Brazilian Bandit Receives Flip Flop Street Justice

Brazilian Bandit Receives Flip Flop Street Justice

So many sane people in the Brazilian Death Cheer Team crowd, and we just get the one video filmed by an Iphone owner.

Some kind of bandit, possibly a robber was caught in the act, bound and delivered street justice involving mostly flip flop stomps and kicks. By Brazilian standards, he got it easy, although the video ends before the beating was over so maybe there was more to it. At the beginning of the video, there’s even a guy playing for the pink team trying to deliver some damage to the bandit, but he probably popped a stiffy and gave up.

And in case you are wondering, yes I did flip the picture cause it was sideways, but I didn’t flop it 😉

90 thoughts on “Brazilian Bandit Receives Flip Flop Street Justice”

    1. you don’t even know his offense, he might have simply swiped an item of food. the location isn’t exactly paved roads, so it could have been that simple and it would account for the lackluster “justice” the mob was meeting out on him. can’t blame a fellow too harshly under that circumstance

  1. Hahaha…they DO have good phones over there!!…I love how they kept putting their flip flops on this guy’s face….they should of kept beating him with their flip flops like in the beginning.that shit was guts!!….don’t know what you did buddy but you sir have just been OWNED by a flock of flip flops!!

      1. This is quite amuzing. Every time there’s violence and death there are the infamous flip-flops. I got one for you Mark. Why don’t you make personalized BestGore flip-flops for all of us fans out there?

          1. Ok,,, If you guys EVER see me getting humiliated by getting beat-up by a bunch of guys getting Bitch-Slapped by a mob of run-away Flip-Flops SHOOT-ME,,, and for Christ-Sakes Please don,t tell Anybody!!! 🙁

        1. Ooooo Z…you’ve peaked my interests…they could have!!…that would have kickstarted my wickedly evil side into overdrive…….I’d like it better if they had a stick jammed to his jugular and made him cry for his life while he’s sucking their toecheese out their foot webs and toenails before he has to eat the flop!!…oooo..put a rope around his neck and….I need to stop!!…ummmmmm….I need to go check my stove now!!

    1. your perception is accurate @TPOZ – this was not a death sentence by any stretch much less an offense worthy of such . they’re just having a row with one of their own who lost himself, that’s all

  2. I love street justice. I know, everyone brings up the point that maybe the one getting fucked up is innocent, but obviously there’s some reason t that person in in the predicament in the first place. I honestly wish we had more of this in the states. There’s never really any justice here at all.

  3. The problem with street justice is that most people are idiots and are unable to reason things through.

    Let’s say you arrive at a scene of street justice and everybody is screaming for blood, do you join in the action?, do you deliberate the available evidence?, do you decide guilt or innocence based upon the number of people on each side?.

    My conclusion, if you did not witness the crime taking place you have no position to be giving out justice.

    The above is why the court of law was designed. Granted, it is corrupt to fuck but the principles are sound, the deliberation of facts and evidence given are necessary for justice to be correct and true.

    If only money was not the best way to secure a verdict then true justice could be seen, unfortunately the rich have a distinct advantage over the poor.

    1. Well said Empty! I share your thoughts exactly! Even though Courts sometimes piss-me off, the alternative of killing an Innocent under false pretenses would be devastating to say the least!

    2. @antivirus

      “Captain why bother” and “captain why the fuck should I care” are also good names for myself.

      I am forever providing pointless statements and arguments that go unheeded.

      @thedre, yes, sadly the courts are bought and paid for.

          1. oh, i think i might have meant ‘most’ certainly is rather than ‘might’, certainly is. I’m not quite sure, i get a bit confused when i talk retard speak.

  4. I like the dude who picked him up by his ankle and tried dropping him on his head.
    Two people would work better to hold him higher up and then drop him on his bean.
    All you Brazilly’s over there remember to try that with the next thief you catch up with…

  5. The real thieves are the top ten percent who own the corporations and politicians and enslave the rest of us like the Pharos of Egypt and steal trillions of dollars from us every year,and no there not Jews.but they are extremely evil people who know exactly what there doing.destroying this world for their pleasure.theres nothing we can do to stop it either.but thankfully there is someone who can and will end there reign of terror soon once and for all.all we can do is turn the other cheek and pray for it to happen soon and it will.beating killing and fighting against each other only serves them and hurts us more.we need to help love and care about each other to make it through this storm.they can force us to be slaves but they can’t force us to be worse than animals,that’s our choice.its hard for everyone,we don’t have to be like the people in this my opinion all the people on their feet are worse criminals than the guy on the ground.and if we enjoy and support them were no better than them.

  6. Flip flops must be the latest trend in BG posts. Geez you guys are so original.

    ]I’m all for this punishment as long as they didn’t kill him. If it’s enough to make him scream and beg then it’s working. And if he’s a repeat offender then the punishments get harsher until you figure he’s just not going to learn his lesson. that’s how things should be done. If you don’t believe this then maybe your parents should have just smashed your face into a wall at the first sign of disobedience you’ve displayed as a child. Just saying.

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