Bare Butt Cheeks Motorcycle Thief Receives Street Justice

Bare Butt Cheeks Motorcycle Thief Receives Street Justice

A guy attempted to steal a motorcycle, but was caught and quickly subjected to street justice. He’s shown with his butt cheeks exposed, as people deliver random kicks to him, and run him over with a motorcycle.

I don’t know where the video is from, but it sounds like a Spanish speaking Latin American country – Colombia perhaps? If you can tell from the accent, please let us know.

94 thoughts on “Bare Butt Cheeks Motorcycle Thief Receives Street Justice”

  1. Love how the motorbike rider just casually keeps appearing out of nowhere riding over the thief’s legs lol. On a side note, those man buns look extra soft, squishy, and squeezable, I wonder if they would act as speed bumps if the motorbike rider rode over them.

      1. I bet he could, they just look so soft and jiggly. Like a water bed! Bubba the buttfucker is going to be enjoying that ass, I can tell you that much lol!

      2. Lol, that’s what I was thinking, you could park a bike between those cheeks.
        Reminds me of a joke I knew as a kid:
        Q. Why do the Irish bury their dead with their bums in the air?
        A. To use them as bicycle racks.
        Not sure why it has to be the Irish? There was a joke years ago about the Irish being dumb, it must have been an English joke?

  2. They should have dragged him with his ass naked arround the asphalt… 😆

    Ugh… i hate when people films correctly as they should, but then they dont bother rotating the fucking video propperly… 😐 For fuck sakes… are they trying to give us a neck strain or something?

    1. the video was caugh specially for the guy who have accident in the other video, you see ? dat brazilian double fatality video ?


      dont need to make an coincidence between “ass” ,”biker” and “gay” on the video… you know… leather and all… hm hm… :p

      1. Ha,ha! True girl. But in this case, ya never know, because he is a black dude, and i don,t think our Bro likes them very much! In his case, and because of what they did to one of his brothers, i can,t say i blame him!

      2. My husband & I, both, own Harleys, a Shovelhead & an 883 Sportster & besides our 14 yr. old son, you fuck with our bikes & you’re going to find yourself looking down the barrel of 2 handguns & 2 pissed off Aryans holding them. Sometimes, I secretly wish a nigger would try to steal 1 of our bikes..he he..

  3. To bad the one that kept running over his legs didn’t stop on top and do a burn out on his legs would have loved to see that…. Also can anyone tell me what it says on the one guys orange vest?

      1. I don’t like not giving you an answer to your direct question bro…but like you I like all involved…it is their story to tell.
        I just don’t want to step on feelings or toes…love ya brother @Dre.

  4. I am gonna gas out first and talk later ………… hey but didn’t quite comprehend …………that the situation is gonna be kinda this cheeky around here …..even the bare butt doesn’t help either ….. why oh why I did let my butt cheek out without a dimple butt a hole which I just gotta clench harder tighter than ever and not let it show or some of these guys don’t seem too friendly around here on the scene ……….what if a banana gets shoved in or a dick goes in ……………hey just gotta be cautious those cheeks are much fairer than my own thieverous cheeks .

    Here’s a lesson well learnt the next time I am gonna thiev on something I’ll have my Bare Butt Cheeks painted all black like a nigger and Its gonna be a double whammy .
    Its gonna be a total Steal and won’t let my black bare butt feel this way .
    Hooray !! I am gonna ride on pants down like no other .

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