Thief Beaten with Wood in Favela, Dirt Talk Morning into Night

Beaten with Wood in Favela, Morning and Night

With the main man away at play @masterplan, I can not provide an excellent proper translation or the reasoning, just plain observation.

Somewhere in Latin America inside a favela, a man is bound by twine while lying on the ground beaten hard with wood.

The main focus is towards the man’s legs, not sure of the significance of that. Definitely won’t be a running contestant in the Special Olympics.

After the daylight whacking session, cry and talking at nighttime, the torturers move onto mentally taunting him with a handheld gun locked and loaded pointed at his temple.


The red shirt guy was robbing people in the favela area. Gang people (favela runners) got him and hurt his legs so he would get out limping. The guy who was filming told them to go for the knee. In the end of the video, they say he was lucky that they didnโ€™t kill him. Other than that, the fucked up guy was just explaining how/where they robbed and who was with him (two other people).

I thought his leg was broken, but I guess his leg shape is just weird as fuck.

Really appreciate the info! @vergne

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  1. The Fucker *Talked The Talk*,, Now He Must Learn How To *Walk The Walk* & All Over Again. He Had Enough Woodies To Last Him A Lifetime.So From Now-On It’s Limp-Dick For Dat-Cunt ,lol.

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            Thanks Again, and So Much For The Kind Words Girl.
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  2. Who Needs @masterplan when Ze-Dre Can Translate Any Language, lol, so have a read, if you dare. ๐Ÿ™

    So He Was Saying Hit me Harder Harder you Know it Makes me Harder when you Hit me Harder.

    And Then The Little Puffer-Fruit, He Had The Gull To Say,,,

    Hit my Ass Big-Boy,,, Hit My Ass,,, You Know I Like-It When You Hit My Ass,,,,,, Big-Boy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Who knew of another great inhouse translator deciphering favela dialects in a matter of seconds. Great job !

      Well , well ;.here’s a naughty question though …where in the blazes ya got it learnt ? is it their body language or just a guess work !?

      All in all , ya’ve rocked us all buddy @thedre

        1. Haha ! well @thedre a smartie like ya can always try it out learning their dialect .I think , it shouldn’t be difficult at all for ya , What say ya ? Bro ??
          I know ya’re Gonna go for it and I sure as hell know ya can learn it in a few weeks .

          1. Not to detract from Dreโ€™s interpretive skills, if those vigilantes had done a proper job of working over Redโ€™s nutsack instead of his sorry ass, we wouldnโ€™t have required a translation.

          2. I know those vigilantes were a bit lax in doing a proper job but don’t ya think ,an in house interpreter/ translator is a must .

          3. Fuukn Right My Brother, fuukn right, lol. Don’t mind me brother as i am just a Silly/Happy Go Lucky Guy Lately My Man, which is a good thing eh bro?? Much better than my old self bitchie and fighting off vultures everyday yea? lol, ? lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          4. Silly and ya ? no never . You are so very special in on here wish we were together bubblier & happier than ever.
            Hey but never mind we gotta be the way we are; the peppiest of the luckiest most duo ; the one of a kind go getters .
            For now and ever let’s leave the vultures where they truly belong .

  3. His ordeal begun when he got caught thieving and constipating together and it didn’t stop at that ; as the whackers trying to loosen up his hardened stool ass were diligent enough and wanted no fee for their services ; moreover they turned the day in to night but all their efforts were in vain as he failed them in spilling out the beans about the theft and shitting out all that he ate for free , a week before .
    I hope they succeed; as with the new dawn his ass cheeks are again gonna be sorry for their pooper buddy.
    Best of all he got spared with his life .Also he was let go without broken bones to go doddering limping with crutches. Seems like Brazil has a heart in condoning minor thefts .

    1. Face of beaten guy looks so distrustful.. His eyes are full of pure evil.

      For what he done he got well deserved lesson. I hope life one.
      If this was western country, he would end up released.

  4. Beaten madly but, by judging the way he sitting(he has no problem to bend legs after all we saw seconds before 0.O), he looks like he got no more than few kicks and slaps. Wtf

    Btw he has that pickpocketer gypsie face. You can’t trust him nothing.

  5. YESSS YESSSS YESSSSSS that’s what ever thief deserves! i really fucking hate thieves. i’ve been victim to stealing myself and i wish i could catch the fuckers who stole from me and do the same! i’d break their fucking fingers, one by one.

    exception being, a person who steals food from a store just to survive, but if you steal from others because you’re too lazy to work or need money for drugs, then you deserve to get beaten up so bad that you’ll be pissing in your bed for rest of your life. actually i was once in bad situation, i did not resort to stealing. i simply asked people for help and i did get help. i did not have to steal.

  6. It made me so happy to see his crying face in the camera. but still you should have done more. im sick of seeing boring beating videos. Skin him, cut his limbs slowly MAKE HIM SUFFER this isn’t enough hollywood does more than his, want to see him beg for death. drink his blood too oh please oh please please. cut his neck slowly i want to hear those gurgles. I WANT MORE I WANT MORE. pull his guts out and make him watch. Make his family helplessly watch too .

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