Bolivian Woman Goes Ape Shit at Pregnant Lady Sitting on Couch

Bolivian Woman Goes Ape Shit at Pregnant Lady Sitting on Couch

I don’t know much about this video, other than allegedly the yelling woman is from Bolivia.

The video shows her going ape shit at a pregnant lady and a younger girl. She even slaps the lady multiple times. Her beta orbiter is an English speaker and repeatedly refers to them as illegals. He then slaps the younger girl, sending her to the floor.

Not sure what is overall going on here. Hopefully our Spanish speaking friends can shed some light.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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75 thoughts on “Bolivian Woman Goes Ape Shit at Pregnant Lady Sitting on Couch”

    1. The pregnant Slut was being in yo face disrespectful of that screaming Cunt. Even her Dick BF was pissed and grabbed her phone. So the preggo Slut didn’t think she’d gettit the way she did because of the Gremlin Growing inside. The Cunt showed the Slut with her Dick standing as a Guard on her side it was Not the case.

  1. From what i could understand she seems to have “raised her hand” against her, and laughed because her husband were threatning her, and now that her husband is away, and she is with that guy, the papers have inverted… 😆

          1. i hardly know any of my own native language and im ashamed of that, so i hear you. my excuse is that i live near cities so i hardly see anyone on a daily basis that speaks that.

  2. Apparently the guy that got the girl pregnant is referred to as “Indio” which in Spanish can be used to refer to a low class uneducated person.

    The mom keeps talking about something that happened that morning with the pregnant girl and her boyfriend, apparently disrespectes or threatened the mom.

    The mom also tells the other sibling to stay the fuck out of it. Hope this gives some insight.

  3. The old bitch caught the bitch getting slapped with her boyfriend and they were touching each other.
    If anybody has watched any whatever Mexican soap opera knows that this video is just a scene of a telenovela. Mexican actors/actresses are the best at soap operas. This old couple live their life just like in the telenovelas. All the emotion is there. I give this people exept for slapped slut and bomb bitch on red a 9.5 on acting.
    The so called illegal girls specially slappee were acting like uninanimate objects.
    The old couple were very convincing almost as if it was real life…
    Oh I forgot this was real life shit.

  4. some shit all i kno is the preggo got with someones man in that room not sure if it was the old lady yelling at her or not but the man speaking in the video said he was gonna comeback to kill her and the husband

  5. Dammm how I hate people like this fucking old bitch and her pinche gabacho ass husband intimidating poor defenseless woman through verbal and physical abuse.
    Gosh how I wish that they run across somebody like me one day. Will put their high class asses in their place wether it is through verbal or physical means but sure thing will put them in their spot.
    I would want to see the look in their faces when they see that aint nobody fearing them and their bullying tactics are not working.

    1. It depends on how they get hit and by whom imao. Seeing how it seems this woman started things and she was only slapped in the face by another woman, I feel that there was no damage done. Now if she is assaulted in her womb area or by a male, I tend to agree with you.

  6. So upon a second viewing of the video I think that there are three siblings in the room then mom and her boyfriend.
    Possibly her boss and future step dad of the the girls.
    This type of abuse was not the first or second time and the girls had agreed to record the incident so they can proceed legally. (My thesis) The girl recording is probably the youngest one and the one that gets abused the least so she’s the one most likely to get away with recording the old couple.
    When the girl in red gets up you can see how she communicated with camera as in saying, okay are you recording? I hope you are…
    Then walks out the room only to be man handled by the coward ass PoS English-speaking motherfucker.

  7. Haw Haw what a torture if ya have someone yelling like that next to ya . The cunts sitting on the sofa shook like leaves with white fear .
    They weren’t prepared because the infuriated couple that barged in on to threaten and slap were most probably zapped with the booze or energy drinks ……………
    high octane makes a monster outta ya.

  8. You all talk shit.

    It occurs that these two skanks stole and ate the semen of this farang.

    Then the next day they get bloated guts and became pregnant.

    So the Farang talked with his house maid. And then you see them brutalizing the spearm stealers.

    Farang must pay for life. House maid stands totally to the side of the farang!

    “You two illegal pieces of shit”

    Housemaid is brutalizing the preggo (pregnant women are ugly). Farangs oversea vacation ended bad.

  9. I’m confused…I could understand some things, but the situation seems so messed up from the start. I would say the pregnant girl and her friend have started some shit, but I’m not sure……

  10. Ok I’m going to wait for the official translation.
    But here is my guess in the meantime, of what happened:

    Those 2 women are (as the vid says) illegal immigrants, so they may be staying in some rented flat and the landlady is going all psycho as they have fallen behind with their rent payments and the “piece of shit” husband doesn’t have a proper job to earn money to pay rent, so she wants them gone by tomorrow.

    The tenant filming has a white foot, so she must be white, and therefore less likely to be illegal (let’s face it, if she is there it’s because she wants to be there). My guess is that she is not with the other two and is obviously filming it because she is repulsed.

    I can never understand how that banshee woman could allow herself to be filmed assaulting two women who are not fighting back. Not wise. Slippering a heavily pregnant woman across the face with the hard heel of a slipper? What an absolute bitch, lol. And for God’s sake, if you are standing on a duvet, take your shoes off!! LOL.

    This is only a guess as to what is going on, I want to see how good a guesser I am. Let’s wait for the experts to translate

    1. Your guess is wrong. Seems that the boyfriend or partner from the pregnat lady raised his hand earlier against the angry woman. The pregnat lady was laughing her ass off before acording to the angry woman, so she is getting revenge.

    2. I watched with sound muted. I wouldn’t understand it anyway. My impression was two maid pimps slapping their maids around. “You have one job! Clean white peoples toilets and that’s all. How do get pregnant cleaning a toilet? Don’t let this happen again!”

  11. The nurse claims that both the pregnant woman and her husband or boyfriend had hit her with their hands almost two times the morning before and other worse things and thus, the nurse is so angry and takes advantage of the situation as she can take some revenge.

  12. Omg don’t listen to these half ass non Spanish speakers lol . She basically is making her pay for the actions of her boyfriend . Saying he put his hand up twice wanting to hit her. The girl in red is saying “she’s pregnant” (defending her) so then the ape crazy lady says ” DONT GET INVOLVED YOU DIDNT SEE WHAT SHE DID THIS MORNING” and the racist white guy and ya

  13. Her piece of shit husband raised his hands about to hit and threatened the lady with the sandle while and the pregnant chick was laughing loud as fuck making fun of the lady with the sandle. Then she said I can bring better men than that piece of shit that got you pregnant. I also don’t give a fuck if you’re pregnant. pretty much saying do you still think it’s funny now that your husband isn’t here.

  14. So what happening is that no-one mentions who is who. But for how it starts is that the pregnant girl is an illegal person who can claim help from the government and shit like that. But the reason why the lady is pissed if because they have disrespected her before and the other chick in the red doesn’t really know what’s going on. The old lady says that her “Indian” which is a racist way to say wetback man of hers raised his hand at her and the preggo was laughing like crazy while he did so. So she says why you think I am reacting like that?! I’m pissed and she then goes off on red shirt saying you don’t know shit of what this two mofos have done so don’t try me. And stay out of it. She goes back to preggo saying you ho how you think I will respect you if you just fucked any random guy and got pregnant and now you have a kid just like that how come you not laughing now like earlier. You call yourself a Christian. And the other guy is pissed too because they are illegal and apparently are taking advantage of some sort. And then the end is just them stopping the red shirt chick from either leaving or calling someone. And the one who is filming I think is sick as in like may be retarded. The end. You are welcome. In a way I understand why she so mad. Not that she should hit her. But yes I would be pissed too

    1. @Alexis Herrera
      Many thanks to you and the others for the translation.
      I did have a go at trying to figure it out, without translating, but I got it far wrong.
      It’s exciting to guess though, LOL.

      And its amazing once you get more facts. Suddenly you don’t feel that sorry for preggo anymore, apparently she is a proper turd taking advantage of both her female and preggo status by letting by laughing as her hubby assaults Ms Sandal Freak earlier.

  15. I speak spanish. I don’t know if someone clarified already, but basically the old hag was mad because the pregnant lady’s hubby or boyfriend either tried to hit her or threatened to hit her that very same morning. And the pregnant lady at the time, just laughed at her for it. She was sour because of that and calling her a piece of shit and basically a whore. Treating her like scum because she was illegal.

  16. c’est pour ça qu’il faut se méfier des “pauvres filles sans défenses” car elle sont capable de faire beaucoup de mise en scène alors qu’elles font beaucoup de mal derrière a l’abri des regards et des “caméras” lol

  17. These day’s I try treat everyone with LOVE. I ignore avoid or walk away…. but neverrrr would I let a bitch hit me or get too close acting all wild. If someone’s making u flinch like that. , their asking for shit. Fight back damn… or run dummies.

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