, and her arms and both legs, then put her naked at a corner of a street so that anyone and everyone may and can punch her, pinch her, kick her, do whatever they want except killing her. Make her suffer! Bah! But I think that’ll be a little humane also. Darn! Can’t think of a real good suffering for this animal.

          1. You coulllllld…. hang her upside down and shave all the skin off her legs, pelt her with peeled lemons and salt, bandage her legs so she doesn’t bleed out, cut off her lips, eyelids, and tongue. Then you finish her off with an injection of sulfuric acid. That’s going easy too.

            I despise people who do this type of shit to children. Children are off limits, they haven’t yet earned their ass whooping. A simple spanking in extreme circumstances is one thing, beating the living fuck out of a small child who just threw up because your stupid ass forced food down their throat, is whole different enchilada, es?.

      1. With you all the way on this kinky … I’d have smashed her shins in with my ‘bottom half of a snooker cue’ that’s next to my bed . Her entire skeleton would have been powder when I finished , I’ve no time for child abusers , and I hope the usual African street justice took place the ugly fucking mutt

          1. A tongue lashing? Women love getting lashed with guy’s tongues, we wouldn’t want to give her any pleasure. I would pay money to have her and the Dad put in a room together and have him reenact what he did to her the first time, just so I could see it and sit in satisfaction. Lol

    1. The home is clearly in an upscale part of town, judging by the furnishings and relatively pristine conditions of the room. The nanny should have at least suspected that the owner of the home (or parents of the child) would have taken the liberty of installing a camera, to keep an eye on her. She’s pretty stupid, not just for beating the child, but also for doing so so brazenly in a rather conspicuous location.

      1. So if she had beaten the child out of the camera view, it would have been okay? Thank God there was a camera! I would skin her extremities slowly, taking first her fingernails
        and fingertips. When that healed, I would skin her palms. When that healed… Oh, you get the point. Pain! Lots of pain!

    2. This fucking bitch ,man! Just fucked up my day,i hope to god she gets her day in court,this is a truly a fucking worthless njgger,hope the baby is ok ,Dont worry little baby girl ,!uncle dnielray is coming to beat her ass,,,hey stomp hold my beer.

    3. Isn’t it scary that you never know who could be looking after your kids, if i found out that happened to my child i think i would invite her back over and slowly slice her throat, because people like this do not deserve to live.

    4. I would suggest we take five gallons of gas and giver her a gas enema. Get her really full then throw a 3 inch wide cork up her rectum so none of it comes out. Then we force her to drink gas until her stomach ruptures and it spreads everywhere internally. Then we all enjoy nice cigars and light her up with a flick of ash.

    5. If someone did that to my child I would’ve beat her to death just like the father did. You always hear that parents in these kinda situations “let the police” handle it but if it was me the last thing I would do would be involving anyone except my foot and her ass. πŸ™‚

    1. Id rather see the bitch suffer to the end of her days. I have no words for this.. Cannot believe anyone could do this to an innocent child. They shouldhave pulled out her teeth and ripped off her fingernails…aaaargh bloody tramp!!

      1. I’m pretty sure you would do no time. Just like this father, he reacted to what this jigaboo did to his daughter. No jury in the world would convict him. I’ll bargain that he’s already free. If so, I hope he can find peace within himself

        1. A crime of passion is justified, I used to know this black dude named terry, he caught his wife in bed with his sergeant, so he snuck downstairs and poured 2 gallons of gas in a bucket then busted in poured most of it on them and the rest on himself lit his own dumb ass on fire and jumped in bed with them, he looks so weird all black and white scarred, but anyways he never served a day

      1. I think they will be sprinkling on her, especially the guys; if ever she gets to see any again. The woman can do just as good a job, perhaps even better. She will also have a new adopted name “Your Eye Nul”. good African name πŸ™‚

  1. Shes not from hell… shes just a normal nigger. πŸ˜†

    But hell, if is there one only thing that i admire about those savages, is that they know how to deliver true justice. Beat his little chimp – put her in a wheel chair. πŸ™‚ eheheh…

  2. They said on the K W website, that if you inject a little block sealant through a tube, the subject will be more interested in kicking the bucket, than a baby…

    It comes with a money back guarantee too!!

    …wheelchair not included

          1. @It was me, you’re welcome. I think we can both agree that the lack of information we have about this incident leaves us with perceiving our own intentions on someone else’s behavior. Which of course is not an accurate way to judge others behavior. With that said ,I hope she gets the help she needs to become a productive member of society, for her safety and others. I will continue to follow this story, with her court date on December 8. Nice chatting with you, It was me,thanks for the reply.

    1. That’s not necessarily true. A couple months ago a big buffed out father came home to find some kid ( not sure how old ) molesting his 10 year old son. What happened to this queer looking skinny no muscles kid, can only be described as one
      of the worst ass kickings ever. So he beats the shit out of the offender, then calls 911 to tell them what happened and to come with a meat wagon as the kid was knocked out cold lying on the floor in his own blood and snot. He basically had his face broken…stupid molester came close to dancing with the grim reaper and was after he left the hospital several days later. On his first court hearing, the kid still like he got beat by king Kong. As small and girTVlish and plus he was an oriental, his little assholes gonna get all

  3. One would have to wonder at what point, the father made the decision to issue “justice.”

    As I was watching this, I was enraged throughout the whole video asking myself…

    If that was my child, how far would I have gone, if I saw my babysitter hitting my child like this?

    …then, at the very last second of this video, when the baby starting screaming frantically

    Seriously folks, if I heard that scream as I entered my house coming from my baby…

    Male or female…

    I think I would of killed them!!

    I’m amazed the father didn’t kill her, after listening to his baby scream like that…

    God, that scream was horrific!!

  4. pickaninnies must be treated like this. that little brat wasn’t hurt.
    If you don’t want your jigaboo rat mistreated, be a true parent and stop renting out someone else to do the job

    1. Maybe the child started acting differently/marks/bruise appeared on kid after they hired her? So they install a hidden camera just to see if something’s amiss… and just as well really as they caught the vile cow in the act.

      1. But that’s my point tho, Why wait for some video evidence.
        If you even suspect something, that should be enough to find someone else to look after you’re kids…

        All im saying is if he felt the need to install a camera.. or felt the need to have a camera reguardless of who was looking after her. Then he should find some other way..

        I dunno Ask his partner to stay at home,Ask family member,Ask trust worthy friend..

        I am totally opposed to nanny’s and care workers (Who should be monitored 24/7).

        You see this shit all the time, all because people don’t plan or care more about their job than raising their own children.

        Only one i feel sorry for is that girl.

        It’s all very well getting some revenge/justice after the fact, But she could of been killed.. I hope he feel’s guilty.

        1. “If you even suspect something, that should be enough to find someone else to look after you?re kids?”

          If everyone did that though, she would go from family to family abusing kids. She would never get caught.

          So she parent had a camera installed – maybe to prove herself wrong and that the babysitter was above board after all.

          It’s a difficult call though as you end up using your child as a potential guinea pig. The positive to come out of this is the babysitter’s true colours were revealed and she got caught.

  5. I’d like to see the video of the child 20yrs later coming after her for revenge!
    Stomping and kicking the living shit out of this bitch! If she begged for mercy I would just give her a even harder beating! This comes from personal experience what happend to me when I was a defenseless child. This pisses me off watching this and I don’t have kids at all! The bitch should be drawn & quarterd then burned! Unfortunately it could be done only once! Poor kid. πŸ™

  6. Why should their be a trial or charges? There is a video, that is the proof of guilt. No determination of guilt needs to be made. Her guilt is not in doubt. Take her to a ditch and put lead through her head.

    Cops shoot innocent people and shoot dogs because they can, but somehow scum like this bitch get a trial. What a messed up world….

    1. ***Do you have any proof that the nanny is on wheelchair or half dead cause of the beating?

      …I can only relay, what another news source is reporting TS

      There’s no pictures of the beaten Jolly Tumuhiirwe. However, I don’t think there’s any doubt, that Jolly Tumuhiirwe has seen her better days…

      In addition, if the father, Erick Kamanzi was later released from jail, then it appears indeed, that he beat Jolly Tumuhiirwe rather sufficiently.

      …it also appears, that the video we see here was good enough, if it enabled Mr. Kamanzi to be set free from jail

    1. I felt the same. I can watch almost anything posted here , but I can’t look at a little girl
      getting treated like that by.some POS..I would love to tie his hands, blindfold him and thrown him into my closet until I’m ready to deal with.him. Most likely after a couple of days.he’ll get his shit pushedi in

  7. This is simply my assumption…

    But I believe that the worst injuries that the baby sustained, was when this wench dragged the kid into the room at the end of the video…

    The way that she dragged the baby, along with that scream, tells me that she was beaten furthermore.

    A lot of people will remember this one, for quite awhile I imagine. But the nanny has the luxury of forgetting about this rather quickly…

    …once a bullet has entered and exited her skull

  8. This is why nature makes patriarchy.
    Mother MUST be with children’s and MUST take care of house while man MUST provide food and things! This is how it always was but now woman thinks they want’s career and “Sex and City” lifestyle unaware that that shit was put in their head from tell evil sion so this is what we got now: Giving a most sacred being to hands of stranger.

    Trust fucking NO ONE.

    1. I don’t believe patriarchy comes from nature.

      Clearly, lots of women did not like it, which is probably why feminism gained such a strong foothold in the first place.

      I’m also not sure where the “women as caregiver and men as provider” mantra comes from, though it clearly could only work so long as society didn’t become so advanced that technology rendered those roles obsolete.

      Rather then questioning if those roles still serve a purpose today, we still cling to those traditions under the guise it has been this way for thousands of years even though it is clear that women opted out of those relationships once opportunity arose from them to do so.

      So for me, the stasis of relationships falling apart was inevitable given the rise of technology allowed for one to get by rather easily without having to rely on a significant other. We’re never going to see that “women as caregiver and men as provider” mantra pop up ever barring the chance of complete societal collapse, and it may be best to accept it.

      1. @G1.
        I think the policy of providing women with housing and lots of cash payments for their offspring, was more of a reason for the break down in traditional two parent families than the development of technology ever was.
        The depth of those policies, in the UK especially, was such, that many young females made it their lifestyle choice to be a single parent. A choice they would not have made had the safety net not been in place.
        Through these policies, males / fathers, were rendered redundant, surplus to requirements in the modern ” family “.

        1. Kind of shows what those women think of traditional relationships, right? I mean, seeking safety is fine, but if they’re relying on the state continuously rather then a single partner, it runs completely against their claim that they’re “independent”, which is really just a slogan spewed by feminists made to make them sound like a threat. They may not like being dependent on men, but they do like what men provide, seeing they aren’t opposed to getting cash payments from men when they’re behind the curtain of government largesse. I don’t think the fact it’s all primarily male-run makes a blip on their radar, so to speak.

          But as much as I agree about government largesse playing its role, I still think the role of advancing technology can’t be overlooked. It has made us less reliant on others labor to make society function, and it’s bound to shape the way we view relationships still going into the future, right up to the point where we can make offspring without physical reproduction. To me, it’s not a matter of if that’s going to happen but when, and its going to be a true revolution when it does.

          But for now, I don’t advocate returning to patriarchy, seeing as it may just succumb to feminism again in the future. Don’t underestimate how easy it is for women to malign men for their own shortcomings and wish for something more; it could spell out disaster for society as a whole.

    1. Somehow, this vid just did not disturb me that much. I have lived among these apes and it is simply what so many of them do… To each other, to children, to themselves.

      Someone show me one ONE country that is black majority, black run that is not a clusterfuck of violence, crime and stupidity.

      Same same for any city, county, or even school district in the United States.

      “Whitey” is not responsible. Nope… Sorry,,,, Time for the Apes to start manning up and accepting responsibility for their totally screwed up lives, families, schools… cities and countries… They will not, because the cannot – they lack the moral courage.

          1. So.. now you’re an expert on homosexual repression.
            You must be speaking from personal experience.
            By the way… does your Rabbi prefer your warlocks braided or unkempt?

          1. @chosen
            So… you’re okay with being gay but your not interested.
            Oh… I almost forgot… your Jewish… you prefer circumcised cock… now I get it.

          2. You and BluHell can do whatever you want with each other. Just keep it between yourselves. I see what’s going on between the two of you here.

          3. @chosen

            Aw… don’t get your earlocks in a knot.
            I’m sure your sugar daddy… er… um… I mean Rabbi wouldn’t like that.
            He wouldn’t have nothing to hold on with.

    1. I’m sooooo comfortable with the word nigger If that is in fact the N word you are referring to.
      But I’m also sooooo comfortable with honky or cracker.
      They’re just words. They only have power if you give it to them.

          1. I make shitty jokes in hope that one of them makes someone laugh… you come here and post nothing of interest with the only intention to piss people off. You assume I am a “lame internet geek” but we all know you’re a lame internet troll who seems to suffer heavily from illusionary superiority. Your comments are that of a person who has never challenged anything they have ever been told because doing so would hurt your self esteem which you so proudly hang on your religion and country. We call that sheep mentality.

    2. come on guys cut that racist shit, not all the jews control media cause not all the jews are powerful, not all the nigs are like this one on the video, whites are becoming as whimp as those jews or nigs compaining about genocide or salvery. open your mind. we are all humans, same brain weight. gods commited the freat mistake to give man 50kg of guts and just 4kg of brains. this is not my phrase, its a philosopher’s

  9. The way the babysitter feeds the kid kind of reminds of the scene from the French horror film Martrys, where this blonde woman feeds the main characters this kind of yellowish goop and then slaps said characters if they puke on her. It’s similar enough to be uncanny.

  10. Not sure how everyone misconstrues this video and blows it so far out of proportion. The nanny saved that kids life. By swatting the kid in the back she smashed the killer be that was about to inject the kid with a venomous concoction that would have been certain death. And standing on the baby’s back, she was clearly burping the baby to ease its discomfort.

  11. I really don’t care what happens to negros but this was one fucked up video. Beating the shit out of that little girl was making my blood boil regardless of the child’s skin color. I guess it’s my fatherly instinct that was making me pissed. Oh, I find it funny that someone on bestgore gore was getting offending because niggers was being used here. Lol, I guess they haven’t been on bestgore long enough.

      1. Everybody giving you shit as usual.
        All because of that avatar!
        I personally don’t know ya to have a problem with ya. This is just blog over the web that’s all.
        If it was up close and personal it would be different, think we all can say that.

          1. I agree but thats the internet for you. I would say youtube is worse than bestgore when it comes to racism and keyboard warriors… hint hint =D

          2. @chosen

            This guy would… and does.
            Don’t really give a fuck if you believe me or not.
            You, on the other hand, would definitely bitch up with if you were confronted in person.

  12. Trying to imagine if the Father just went ballistic the moment he watched it or waited quietly biding the time until he next saw her.
    I feel I would do the latter because I would plan to torture and then kill such a bitch, no other way to deal with it.

    1. I was trying to imagine the same thing.. I know I couldn’t contain myself for one second if I saw this so Im sure she got told rite away. I see red just imagining this was my child and I don’t have any kids. I’d mess a bitch up for hurting one of my pets even.

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