Boxer Magomed Jangubaev Beats Bloody Man Allegedly Involved in Murder

Boxer Magomed Jangubaev Beats Bloody Man Allegedly Involved in Murder

Magomed Jangubaev (Магомед Янгубаев) is a Russian/Chechen boxer currently living in Germany. He’s had some boxing accomplishments, but nothing that would make him a recognizable name.

This video captures a bloodied man who’s already had enough, receiving vicious beating despite having already been rendered defenseless. The attacker, allegedly is the above mentioned boxer Magomed Jangubaev (sometimes his name is spelled Magomed Yangubaev), the victim is alleged to have been involved in murder.

Props to Best Gore member JohnTrololo for the video:

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      1. We don’t know the full story , but if some dickless piece of shit hurt my missus or , god forbid , one of my babies , then what I would do to them would make this guy look like he’s being tickled … I have no tolerance for shitbags

          1. Thank you , Im glad you agree , dont get me wrong Im an easy going man , but being the eldest of 5 Ive spent most of my life looking out for those closest to me , and those with young kids will know that the worst thing in the world is imagining them coming to harm , and I know I speak for many when I say if anything did , I would welcome a 10 stretch with a smile on my face knowing that the coward who did it wont get to hurt anyone else

  1. Lights out Pal! If he was indeed a murderer, depending on the proof of his actions & why he did it, would make me able to make the right call on this dudes fate. As this beating was brutal to say the least. Broken Nose, jaw, cheek bones, and kidney injuries ? Fuck-man, that dudes will be pissing blood for a week after those kicks, if he survives without massive brain-bleed injuries, that is. 🙁

        1. @ thedre, you have good respect on BG mate. something not quite right about this video, i have it playing through my sound system. When you watch, the first punches look ok. They don’t sound right nor the movement of the victim head. Also when he falls or leans over to his right, it don’t look as though them punches even connect.. I’ve read all the comments, and nobody else mentions anything as i did.. So i must be wrong.. Sorry to bug you mate. But that the way i see it, i watched it 6 or 7 times.

          1. You can clearly hear a thud when the man’s head hits the wall. Also can you explain why more blood effluxes from the wounds of the victim every time he is bombarded with a punch to the head? Also CorpusDelecti the victim’s head will not rebound or bounce cause it was being held to the wall by a stronger man.

  2. Right first of all in not new to this place just new to adding comments ,but anyways hi all ,and jeez that guy looked seriously fecked up ,those guys probably killed him ,but why the hell did he just sit there and not try moving,he looked of he had gave up an accepted his fate

  3. Holy fuck that was brutal. Those kicks to the face were the worst, he put everything he had into those kicks. It’s a Lil’ difficult not to feel sorry for the guy as I have no concrete evidence that he indeed did murder someone. IMO I see this video s some egomaniac boxer beating the shit out of someone just because he can. On the other hand, if he did do what is alleged then he absolutely deserved this and more. I think many people would think twice before committing a murder, rape or other atrocities if they knee this would be their punishment… ouch!

  4. Anyone who hurts my family will be knocked out tied up in back of truck. Taken to the abandoned hanger. Sitting tied to chair with gas canister in front of him. Guy soaked in petrol and a liter. Man what a view I would be just to watch it blow up

  5. Am I the only one who has seen that video of a german man bashing his little innocent dog for pissing in the bed on facebook? I think this could be the guy. He looks exactly like him, he?s german. And like others have implied: If he was a murderer then why the fuck are he not in jail. A stupid ass head swollen boxer couldn?t find a murderer even if the guy where holding a gun over a dead body.

  6. I would have tied him up in a chair, drilled his hands into the shackles. then start to cut his fingers off, rip his eyes out and burn him with a blow torch. Then rip his tounge off and force fed it to him, followed by his eyes and fingers. to finish the job off, i’d cut off his cock and balls and force feed them down his throat.

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