Berkeley Hospitality Ambassador Caught on Video Beating Homeless Guy

Berkeley Hospitality Ambassador Caught on Video Beating Homeless Guy

The city of Berkeley, California employs “Hospitality Ambassadors” whose job it is “to create a more welcoming downtown environment for all residents, workers, and visitors to Downtown Berkeley“. I took that line directly from the Berkeley Downtown website:

The goal of the Hospitality Ambassadors is to create a more welcoming downtown environment for all residents, workers, and visitors to Downtown Berkeley. Ambassador staff patrol the Downtown on a regular schedule with a hospitality focus, providing a friendly source of directions, information, and assistance for the residents, visitors, business owners, and the general public.

On March 19, 2015, two Berkley homeless men – 23 year old Nathan Swor, and 29 year old James Cockereese, got into a situation which lead to them being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and making threats. Realizing that in a police state, the law does not protect the innocent, both men pleaded no contest to charges, and just accepted their guilt by association.

According to the report filed by the Berkley hospitality ambassadors Jeffrey Bailey and Carmen Francois, the homeless men attacked them, so the two, in an act of self defense, fought back.

But then the video filmed by a good Samaritan surfaced (if you see something, film something – you’re gonna need someone to return the favor when they assault you).

What the video shows, contradicts everything the hospitality ambassadors claimed. The video shows Jeffrey Bailey sucker punching James Cocklereese, and pummeling him with fists like mad. Nathan Swor is seen responding to the attack by swinging a stick in an apparent attempt to get the attacker to stop beating his friend.

Expectedly, since Berkeley police didn’t know the video existed, they took the word of wannabe cops for absolute truth, and arbitrarily arrested the two victims. Likewise expectedly, the District Attorney wasted no time and pressed charges against the victim right away. But even though the video of the incident was sent to him last week Wednesday, he is yet to charge Jeffrey Bailey with a crime. Ahh, sweet life in a police state…

The system arbitrarily fails those it’s not meant to serve and protect. Which is why so many innocent people end up in jail, while the abusers, who serve and protect themselves, are still out there, still getting away with it. Jeffrey Bailey would make a good cop.

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        1. I’m so glad the dog didn’t go for the aggressors because, they would of put him down. The video I was going no doggy dont bite him. I was hoping he stayed clam so they didnt have him killed. You know they still could of lied and said the dog tried to bite them. And he would have been put down, before this video surfaced. I’m glad the pooch is ok.

        2. Dogs are extremely loyal! They will stay with you till the last moment. I hope that dude gets fired for bwing an asshole. Plus there was no need in hitting the homeless guy. I was hoping dog would bite his ass.

  1. The homeless guy and Mr. Hospitality both seemed aggressive.
    Two meatheads not respecting each other.
    But for charges to be pressed against the homeless guy ?
    Lots of problems with the homeless, people look right through them. Until they have to deal with them “they are in the way, they are unpleasant to observe, mentally ill, drug addicts ect.”
    If I was that guys employer though I would be looking to terminate him.

    1. homeless people (certainly in my city) are often attacked (usually by drunken fucking idiots, & usually when desperate to “flex” their fucking muscles in front of whichever scanty clad drunken bint they want to take home and fuck that night)
      dogs offer protection against this – as well as offering warmth if the homeless person had to sleep out on a cold night. also cute dogs help when they are begging or selling “big issue” magazines.
      my mate works for an organization called “archer project”, helping homeless people to find acomodation – or even just a bed for the night. He says that a very sad and all too common paradox is that most hostels/bed&breakfast/shelters will not accept animals – so (obviously) a lot of his clients will turn down beds and go back out to sleep on the streets because they will not give up/ be parted from their beloved dogs. we must remember, that for people in this desperate and lonely situation – a dog is their best (and sometimes only) friend.
      its a shame african angel, it really is

      im afraid (being an animal lover) that i myself would not be able to give up my animal.

  2. I’d say first of all we have no idea what was being said – but it looks like the hospitality ambassadors are trying to reason with the so called hobos… secondly, the hobos appear pretty confrontational. Maybe no excuse for having a fisticuffs but no way is the blame one-sided. My sympathy lies firmly with the dog.

  3. Those two little shits deserve to have those uniforms stripped of them and paraded through the streets naked while people through human excrement at them. They’re ambassadors, the little bastards have no authority whatsoever to stick their noses into anyone’s business. They are supposed to stand in a designated area to give information and help to tourists and visitors, that’s all. They are volunteers who give out maps and directions, they aren’t even supposed to leave their spot. It’s comparable to boy scouts thinking they have some authority, no really it is. I can’t begin to tell you how angry that makes me.

    1. Booze what would you do if some unemployed or student volunteer came up to you and started telling you shit. They are there to hand out maps. You would let some little shit tell you to move? Wish to two homeless guys had battered them and the dog had been a pit.

      1. @wicked mama .. you seem to have a bit of an anger issue. That makes you no better than those two chaps who got mad (and were no doubt provoked although the retaliation was not the right thing to do) – you seem to be able to lose your cool as quickly as those you despise!

          1. Swearing? Are you sure snoozeweed? You mean the word shit and bastard, so sorry for any offence I caused you, my mistake I thought this was an adult gore site.

          1. Ah.. the expected response! So you are implying unless one agrees with a poster who has to resort to using swearing as a form of voicing their over the top opinion and violent reaction to what was not one sided at all, one should click the puppy? Ha ha. Oh the bias…

          1. I am not offended! I do not get offended! Just making a point… I was not aware that in order to engage on an adult gore site one had to use the sort of language associated with those who are slightly below average intellect, thus unable to project their thoughts in any other way than using a fairly limited set of words.. it all becomes so boring you see… the same old few words rather than more enlighting language πŸ™‚ Feel free.. does not bother me at all. I find it rather amusing … but I reckon you are a good sport anyway! Cheers.

  4. Beggar on the side of the E ways, I still toss then a few coins even though they are drug and alcohol addicts. So what at least there trying to earn a buck. Not like the bridge card holders here.

  5. Put certain people in uniform, any uniform, even one as fucking sad as that, trouble will ensue. Authority, or rather the illusion / delusion of authority, can play serious havoc with an unstable mind.

  6. These are Ambassadors? That confrontational mentality doesn’t make sense to me. Just tell them to leave and go back to jerkin’ each other off. Representing the city of Berkeley in that capacity probably involves a little more than handing out maps but not much more. Municipal code compliance might be a small part of their job but definitely not enforcement of any kind.
    Keeping the riff-raff out of sight is understandable but they should have just called the police. The police get paid to beat the shit out of the homeless and will only get lazier if other people do it for them.

  7. guys like these appear in many forms, and are familiar to us all

    sheffield has “city centre Ambassadors” whos jobs are similar to the berkeley guys here.
    some of them are fine and helpful, but some are fucking nazi arseholes (“wannabe cops” as phrased by acne-ska) who (it is easy to tell) are only in this position because they havent been accepted by the police force or army maybe.
    so along with the attitude of the WORST of coppers,they also constantly harbour the knowledge that they were not quite good enough to actually BE coppers – this nastiness and resentment simmers inside them, and is converted and meted out on the general public a lot of the time and in many ways.

    its a great line – “if you see it, film it”

    1. Sounds bad, but I must be honest. The biggest buzz I ever managed to obtain, and I tried many different methods, was chucking half Charlies at the old bill. Nothing better at getting the old adrenaline flowing than facing off with a rowdy mob of coppers who wanted it just as much, if not more, than we did, apart from the bully cops, the bottlers, who always received special attention from us.
      That was in the days before every damned thing was filmed thank Christ.
      Aah, happy days.

    1. Thanks for the update, dude. That’s not enough though. Getting fired simply means he can get the same type of job elsewhere, and abuse people there. That dude needs to be charged, or the DA be fired too.

  8. One provokes the targets and the other spams “back off” phrase so that they can attack and pretend to be an aggrieved party at the same time. It’s like “having a cake and eating it, too” Just like how America was established, according to South Park episode. Hope the dog buddy wasn’t victimized in this lousy bullshit

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