Best Gore Member Assaulted While Cleaning Up a Crime Scene

Best Gore Member Assaulted While Cleaning Up a Crime Scene

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member harleyQ, who has become pretty well-known throughout our community for her medical expertise. She works as a medical examiner assistant in Los Angeles, California and cleans up crime scenes as part of her own side business. And this is where our story begins, at a crime scene cleanup. I will let harleyQ describe it in her own words:

The first pic is of my neck with petechiae (usually happens when one
is choked or strangled, the dots appear due to all the capillaries in
the face and head bursting due to build up of pressure or lack of
oxygen) my whole face and neck were covered in them. The second photo
is my eye. That’s blood sitting in my eye after the blood vessels
burst from the pressure that built up in my head due to being choked
out. This was 2 days after the incident, the first day my eye was full
of the blood. The problem is I have hemophilia, which means my blood
doesn’t clot, so I almost bled out.

It’s not very Gorey but the incident was very extreme. I was cleaning
up a drug deal gone wrong scene around 3am one night when a few thugs
showed up looking for the drugs and money. I was alone, so I suffered
their wrath. I was beaten with a bat and my mop that was covered in
blood from the scene. When the mop broke, I was able to get my gun and
fire off a shot, got one of the guys in the gut. The others ran off
except one of the guys decided he wasn’t done with me so he choked me
til I blacked out.

I’m ok now and mostly healed, I suffered some fractures in my face and
lots of soreness. I still have some vision problems due to the blood,
but I’m ok. Also I’m pretty pissed cause my gun is sitting in evidence
lock up because the stupid thug died.

Thanks a lot, harleyQ, glad you survived that attack and we here at Best Gore wish you a full recovery.

190 thoughts on “Best Gore Member Assaulted While Cleaning Up a Crime Scene”

          1. A guy that my mom let store some thing in our storage areas behind our house ended up dying back there but we didn’t find him for several months and then a few months later we found a naked dead guy upside down in the big blue recycling trash cans in front of our house

        1. @harleyQ I know were rosamond is, have you ever worked in Whittier or around it? Did they get them bastards yet that did that to you?
          Whittier is were I grew up, right next to E.L.A

          Thanks for sharing your pics.

    1. checked all papers in area along with public and private and didnt see anything about this seems like something that would of been atleast in the paper or on the news sounds like it may not be a real have any proof author ?

      1. I second this. Did my research couldn’t find anything about this or anything even related or close to this even with the given information of LA county Rosamond. I’m not sure but normally when a police official or crime examiner gets attacked or assaulted and it escelates into something as big as this, the news would be all over it. Or atleast an online/offline- article somewhere. Hope someone can verify this story with evidence/proof.

      2. if the gun is in evidence lock up, she must have a receipt for it.

        to end this back and forth, she should upload a picture of the receipt for her gun, with her name redacted.

        because the evidence receipt will show the gun info, etc etc etc

    2. I live in SoCal and I looked for any article about this happening but didn’t find shit. Just glad she’s ok and I hope they caught the Fuckers that did this. I do remember her telling us about this a few weeks ago but am I mistaken or did she say she killed one of her attackers?

      1. No she didn’t kill anyone of those bastards, she was attacked by them as she was cleaning the crime scene. Those fuckers came back to search for there drugs, then she was attacked. Thats how I remember it, tell me if I’m wrong HarleyQ

          1. and if her gun is in lock up, surely she must have been given a receipt for it,

            that being said, it is so easy for her to reproduce a redacted copy for everyone to see if indeed this incident happened.

            alas, there has been no further proof provided, just a pretty damn iffy story from her

        1. Am I The Only 1 Who Smells B. S. In The Baby Diaper Story ? ?. also your timeline of events doesn’t add up ? (1. got beaj up.
          (2. managed to shoot one, others ran off
          (3. one decided he wasn’t done w/you came back & choked you out! & still did NOT take your gun!
          naaah, either you’re
          timeline of story is off. or the whole story is a fabrication of a fertile or (Fertilized) Bullshit Imagination.
          ? ? ? ? ? Too Many ?’s
          Talked B.b.sitter Into Leavin U Alone,

          Mil. Trained W/guns Self Def. But Couldn’t Calm Yourself Down To Aim Good! , More Caca,? In That Diaper Story Than I Can Stand!
          Do Some `Facks` Chekkin Obli ?
          Jus Sayin !

          1. Also, coroners don’t clean up crime scenes……the people that do that are called, well, cleaners.

            And secondly, hemophilia is a disease that is hereditary and affects ONLY males. Females can be a carrier of the defective gene, but they are 100% totally unaffected by the disease.

            Not sure what is goin on in this girl’s post…..I’m just saying

          2. I cleared up the hemophilia and the cleaner issue in comments below.

            Hemophilia can affect females in the rare case her father has it and her mother is a carrier, which was my case.

            And I wasn’t there with the coroners office, I was there with my own little company I started cleaning up crime scenes and accidents. The scene was cleared as a crime scene.

            I understand how my timeline is abit jumpy and confusing, but honestly I’m a little cloudy on the timeline of events. I pieced it together as best as I could.

            The gun is a kel-tec P-3AT. The diaper was a size 5T pull up.

          3. It’s a pity you didn’t send in a photo of your face when it was swollen like the elephant man with those facial fractures.

          4. I think you guys are being a tad harsh towards the lady harleyQ. It’s OK saying this doesn’t happen and that don’t seem right, but if you are going down that road, surely you ought to state your own facts correctly. Just saying fellas, no offence.

          5. You’re not the only one.

            She shoots one of her attackers, whose companion then proceeds to choke her out, but doesn’t take her gun from her??????

            This story stinks so bad, and why isn’t there anything in the news about it?

          6. A lot of shit that happens here in LA deosn’t get put in the papers. I don’t understand why you think it is a point of disproof if the guys didn’t take her gun. She admitted that her timeline was from memory. Maybe she shot the guy who was choking her (in the gut as expected).

            All I am saying is be careful of arguing facts with opinions.

          7. @harleyq:

            Thanks for responding to my comments. I really do sincerely apologise if I am out of line.

            At the end of the day, i am just really glad that you are physically ok, and hope that mentally you are just as strong and can keep doing your work.

            Best wishes.

  1. Wow! Hate to hear a fellow SOB suffered an assault. Glad you are OK and healing well. Apparently, you didn’t just get a shot off; you got one hell of a shot off. Good on ya’! Hope you don’t have to wait too long to get your gun back. Healing )HUG( from Texas.

    1. I doubt she actually will get it back. Obama has been whining about guns for the last couple of months. I wouldn’t be suprised if she loses it along with her license because she killed somebody with it, even if it was self defence. The goverment is bitchy like that.

    2. I doubt she actually will get it back. Obama has been whining about guns for the last couple of months. I wouldn’t be suprised if she loses it along with her license because she killed somebody with it, even if it was self defence. The goverment is bitchy like that.

  2. So glad the incident ended with you relatively OK Harleyq. Talk about job danger, one would hope the overtime paid well.

    Bravely faught indeed and took one of them out to boot , all’s well that ends well.

    Thanks for sharing the story of your ordeal and the pics.

  3. If it were me, i would have unloaded the freaking gun on them… fucking cowards… Glad you killed at least one of those junkie retards, perhaps now those drug using anencephalic failed abortions will use their brains before even try anything stupid… but who am i kidding, humans are worse than animals and wont learn from their mistakes… specially the ones that use drugs.

  4. DAMN, grrl! I’m just sorry you couldn’t get em all! Why was there not an officer with you? It’s this another case of none available to “baby-sit” (the term I’m sure they call it when they’re assigned to stay with CSI cleaning crew) because they were slugging around another 300-lb man that was selling cigarettes on the sidewalk? Your assault should have never happened, but I’m very glad to hear you’re recovering. Prayers for your continued healing.

    1. That’s my fault, I basically talked the officer into leaving. I’m military trained with a gun and self defense, so it was easy to talk my babysitter into leaving and going to parole other areas. I like to work alone a lot and hate having officers over my shoulder.

      Would I do it again, talk the officer into leaving? Yeah, I would.

          1. I Guess
            One Lie Does Lead To Two Then Four…etc. Any person that was in the service at 2 bases in the u.s. and 1 In germany, surely could remember the exact name of the german base i.e. (ramshtein*?) med. air base
            and would NEVER refer to it as just `another location in germany` !
            but arguing with a fem. liar is just as pointless as arguing w/cops ! the facts & logic just make them mad as hell !
            kinda sux, doughNuT!

            P.S. I usta believe in the old wives tale about female intUition` for sensing LIES , I Thought W.mama Might Back Me up
            since she could tell when hanobi was Maybe Fibbin A Little? And I Could Not Cuz I like Hanabi !
            i guess it only werx on cheatin hubbies & kiddos? But
            when it is a feelgood *tale
            about a white fem. Assault `victim` killing a drug- thug (nigger implied`) then most but not all the Ewes In The Flock say Baaaaaa…aaaa You Go, Girl !. , Kinda Sad Huh ?
            Sheeple. Indeed !

          2. BOASP, she never said she wasn’t remembering.

            Some wannabe detective are hilarious LOL.

            No ones ever asked her ALL the locations with their exact name. She named the most important one.

  5. I remember you saying about this when it happened HarleyQ! Well done for following up with some pics for us. Glad you got off so lightly it could of been so much worse. Just learn by it and in future take much more precaution when doing your new job. Good luck! πŸ˜‰

    1. I agree with The Judge, it is OK to want to work alone, but your safety comes first, even if you are military trained. Please think carefully about working alone at crime scenes in the future. Best wishes with the recovery.

    1. It was no longer a crime scene. I did fail to mention that in my post. It was not a crime scene anymore, it was cleared for clean up. I was not there with the coroner, I was actually there with my side business I started cleaning up crime scenes and accidents.

      Being well known to law enforcement it was easy to be left alone. The officers are not in trouble for leaving me alone cause it was no longer a crime scene. The owner of the house hired me to clean the scene so he could rent it again fast.

  6. I live about 7 miles from where “Wild” Bill Hickok killed his first man, at Rock Creek Station in Nebraska. He was ultimately taken down when he sat in a bar in Deadwood, South Dakota – he sat with his back to the door.

    I suggest you keep your gun handy, and don’t let anyone sneak up on you.

    1. I live near Deadwood and have visited that very small bar. It’s now barred off but when we were kids my brother talked me into squeezing in thru the lame barrier and although I was afraid, my brother and I had fun checking it out! Those were the good old days. : )

  7. I wonder why they didn’t secure the area… usually when a stasher get burned the place is crawling with DEA and CSI dicks… before county coroners get clearance to wipe the place down…. but then maybe it was hours later when they all went to get doughnuts some fuckers were getting the crackhouse back to running… or sticking around to look for baggies they left laying around (or they loot the place for whatever) …

    1. Dude, it’s one thing to be skeptical, it’s another to comment more than once being a complete dick.
      Go fuck yourself asshole.
      I wouldn’t even care if it’s 100% legit or not, it was a decent post that kept my attention for at least 5 minutes reading through it. Isn’t that what this site is for?

      1. @rammfan1

        Hmm no this site is not for that purpose just to keep you entertained and keep reading the article for more than five minutes. It’s a reality website which contains facts not fabrications. If you want entertainment and lies then go and read the daily mail or something of a similar sort.

        I hate to admit it BOASP but I too would like a little more info on the story to be confirmed. Not saying it’s bullshit but a little evidence wouldn’t go a miss. Especially if you killed one of them…

        1. “It?s a reality website which contains facts not fabrications” hmmm, I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I see an assload of what’s written down in articles here, is just biased opinions. i don’t think biased opinions constitutes as fact. There’s a lot of crap on here especially pertaining to women and other races that are just blown out of proportion, over exaggerated and fabricated. While some of the stuff is reality, lets face it, the other half is entertainment. I’ve been here 8 years and I barely pay attention to the stories anymore.

      2. Ramfa
        You `might wanna have ma change your diaper, you sound fussy. maybe she could put one over your face too, if you got SHIT comin out the mouth? ,
        p. s. skepticism is always a good thing

      3. I agree. Geese. Sounds like he’s jealous of someone’s attention.
        I see nothing wrong with her story…I’ve worked in criminal justice field for over 6 years. I can see a stay wanting/hoping to find drugs or money in a drug house…even if said thugs had no idea of crime that happened. She operates a sole liability company & there’s no need for police to be there once their job is done. Also, depending on amount of drugs and crime statistic in the area…that crime may not have interested the news/papers. If you want CONCRETE…call their police records with the address, date, time, and they WILL tell you if that crime occurred.

    2. Perhaps if you typed your comments out properly like an adult instead of a 14 year old school child you’d be heard and taken seriously.

      I do believe I have cleared up most of your issues with my incident, and I’m sorry if you find the course of events to be unbelievable, but you were not there and I was.

      1. I think Havoc said it best. A lot of the shit that happens in LA doesn’t make it to the papers. Hell a lot of the crap going on in the world doesn’t end up in the papers. Not everything ends up in the papers or online. Our world is full of incidents happening that should be in the paper or online, but instead I listen to a half hour report about a grumpy cat.

        I’m sorry that the lack of a news report causes you to feel as if my incident is bullshit. You are free to your opinion, but if having a news report of an incident is how you judge if something is true or not, then I feel sorry for those in your life if they ever become a victim of violence, I hope they have a news team on stand by to report it for them.

        1. indeed a lot of news doesn’t get reported on, but we are talking about a RECENT crime scene, involving a medical examiner’s assistant, where someone got shot.

          stuff like this is bound to end up reported, at the very least out in the internet.., yet there is none.

          and picture this, you shoot at some bad guys, you kill one of them dead, next, an accomplice comes at you, chokes you to sleep, knows you have a gun, BUT LEAVES it and just goes out of the house ???

          sorry, this story stinks

          1. @alayton I agree. It just seems like a real newsworthy story & in my opinion it shoulda been written about somewhere. Bullshit I say, bullshit…

  8. @harleyQ, you just became my personal hero. There’s nothing sexier than a woman with a gun…except a woman who’s prepared to use it when needed. As far as killing that chump goes…good for you! Hope you’re better soon.

    1. It’s extremely rare for a female to have it. In my case my father had it and my mother was a carrier, which then resulted in a 50/50 chance I’d have it as well. Had my mother not been a carrier I would of just been a carrier myself.

  9. I’m a little confused as well. I think there needs to be some clarification on what it is you actually do for a living. Obviously, you’re not a coroner unless you’re an MD. You could be a tech who’s studying to be a doc, i guess. But no part of the coroners office stays behind to clean up a crime scene, that’s left to private companies who are paid for privately. Now a CSI person sounds about right..people who look for clues and bag evidence after the coroner has left with the body, bodies….but before the cleanup crew has arrived. You say you work at the coroners office off mission and marengo ( I live in DTLA ), so what were you doing at a crime scene by yourself ?? And to all you kiddies out there, all of my comments above are plain facts and can be verified. I gotta say though Harley Q, you do have a good grasp of medical terminologies

    1. I was doing the clean up as part of my side business that I’ve recently started cleaning up crime scenes and accidents. I was not there for the coroners office, I am not the coroner, I am a medical examiner assistant.

      Again, I was not there for the coroners office, I was there for my own side business.

      I’m sorry I did not make that clear when I sent the info in to the site. I’m looking to leave the coroners office and do my side business for a living.

  10. I’m confused, were you still processing the “crime scene” two days out or do you do the clean-up? Either way you got some guts girl, being by yourself in a seedy part of LA and in the middle of the night to top it all off, wow!!!

    You wouldn’t catch me “dead”(lol) doing that kind of work! I’m glad you were able to rid the planet of one less lowlife also!

  11. I find it very amusing that quite a few people doubt HarleyQ’s story based upon a supposed lack of facts and yet people in general accept the authorities stories without any facts all the time.

    How many people believe Israel’s story of self defence without any real facts?, how many people believe their own government’s arguments and provided statistics without any real facts?, how many people believe written history without any real facts?, a lot, a huge fucking lot.

    My conclusion, whether you choose to believe HarleyQ’s story is up to you but understand this, to believe or not to believe HarleyQ’s story is non damaging to society and humanity as a whole whereas to believe or not to believe authority is damaging to society and humanity as a whole.

    Therefore your stance on this one particular post is unimportant and irrelevant to society and world direction as a whole whereas your stance on world events and politics is important and extremely relevant.

    I therefore choose to believe HarleyQ because she would gain nothing from lying and I would lose nothing from believing her.

  12. That is amazing! You just killed a dude? haha! That’s some crazy shit! By thugs, do you mean “black thugs”? I’m surprised that you clean up crime scenes alone. I thought a few cops were present during that stuff? So you shot the guy in the gut, and then one of them chocked you out? You are very lucky that they didn’t take your gun and kill you with it! You got lucky really, you will heal up. Just keep your emotions in check, don’t spiral into depression or anxiety. It is what it is, it happened, it’s over, move forward, don’t let it fuck you up. Don’t dwell on it too much. Don’t isolate yourself, be around friends and family, talk about it with family and get it all out of your system by talking. Then just put it behind you and move forward doing exactly what you have been doing. Don’t change your whole life because a couple of rejects got violent with you. So what kind of gun do you have? How many shots does it hold. Get a new one with a big ass clip so you have lots of shots, in case of multiple attackers. Here’s a tip, next scene you clean up, close the door and lock it when you’re inside, it’ll give you more time to pull your gun if needed.

  13. ??? ? -Amun Ra

    by isitpoetry

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    is it poetry

    1. ???????? ????? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ????? ? ???? ????? ???? ? ???? ???? ?????? ?????? ? ???? ????? ??? ???? ? ???? ???? ?????? ????? ???? ?? ? ??? ???? ????? ????? ??? ???? ? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? ???? ? ????? ???? ??? ???????? ??? ?? ??? ????? ?? ?????

          1. It’s probably a Proto-Norse story I expect, even the average German person cannot translate Proto-Norse so plagiarism it probably is, the lack of quotation marks interests me.

          2. In some cases,
            such as cuneiform as it was used for Akkadian,
            the vast majority of glyphs are used for their sound values
            rather than logographically.
            Many logographic systems
            also have a semantic/ideographic component, called “determinatives”
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            and “radicals”
            in the case of Chinese…..iip

          3. Mine were old nordic runes, written in old norse (pre-icelandic). I wrote them myself not based on any translators, just word by word, and its just a mix up of a few things i wrote, a popular saying, a quote from a series, and the beguining of a song lyrics by Amon Amarth.

            I believe iip’s writing is in orthodox ethiopian… o.O

  14. harleyQ – had i been expecting it, i would have warned you about the ignorance to come to you(and myself) in regards to you sharing your injuries.

    anyone is free to doubt a story, but if you have to voice an opinion, try to use a little tact. Acneska’s plea for respect didn’t last very long, did it?

  15. Each to their own, seems a lil fishy if you ask me that considering a guy was killed and we don’t hear anything about it anywhere ? Meh each to their own I suppose but looks like some rough sex play and thats all.

  16. I actually stubbed my toe on a weight. it was quite bloody and I thought I should take some pictures and send it in. i couldnt believe all the blood. I needs at least two tissues to mopp it up and it took minutes to stop beeling.

    Its still bloody now even after two days. I’ll have a shower next week though.

  17. Dudes I can’t believe you actually don’t believe that’s pretty rude she share it with us and you’re mocking that’s not funny πŸ™ you’re cool @harleyQ glad you take down that dude he deserve it and I’m glad you’re ok I want to have a cool job like that πŸ™‚

    1. @hanabi, how is not believing someones’ story considered rude?
      If I told you that I went to an awesome bar tonight and ran into Lebron James & Mel Gibson sharing a milkshake and you said “I don’t believe you.”, that’s not you being “rude”.
      If you said ” I don’t believe, you’re a fuckin’ piece of shit liar!”, then you’re being rude.
      Just because someone is a member here does not make everything they say the truth. In fact, it was Mark who always said to not believe something just because he wrote it, but to do our own research to make sure it’s true or not and then come to our own conclusion.

        1. @Mikey it’s more like @nookie say it’s the way some members sayd it,they were actually pretty rude,just look at way she has to explain everyone what happened,nobody mock of Dre when that granite slab broke his arm,if this keep going this way nobody will want to share their accidents and that stuff cause they’ll have to give exact details and that sucks πŸ™

          1. @The Judge, You don’t think implying that she’s lying or that it’s bullshit is rude? Mark has always had an iron clad rule, not open to debate, that members supplying content will be treated respectfully, and he didn’t tolerate any violations of that rule.

          2. Ok, here’s what I mean. I agree 100% that certain people were completely rude and out of line with how they approached their doubts. I just meant it shouldn’t be considered rude to have those doubts. And yes,
            maybe some future members will be too nervous to share later on, but in turn, if we admonish the ones who doubted in a respectable manner then we may have some members become to afraid to questionany post on here. It could go either way.

            @IWM, I hope you know that I respect you a lot, so please don’t think I’m being a jerk in case this is worded weird. I guess I like & agree with Mrks rule, just have a tiny problem with the ironclad part. Only because
            I think like this. Just because
            I joined this site & then shared something, shouldn’t make me infallible. We have some Jewish members here that say they live in Israel and proceed to tell us certain things we’ve gotten wrong and how it’s really a different way. If that member suppliedpictures & said they were Jewish civilian victims, wouldn’taaccording to the rule make it wrong to questionthe validity of ttheir story? And I don’t mean that like a snarky way, I’m just interested in your take on it too. Thanks Itsy! πŸ™‚

          3. @ It was me

            I don’t think implying it’s bullshit is rude no. I think saying bluntly that’s it’s bullshit is rude.
            Mark also encouraged us to look into things ourselves and to not take everything at face value just because we are told so.
            I do this anyway whether it’s the news, stories I’m told by people, or what I read on the internet.
            Life has made me skeptical and I’m all the better for it.
            And if people come off rude for not believing it then call it what you want. I really don’t care! I’m not here to babysit people’s feelings.

          4. @Mikey, I respect you too as well as @The Judge. I hope neither of you mind if I combine my replies to your comments.
            Most BG members are skeptical, or they wouldn’t be here to begin with. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having doubts and asking questions, I do think it’s wrong to voice them in a rude, disrespectful manner on this particular type of post. If I may, I’d like to quote Mark about Best Gore Members Rock posts…

            “As a reminder to all the weird newbs, submitters of exclusive content are a protected species on Best Gore. There has never been and never will be second chances for cuntstains who show any kind of disrespect to submitters.”

            This is his site, and even though he currently isn’t at the helm, his rules should still be followed by all of us as members.

  18. You are very brave to be in that kind of a place by yourself @HarleyQ. Kudos to you. I am glad you survived that must have been very scary.
    I am a chicken shit myself. I had an incident when I was a visiting nurse where a patients husband had an issue with the type of bandage we were using and he pulled a gun on me. He didn’t point it at me but I was out of there so fast! My boss wanted me to go back to that house but I refused.

  19. I think it odd that he would choke her to unconsciousness and not take the gun and shoot her to make sure she was dead. I am glad he didn’t, I am just saying that the stars smiled upon her with a special grace.

  20. @ Mr slider one does not have to be an MD to be a coroner. My friend was the first female coroner in San Mateo County and she went to school to become a mortician. I do think a medical examiner is often an MD and the best ones specialize in forensic pathology.

  21. @HarleyQ, Thank you, it takes a lot of courage to submit personal content and photos. What a horrifying experience, I’m glad you’re on the mend and I wish you all the best! I’m also sorry for some of the comments you’re being subjected to. Please, ignore them. Mark always insisted on members being respectful to those who provided content and had zero tolerance for those who did not.

  22. I used to work with my roomate who’s family runs aftermath inc here in NYC (I worked under the table and I am in no WAY certified for half the shit I was doing) thats besides the point, why were you by yourself? Any job we got called to we always had at the very least two workers with in eye sight at all times because of shit like this, tho these people have to be stupid to think that the drugs and or money would still be floating around HOURS AND HOURS later. When we got called to a spot it was anywhere between 2-10 hours after the death in question. 2-4 hours for suicides or accidents and can be anywhere from 5 to 10 hours for murder scenes depending….
    the thugs had to of known that the police where there for some time..i am sure they scoped it out and it can take HOURS for a complete investigation of a homicide to finish. They had to of known that all that shit would have been tagged as evidence….what the fuck would make them think that the shit would still be there?

    1. Hi AxeGrinder. I was alone, cause I was stupid. Plain and simple, it’s my own little company and I should of had help, I won’t be making this mistake again. I’m just glad it was me and not one of my employees, I think if it had happened to one of my employees I’d be pretty fucked up mentally.

      As for the guys coming to the scene, I have no idea why. Drugs and greed make people do stupid shit. My best guess would be to say that they figured the cops didn’t find everything. Figured they would get lucky.

  23. NOW, That Is Rude!
    To Blame Me For Exposing An Evil Liar…., She Must Be A Commie, Or Even Wurst Yet A JOO ! ?

    hope mark can return soon to weed out frauds!
    like this in the future

  24. @Harleyq
    I’m delighted to hear you survived this ordeal! I work in the insurance field and one coverage under your homeowner policy is the nasty cleanup job post suicide, etc. We pay companies like your side job and people would shit their pants to see just one invoice for one crime-scene–let’s just say one self-inflicted shotgun blast pays upward of $13,000+. I’ve seen some shit that would elicit nightmares for weeks to the common Joe. I’m happy you’re well and wish you a fast recovery–both physically and mentally. xoxo

  25. Did you yell “Stop Resisting” before you capped his ass?

    why use a stinky diaper that filtered meth to hide your gun?

    lastly I hope you have the sense to not use disposable diapers in the future. I like cloth diapers. Also just saying diaper gets me going. Its a great word. Wurhme….
    isn’t that fun?

  26. Complete bullshit story. Her boyfriend or girlfriend gave her ass a whoopin and she made up a story, probably to her family and friends as well, including it on this site.

    The reason I call BS is because my friends uncle owns the funeral home, in west sacramento, where I worked while taking my medical courses. They also had a crime scene cleanup crew for the WSPD since they were a funeral home, there was someone always there incase an old fart died. Anyways, we would get a call and would have to wake up, get ready, with our CREW, it took several people to even wash blood out of the cement. WE NEVER WERE ALONE. Again, this is a private CSC business. Also, we were bonded and insured, we had have another person with us. Call that late, especially in BRK , we knew crackheads were out, worked fast, and left. This is complete BS. I live in the worst part of Nor Cali, those “thugs” would have stolen your gun white girl. And your ass would be on the news. White girl ass kicked by black thugs, and shoots one of them. Please. Also, beat with a mop and all you have is marks in your neck and a black eye? Oh and a bat. Geeze, the lengths people go. This reminds of those girl-who-cried-rape stories.

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