Big Mamma Caught Stealing in Cidade de Deus Delivered Light Beating

Big Mamma Caught Stealing in Cidade de Deus Delivered Light Beating

Big mamma stole a cellphone in Cidade de Deus (City of God) in Rio de Janeiro, but was caught and subsequently punished by Comando Vermelho. Unfortunately, even though she was delivered beating, the beating was rather light and not at par with anything a male thief would be delivered. Her pussy pass was only slightly denied in this instance.

In the beginning of the video, she recites the words written on the piece of paper she is holding, which reads:

I – who stole a cellphone – am taking this lesson. Here in the City of God is not allowed to steal cellphones. Here exists command. The Red Command.

Props to Best Gore member @pedro-hawk for the video and translation:

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73 thoughts on “Big Mamma Caught Stealing in Cidade de Deus Delivered Light Beating”

    1. To be honest, looking at all the videos of thieves getting beaten some get it real bad but most (man or woman) just get a hand beating, in fact this beating was worse than many I have seen done to men on here previously. I think it comes to the people you stole from, this was a petty theft the really bad ones happen to people who steal tons of money or drugs who are usually men because they are more confident at thieving I guess or are better at it?

      1. What moral right do murderers and drug sellers and violent criminals have to punish another person?
        Let them first stop their murder and drug business before judging and punishing others.

        1. They don’t want crimes committed in the slums because it attracts police, but it also benefit the community immensely. Drug dealers don’t turn nice places in slums, they go to the places forgotten by the government, and many times protect its citizens from violent crimes. They provide schools, medicals and other beneficial things. The video is hilarious and is very light. Shooting hand or feet is not the best thing, yet is very common.

          1. We’re it not for the police in Brazil, the drug dealers would have to bag up bodies and clean up their own crime scenes. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

      2. WTF?? This big momma beating more brutal than the dude couple of days ago that got his hands broken and was still getting clubbed??

        How dare you even comparing the level of brutality between videos. This video has not an ounce of brutal in it. 2 / 10.

    1. I think everyone is forgetting the counless male thieves who get off just a lightly as this, the only reason I am defending this is because I believe pussy passes are given to fuckable women only and also because this beating was harsher than many I have seen for other male thieves, obviously not all but most of the hand/wood beatings are done only to the hands not the rest of the body. They werent doing it lightly either, I think if someone get robbed and gets revenge they arent going to hold back because of gender, especially if they dont want to fuck them haha.

      1. @Karma.
        Are you saying that she got it as much as a man because she is homely, ugly and unfuckable? That’s not a very nice thing to imply. Not nice at all. Good description of pussy pass though.

        1. Well yeah pretty much I am basing it off her looks, I mean she looks like a man so she can get treated like one since she is essentially the same thing but hey I didnt make the rules.. all I was saying is that I have seen men also get off this lightly so maybe this was all these guys were capable of?..

  1. That’s fun smacking a thief around with planks..fuck yeah…Hit the fat sweaty bitch in the tits shave her fucking hair off in fact shave her arse and make her walk backwards iiieeeeee

  2. Coincidentally her husband is the village thief beater. I think there was no phone involved at all. I think somebody burned the rat casserole again.

    1. @dan-a-conda.
      Pmsl. You’re as funny as hell 🙂
      That made my day.

      She’s just a huge land whale. That’s punishment enough.

      She did squeal like a pig and wail as she got beat. The beater is the one holding the phone. Must be embarrassing to know it’s all being recorded

    “Here, in the City Of God we must not steal…etc”
    Punishment begins…
    BANG!… takes it like… a trooper
    BANG!… pain already visible on her face
    BANG!… obviously in a lat of pain already
    (“Nao pega mais” = you won’t touch what’s not yours ever again !
    BANG!… wood hits fingers, not palm… “AAIII ” = ouch !
    BANG!… AI.AI.. PARTIU O BRACO AI AI” = oh God oh God you broke my arm….
    BANG!… “TA BOM, TA BOM TA BOM.. EU NAO VOU FAZER MAIS ISSO, EU JURO, EU JURO” = Ok, Ok, Ok… enough… I will never do it again, I wear, I swear WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN…
    BANG! BANG!… BANG!… … AI, NUNCA MAIS EU ROUBO, NUNCA MAIS VOU DIZER A TODA A GENTE P’RA NAO ROUBAR NUNCA” = I will tell everybody never to steal, never… ow ow ow

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