Black on White Hate Crime – French Girl Attacked by Black Males

Black on White Hate Crime - French Girl Attacked by Black Males

I got this video with a title which said that the girl was French so I’m going with it. Where she’s from is not all that relevant – she was a white girl and that’s all the males who assaulted her wanted.

It’s time to recognize racism as a two way street. Black on white crimes are all too common and time for political correctness has passed. Fact of a matter is – if this was a video of white males attacking a black girl for no apparent reason but because she had no chance to stand up to them, we’d never hear the end of it from the leftist sheep.

The only thing left to say is – I wonder if the victim was a leftist, preaching about how awesome multiculturalism is and attacking everyone on the internet who dares to speak truth about immigrants from incompatible countries. Such leftists have been given a taste of multiculturalism a lot lately, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case also.

Props to Best Gore member andersonaugusto for the video:

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148 thoughts on “Black on White Hate Crime – French Girl Attacked by Black Males”

          1. Yea. Always train for these kind of things. These folk who do things like that expect you won’t be able to handle them. I shit you not. Train and you can handle a group kill. Maybe post the monkey death to gore.

    1. Most women wouldn’t even think aobut ever bedding down with these blacks, if the Jew media wasn’t pumping htem full of poison and white guilty propaganda.

      Now the British and French will have to experience something similar with what we Americans experience… the North American Pavement Ape.

        1. You still believe that?
          So we developed from ape looking blacks to caucasian but the blacks stayed ape looking & black?
          Homo Sapiens appeared out of the north and swept down through Europe, physically destroying Neanderthal man.
          For 20,000 years during this closing ice age called the Upper Paleolithic period our ancestors, the White race’s ancestors, lived as hunter gatherers in Europe. Negro’s originate from africa, but we, the caucasian race, don’t.

        2. All humans originated from Africa? is that right? maybe you should do some research, that was an old belief system, it has been acknowledged that there was more than one group of primitive ‘humans’ around at the same time, an older specimen has been found in russia,and i am sure others will be found elsewhere,science always refers to the last KNOWN piece of info……you know what? Fuck Off..can’t be bothered.

    2. Nig wants white prey to look past racial division. Asks her nicely if she’d formally accompany him to his under-brdige villa for a night of hate-fucking. a spiteful vengeance for all the white-injustices he never suffered.

      Nig gets turned down because white prey sees an immature animal in the nig. Instantly she proves her suspicions right.

      The nigger was just a nigger after all.

    3. This guys are cowards you have to carry a 9mm like myself so when you see something like that you could put them out there misery they hate to be in there smelly bodies so they try to get killed everyday dont worry one day they will bump into a person like me and I’ll do them the favor

  1. I think our fellow member Silenced should have some nice comments about the white girl not giving the nig nog her phone #. I like that she walked away from this lowlife, would have been better if she punched him in his mouth.

    1. Actually, I’m speechless. Very rare, this.

      What’s not lost on me however is no one stood up for her.

      Fucking sad. Listen – I trash White women a lot (Let’s face it, most of them deserve it) but I would still protect them like my own sister or mother if something like this happened in my presence.

      And this shows how rotten our Countries have become, that vermin like this can operate like they do, say the things they do, and face no repercussions.

      This is what Leftism/Liberalism begets you. It robs men of their manhood, women of their self-respect, dignity and pride and leaves you a faceless, nameless docile people.

      I reject the very idea of it to the very core of my being.

      1. I swear you and I somehow got the same exact ideaology when it comes to race and culture.

        I’ve told my stories in prev. comments, now I simply type: “I wasn’t taught to hate niggers, I learned.”

      2. Very sad that not one person, out of all that were there, stood up for her. Unbelieveable that after she is punched in the face another punches her in the back of the head.
        It is very sad. I feel for her and any other male or female of any race that has been in a situation like this.

    2. I agree killthefilth… very smart of her to just walk away from this goon.
      Although I suspect she was in shock and unable to respond. Unfortunately I am speaking from experience and was too shocked to respond at the time.
      Would have liked to see someone knock his fool head off.

      1. @killthefilth it’s easier said than done .. You wouldn’t because of the number of niggers there you would get your ass handed to you in less than 5 minutes. whats stupid about fights is that everyone never tends to go 1vs1 they usually bring their tools along and if the guy can’t handle a good ass kicking the rest of the clones tend to jump in and kick your ass.. So no if I were you and I was there I would of let it slide I wouldn’t want to get my ass kicked for a shit that has jungle fever.-.- that white chick looks trashy as fuck you know how I can tell O.o she was with a *ghetto nigger*. is it me or are hot chicks attracted to guys who treat them like shit ..?

  2. hmm, it could also just be a case of a dumb slut who’s known for having already fucked every nigger in a ten mile radius, therefor being seen as nothing but a piece of meat by the male population so when she gets lippy she deserves a beat down…

    just thought i’d changed shit up a bit seeing how every reply is gonna be white power this and nigger that. :).

    1. I’m French.
      This video shows a typical kind of agression, always perpetrated by either Blacks or Arabs youth (chav style).
      When it’s a women they as her number, when it’s a man, they ask a cigarette.
      You don’t give it, you get hit, sometimes beaten (and i mean really beaten. Every week or so, a student or a family father gets killed that way).
      An algerian friend of mine says it’s a local custom from Maghreb countrys where our immigrants come from. It’s calld “to hagr somemeone”, to beat him without reason, sometimes till death or paralysis. In algeria it happens very few tims since people defend themselves and society doesn’t show mercy for scumbags. But in France, people are fed the “tolerance” and “diversity” bullshit. so people don’t react. If you fight back, the niggs and the chavs stream out of everywhere and beat you up till you pass out, and jump on your head. the only solution is to be either huge or to live in the countryside…. This video os quite old (Three years or so) and was taken in Paris. Where I live, people call Paris “Bamako”.

      1. Thank you for the information. It’s nice to hear from someone on the front-lines. Really clashes with what the Leftist/Liberals in the world and on this site like to think.

        I’m sorry about Paris, by the way. But it’s not only the capital of France, it’s the capital cities/big cities of all White Countries.

        And it needs to stop.

        1. the only good thing is that the bourgeois/leftists (we call them “bobos”) are the first victims of that. It’s a joy to see these little pricks (who all vote for zionists/progressive politicians) get bitten back by the “diversity” they cherish.
          In Paris there are no more average french anymore. Either bobos (bourgeois) and rich kids from all origins, either chavs, niggs and other immigrants.
          Real France is in the other citys ans in the countryside.

      2. I have faced the same thing @ Champs-?lys?es Paris, we were eating at an open garden restaurant, some moroccon and or algerian guys walked into garden and began to feed from customer’s plates, suprisingly non of the staff nor customers reacted, when they came to our desk, having some Turkish guys with us I was aware of a close storm, turks held their forks and knives and asked them to try to reach our plates, the guys asked our nationality and when they get the respond “turkey”, they began to talk friendly and left our desk w/out problem, ask turks say “dog dont bite dog”, it was sad to see that these teenager gangs walks on the street all day long teasing, attackacking anybody they like, including verbal abusing the cops, nobody wants to deal with them, they feel like the king of the streets.

        1. The only people who still deal with them in France are either metalheads, nationalist skinheads and hooligans… but we are very few.
          And of course when french fight back it is described as intolerable diplay of racism.

        2. i think if i was shown disrespect like that. Id put the knife in the eye socket.

          Humans win defensively. When someone comes into your area , you have the advantage. Don’t lose it. Again train for that kind of shit.

  3. Fuck all the black and white bullshit!! As a black man this fucking pisses me off simply because I can’t stand the thought of a man putting his hands on a woman. PERIOD!! Contrary to what you motherfuckers think, not all black men have this mentality, nor do we all treat/view women this way. These assholes ALL need to be lined up and bitchslapped by the Hulk one by one. I don’t give a shit what race they are, it was wrong.

    1. Well, it’s not so much being black as it has to do with the culture these people are from. But, lets face it, most black culture outside the civilized world is disgusting. And, even in the civilized world blacks, more often then not, act like turds.

      1. @musicman_1017 calm the fuck down Malcolm X I can’t tell you are one of them educated spooks o.o it’s a shame that the rest of these so called *niggers* give a bad name to your race. I think I heard this here but there are 2 types of black people in this world a *black guy and a nigger* the nigger is an un-educated scum full of shit that tends to be rowdy and pisses off many and thinks he’s big and tuff when he is with his fellow gorillas not to mention steals and sells other people’s shit. The *black guy* in other hands is much more smarter than the nigger doesn’t cause any trouble doesn’t steal shit and isn’t a fucking annoying sack of shit like the rest if his fellow *ghetto bitches*. I’m not a racist by the way I’m more of a realist I know how fucked up and stupid this world is its amazing how many others tend to block out reality with false bullshit and try to make this world a better place but really this world isn’t going to get better there are much more mass shootings now than ever before. I’d hate to say this but the United States is clearly going to end up burning down, what goes up must come down eventually..

        1. I literally find your response hilarious, misfit. If that’s the mentality you have of all blacks then there is nothing I can say to prove otherwise, nor do I care to try. I’ll leave you to bask in your ignorance. The fact that you called me “one of them educated spooks” completely negates everything that followed. And @leftwingnazi, I don’t know what kind of black people you’ve been around but I don’t associate with anyone that even remotely resembles what you’re describing, nor does anyone in my family or my circle of friends. I don’t have to sit here and justify my reasons for being the type of black man I am, it’s just who I am and how I view the world. I think every single race has their own set of bad eggs, no matter how you look at it. No one race is immune to that fact. This site proves it!

    2. I would hate to be born black…. think about it not having the intelligence to behave like normal people do.. My relatives have told me that, the reason africans are like this is because they didnt properly evolve. I take it you are riddled with an inferiority complex, trying to be caucasian and trying to hide your hatred for being black.

      1. You and your relatives are the ones that have not “evolved”. It’s sad how much you base your identity in ethnicity. We are individuals here, realize that there is only one race, the human race. Most of the problems you speak of that involve blacks aren’t because of a faulty gene pool, but a faulty corrupt urban culture. Rather than blaming the ethnic group, blame the culture they were raised in. I’ve met white people raised in the “ghetto” culture, they speak and act just like everyone else raised in that awful environment. You are a product of your culture. If raised by people from an upright culture, you will be upright and vice versa. There are geniuses in every ethnic group, and there are complete morons as well. Your hatred, ignorance, and collectivist mindset will hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest. I truly feel bad for the racists on this site, they will never be at peace.

        1. @mancore you are amazing. I agree with everything you said. Personally, I grew up in a ghetto neighborhood, but I didn’t let that determine the person I am now. I speak proper English. Sometimes I even get called white because of how I sound and act. Doesn’t mean that I’m still not black. Not everyone who is black is ghetto and uncivilized.

    3. Not all blacks are niggers. Not all whites are white trash. However, I’d rather be called a nigger than white trash, being as its simply, although rudely, just a slang term derived from “negro”, which is still a term used for those living in Africa. If you are from Haiti, you’re Haitian. Anyone, though, can be a “nigger” so to speak, regardless of skin color, or country of origin. Most everyone, however, on this site, are aware of the difference between a contributing member of society, tax paying, job holding individual, regardless of color, you are American, if living in the USA. I don’t think that a crack slinging, gun toting, welfare collecting, woman beating, dead beat dad HAS to be a black male, but lets face it, when described that way, automatically we assume its a black male, thus, a nigger. Whites would be called white trash, and Hispanics, regardless of country of origin, would usually be referred to with a term such as “go back to Mexico” even tho many are not even mexican. My point is, any low life is capable of this behavior, but we see it so much more often in minority groups or immigrants. And we go about with the attitude that there’s nothing we can do. They’re animals. If a white man were to do that to a woman on the street every bystander would most likely beat his ass, as he would probably be alone, and these types here, travel in packs, and do not fight fair ever, so they get left alone, and people walk away. Keep in mind I live in Florida, United States, where I myself, being white, am a minority. Majority being Haitian, Guatemalan, Cuban, mexican, Honduran, el salvadorian, Puerto Rican, and every other close by nation that wants to hop a boat to get to the USA. Regular African American blacks, and Caucasian whites, are few and far between. Most know the difference, some don’t, some don’t care either way. Trash is trash no matter the color.

  4. That’s not a Man in the video. Neither is the person holding the camera. That goon who mouths off at the end. They’re just a couple of jerk offs with no class. I don’t care about the racial aspect, either. For me, it just comes down to how men treat women. Ya gotta have class.

  5. Fucking niggers I swear… Everything they get a hold of turns to shit. Look at New Orleans, look at Africa.

    Also, 9 times out of 10 in a conversation the blacks are the first ones to bring up racism.

  6. That European Yard Ape is sure tough around women. I wish he would slap some MMA fighter in the face. That would be a wonderful video to see. European Yard Ape gets his arm broken and then gets choked out.

  7. I recon this guy had every intention to hit the chick… why the fuck would the guy be recording otherwise …. this stereotypical black man (no racial remarks really intended, hence ‘stereotypical’) would have had something like that planned saying if this bitch don’t give me her number i am gonna hit her so record the shit…

  8. Gdamn fucking worthless monkeys fucking waste of fucking life you dont punch a bitch like that. So fucking true you can call a mexican a wetback or a white cracker and everything is fine nobody gives a fuck but anything you say to a monkey and thats it you are a racist…ok that out of the way i gotta say this shit im new to this site and its fucking badass:)

  9. I don’t think that it’s so much of a Black/White issue as it is one of a bitch ignoring being spoken to by a male.
    It’s high time that these feminist bitches start to remember their place, which is back in the kitchen. And then maybe they wouldn’t get slapped like they rightly deserve.

  10. That was bullshit. The instant adrenaline rush I got just watching this video had me almost reflexively up and punching. Low lifes never fight alone, so you have to even the playing field. The sheer stun of quickly and aggresively attacking that guy would have probably have his friends thinking twice about jumping in. The problem is that the next day they will be looking for retribution.

  11. How was this a hate crime and not just an act of ignorance?

    Seriously, every time a black person does something stupid it’s something to do with race and not just another example of humans being dumb.

    THAT is racism, not a dick hitting a chick because she turned him down.

    1. I agree that it was an act of ignorance but also race-fueled. The race card, as it were, stems from the quote laughed into the camera, “All your white women are belong to us” Maybe he didn’t actually say that but we have the video translation to go by unless others translate it as something different.

  12. I’m not racist but African human beings can be incredibly low class. I had this woman complain about a free cell phone given to her by the Obama nation and she bitched and complained when she had to spend 3 dollars to mail it back to get repaired. The cell and service is free bitch stfu!!!!!

  13. France is full of niggers as is London, England. This black disease is spreading to every major city in Europe. Time to get rid of these scum. Oh wait, too late! We (whites) are note the minority!

    1. It must suck being controlled by your white identity. You obviously get all of your worth from the fact that you are white, correct? It doesn’t matter anyway, your kind (the racist) will soon be extinct and mankind will be that much better off. Realize this, you will never be at peace, and your existence will suffer greatly as long as you continue to believe in the lie that is racism. There are degenerate individuals that come from every ethnicity, and for you to collectivize and generalize merely shows your foolishness. You are a human first, a man second, and then an individual that happens to be white. Holding onto illogical hatred will do absolutely nothing to better our society.

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