Blonde Bitch Spitting and Hitting Other Passengers on Sydney Train

Blonde Bitch Spitting and Hitting Other Passengers on Sydney Train

Yep, they have Iphone retards in Australia too. And what they also have are useless bitches in need of an uppercut.

This abusive blonde ho was filmed swearing, spitting and hitting other passengers on a train in Sydney, Australia. But once her abusive behavior went way overboard – woman or not, the commuters joined forces to attack the bitch and kick her off the train.

Great job on behalf of the Aussies for not putting up with that shit and ganging up on the bitch like they should. Fuck all dirty whores who think nobody can touch them because they’re females. The divine uppercut video should be a lifestyle manual for every man who has not completely lost his place in life.

The time to balance feminism out with masculinism is long overdue. Bitches want to act like men, they ought to be treated like men. Props to all men who don’t let women push them around and fuck all losers who think that by pretending to support women’s rights they pave themselves a way to getting laid. And props to Best Gore member ImNotRightInTheHead for the video:

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78 thoughts on “Blonde Bitch Spitting and Hitting Other Passengers on Sydney Train”

  1. “I don’t hit girls”….That wasn’t a girl, that was a drunken, uncouth, middle aged woman who should have had better sense than to act like that! The gentlemen made the right choice and put her off. Was she displaying her fighting skills or attempting to dance, with the periodic arm waving?

  2. I’ve always taken the high road with obnoxious women, but as I’ve gotten older my tolerance for bullshit has severely decreased. Had I been there, I really think I would’ve just throat punched the skeez & left her there in a crumpled drooling heep.

  3. That’s what Americans white trash. She is the definition of white trash. Even the hillbillies don’t act like that around here. As much as I think that men who beat women are pussies, this bitch was way overdue for a smackdown long before they kicked her off. What took them so long?

    I have to hand it to the Aussies, they behaved like gentlemen even when she didn’t deserve to be treated so well.

  4. In today’s world, train comfort and safety measures need updating. Under the luggage rack, below the emergency window hammers (1) there should be a cattle prod (2), and below that a humane dispatcher (3) labelled accordingly:
    (1) ‘In case of emergency, break cover and strike window in corner’
    (2) ‘In case of females who think they are males, break cover and drive out of exit – please refrain from use when train is at a station’
    (3) ‘In case of persistent abuse, break cover and fire bolt into the base of the skull, in the event of long hair fire bolt into the midpoint of the eyes – do not press the muzzle against the hide when firing’

  5. I would’ve enjoyed it more if the dork taking the video didn’t do it vertically, which makes it seem like you’re looking through a keyhole! Anyway, the bitch deserved to be thrown out of that train. There’s almost nothing worse than a drunk, obnoxious ho!

    1. Reikoko, you are a celebrity in BG, If anybody dares to call you anything but cute , just punch him in the face. Besides ladies do not behave like that in public, only bitches talk obcenities and curse. Of course all this behavior is only allowed while having hard core sex xD

    1. One thing being a military cop taught me is that there are ways of restraining people that are much more painful than others. The law will never side with a male if he were to retalliate in kind by hitting (even the poor fellow that she flat out face punched) but the law will allow men to subdue/restrain a woman until the authorities show up. There are pain points to easily get her to the ground, and once there, half my body weight on one knee resting against her kidney until the cops show up is more than enough to teach this bitch a lesson.

  6. She’s lucky she didn’t have a carriage full of people just as intoxicated and with the same mentality as she shows to have…the out-come could’ve been quite different….and something more than being placed on her collective drunk-ass!

  7. I look forward to the news reports of her arrest lol. “I don’t hit girls”, dude you really restrained yourself and well done, but that was no girl, it was a shemale and worthy of at least a punch to the throat. To the old dude who got hit, criminal injuries compo brother, and as you are an elderly person it is aggravated assault so you get more and she gets a longer jail sentence hahaha, stupid bogot bitch. As an Aussie I apologise to the world for this shit, we are ok, this mole is a minority.

    1. Because in Aussieland the moment we do ANYTHING in retaliation to a female we are in the shit big time. They winge and bitch about how they deserve to be treated as we men are and are even arguing to try and get combat roles in our military but the moment we as much as place our arm on their chest like this bloke was doing they suddenly are this weak,defenceless creature. I dare say if this wasn’t all on camera and there wasn’t so many people there to prove she was in the wrong that coppa would’ve cuffed him in a heartbeat. Rant over.

  8. I would have kicked the slut in the face so hard, her new name would be mumbles. Yeah I don?t hit woman, but stupid aggressive sluts thinking they are men and act tough, nothing some brutal smacks in the head can?t fix !

  9. Have heard military stories from times of kangaroo boxing, that these cute critters are able to disembowel a man with those huge legs of theirs. I would love to see some drugged idiot attempt to fight a kangaroo and gory aftermath. That is native Australian gore I have wet dreams about.

  10. Everyone is all about women and being treated equal until it comes to things like this, and then you are a bad person for knocking the bitch out. Ridiculous. If I ever act like that I hope somebody has the balls to knock some sense back into me.

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