Bound Criminal Gets Repeatedly Kicked

Bound Criminal Gets Repeatedly Kicked

I don’t know what exactly happened before this video was filmed, but it is my understanding that the guy seen bound on the ground was caught engaging in a criminal activity. What exactly he did, I do not know. What’s important is that he was caught, tied with a rope and left face down in the dirt until the arrival of what looks like a cop.

The cop character delivered several kicks to the alleged criminal while he was tied on the ground and later another character wearing a flip flop offshoot joined in with a kick in the face. Nothing like a little football practise with the head of a guy who can’t defend himself.

It’s hard to judge not knowing exactly what the alleged criminal has done, or if he’s done anything at all. But I generally don’t see people who make themselves feel relevant by attacking a defenceless person as anything more than the criminals themselves. Unless of course they were the actual victims of whatever crime may have taken place.

What’s the language? Can anyone recognize where this took place by the accent?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Bound Criminal Gets Repeatedly Kicked”

  1. As Spaulding said, it is brazilian portuguese.

    I wouldn’t do that if I were they. Don’t beat a brazilian robber, unless you are willing to kill him. Otherwise, he will be out of jail in no time, and will be 10 times more cruel to his victims.

  2. I cant understand what they are saying at hte begining, but as the kicking starts the bound guy is like “I didn’t hit him!” and the policeman in blue is like ” yes you did, you fucking coward dumbass son of a whore! Don’t look at me!”. Sounds really pissed.

  3. @happy, Respected for your work, but I have wish: This video host is inaccessible with any browser. (Smartphone is lie, is a shitdroid dumbphone, but, there is no available Windows- based phone, only useless electronic waste, called as written above)
    That’s why, I wish, mirror the video to one of not banned host- example, BitChute. Thanks a lot.

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