Big Guy Delivers Punishment to Two Black Youths

Big Guy Delivers Punishment to Two Black Youths

In some kind of black country, a big guy was filmed delivering beating as punishment to two black youths. I’m not sure where the video is from, but it could be either a Caribbean or an African country. Either way, the guy must have a death wish if he thinks the blacks won’t be plotting to machete him in some back alley one day. I’m surprised they haven’t yet mistaken him for a cape buffalo on one of their hunting expeditions.

Michael’s brother told me it’s you.
It’s not me. It’s not me.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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76 thoughts on “Big Guy Delivers Punishment to Two Black Youths”

      1. Yeah, they seemed kinda weak for black specimen. Compared to the white dude being picked on in jail to the black gang member punched over and over in face by fellow opposite gang members. These kids have so much to learn….

        But naw, they’ll just be like fellow blacks in da neighborhood and get 5 against 1 fight, kinda thing.. but this time, with machetes since it’s not in America

    1. This was in South Africa way back in March 2016. The white man (Boer) is a farm owner and those two guys are his employees. They were accused of stealing and in the end it turned out that they didn’t steal anything after all.

        1. It ain’t going to be The UK – I can see sunlight coming in through the window. It’s a big, Afrikaans speaking Boer in traditional khaki shorts. There will be an old Merc with an Alsatian in it parked outside. He’s just providing his workers with direction on how to stay on the straight and narrow.

        2. Here I am confirming that it is from South Africa. How do i know this? Well… I live in this shitty hole racist country.

          They even call this place the “Rainbow Nation”!

          Rainbow nation my ASS!

    1. @redneckrick

      You are so right brother! We are in need of more folks like the hero in the video delivering education into the nigglets impenetrable skull. This is the only education suited for the less smart and unintelligent inferior aka dindus, negroes, or simply, niggers.

      We need negros back in the plantations here in the USA and let the slap on the negroes’ ugly face be the only educational Method to them.

      Chimpanzees = negroe
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  1. Sorry not cool.
    Its a big fat Boer doing what big fat Boers are famous for.
    First,he is twice three times their size.secondly,they are teenagers and he is a grown man and third they are obviously in a employee \ employer arrangement.

    I would think they will chop him at a later date.oh well,we will be less a little white trash.

    No im not black, i just hate bully smart asses!

    1. Bullshit! The negro fears authority figures. Plus if they aren’t in black attack packs they aren’t jack shit. The negro best a begettin to remember his place. Shits about to fucking change my man.

  2. My former big-huge-massive (white) South African manager was a fucking savage like this guy. He would come stomping into the office and if you had the guts to say Good Morning… he would look you dead square in your fucking eye while walking right past you He picked the only black guy to be his personal slave. the dude got humiliated so bad he went on leave for depression… and came back to find the fly infested bins had been building up and patiently waiting for him to return The bullying was kinda funny… but sad at the same time. But more funny.

  3. The big guy is cool. He knows muay thai, and is not shy to use it, too. Authoritative and stern figure do have their place in this world. We don’t all have to be snowflakes and be afraid to say something lest it offends someone. Heck, everyone in this world is offended by something. I think the big guy has been wronged in some way, maybe have something stolen from him by someone he trusted, so the is having it back at them, nothing wrong about that.

  4. This is in South Africa. The white man speaks Afrikaans at some parts of the video. Think this happened after a recent farm attack against white farmers. He is obviously very pissed and maybe he knew the farmer or people killed. Looks like he assaulted the 2 black boys in the house where they live on the farm. Could also be in another house. This year (2017) more than 70 white farmers have already been killed in the country. The last week alone after the protest (Black Monday 30 October), 3-4 white farmers lost their lives. The methods of killing are very brutal.
    002 sec he says: jou poes (poes is Afrikaans for cunt and very explicit).
    009 black boy says: serious in African accent. Serious in this context means he’s not guilty or doesn’t know.
    0028: Moenie vir my se wie’s wie. (Don’t tell me who’s who)
    0034: It’s you you poes (cunt)
    0040: Waaroor nies jy? (What are you whining about?)

    I suspect the 2 black boys knew the attackers or maybe it’s them. But white farmers are fed up with the killings and form neighborhood watches to patrol the farm areas. There is absolutely no, nothing, nada, ziltz support from the national police and do they have to take the law into their own hands. If the blacks get this white boy, you are right, will he be just another statistic.

    1. @kafferhater Unfortunately it sounds to be much like the U.S., over here blacks kill White people at almost a 30 to 1 rate. That’s right!!, but the official stat I think is for every 1 black killed by Whites 27 White people are murdered by blacks…very sad, but very true. Funny thing is the shit libtard excuse for media seems to only focus on the few nogs killed by Whites, especially the 1% that’s killed by police

    2. Judging by your lack of facts, you too are South African? The only thing you got right was the fact that it was from South Africa.
      A: On 16 October, There have been 324 attacks in the last reported period and 66 deaths, so your estimate should be around 84 if you count the Western cape of the past weekend.
      B: This video is not recent, its older than the usb stick used to hide Noah’s porn.
      C: It was theft, and not “after murder”. Stop with “I think” because you clearly can’t.
      D: Stop putting drama into shit like this.

      Before you twist your nuts, I’m South African too.

      1. There’s no correct stats for farm murders. Police and Agricultural Unions have different figures. Until 1 November it’s over 70 but not more than 80. People killed in the Western Cape over the weekend was burglary and not farm murders. This video may be old and about theft but can easily happen under the current spate of farm attacks. It’s not drama but people killed in real life. Stop living in denial about crime in SA. I won’t twist my nuts for a faggot like you.

      2. Aren’t you creating drama Nigger Lover? “Judging by your lack of facts, you too are South African?” “Before you twist your nuts, I’m South African too.”

        As much as I would love to see either a nig lover or nigger such as yourself state that people shouldn’t be putting drama into something…It kind of makes you look like a hypocrite.

  5. Yeah. Yeah. After all, Mike’s bro said it was them. Why would Michael’s brother lie about something like that? Whatever “that” may actually be. They did it. C’mon. Guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt of…something. I’m nigh certain.

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