Brazilian Gold Digger Delivered Beating by Ex Boyfriend

Brazilian Gold Digger Delivered Beating by Ex Boyfriend

Brazilian Gold Digger Delivered Beating by Ex Boyfriend

In Goiânia, Brazil, a 26 year old woman by the name of Luciana Sinzimbra, who apparently deemed herself too good for a decent guy, rode a cock carousel to the son of Eurípedes Junqueira – an ex-mayor of the city of Anápolis in Goiás, and sucked on his gonads for 3 years which is long enough for an average gold digger to finally monkey branch.

Victor Junquiera was 2 years her junior, but what does a gold digger care? To get the best of her ex boyfriend, she set up a hidden camera and pulled on his sensitivities that she was well familiar with in order to provoke a violent reaction. As a good Chad, Victor Junquiera quit being a cuck and delivered beating to the bitch.

Luciana Sinzimbra is some kind of a wannabe lawyer herself. She may very well have found the way to dig for that nugget much deeper.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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200 thoughts on “Brazilian Gold Digger Delivered Beating by Ex Boyfriend”

          1. “For everybody here from Brazil sees that motherfucker anywhere, stop him, salute him, and order that man a beer!”

            That slut deserved every inch of the beating. Setting up the dude for she to put him in jail. I bet he’s not even a DaSilva for that matter.

    1. Brazilian women are some of the worst gold digging entitled drama queens on earth. Not all but I met quite a few when I lived there. Stuck up little bitches. However the city where I lived had a ratio of 7-1 women to men. Fun for all the family. And Blow jobs from Colombian girls you won’t regret…try it.

          1. Yes indeed little London in fact ironically it was founded by a British family, I think sugar or coffee plantations. I knew the grandson of the founder ( Alan Thomas) he had an English school there I did some teacher training, but it was boring as hell and quickly went back to playing music , and shagging as many women as possible 🙂

    1. There’s never a part two to these videos, that’s the problem. My part two would involve another beating, a rape and maybe her death, not quite sure about that part yet.
      These monkey branching bitches need to know when they’re fucking up a young fellow’s mind. It’s as real as a beating, the injury to the mind is real.

      1. @caller19 agreed. what would you say the punishment would be for the monkey branching men? wth is the equivilant term one uses for the cheating sack of shit men who whore around? and can the wronged women beat, rape, and then murder them? personally, i’d like to see the whoring dick cut off and shoved into his mouth to stop the lies. then a little torture. no murder though. living life without the cock is probably punishment enough for these sex obsessed men. i agree fully, cheating is an injury to the mind that is real.

          1. @xunseenx Oh yes i’ve never thought otherwise. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Nothing worse than someone so up their own ass that they think they can ride rough shod over other people’s feelings.
            I wouldn’t leave you hanging, *high five* back : )

        1. Cheaters are all fuckin scumbags in my eyes.. men and women. A woman should absolutely be allowed to punish her partner for cheating on her as should a man be allowed to punish his for cheating on him. Having a dick definitely does not make one exempt from being a whoring piece of shit once he cheats and no man can expect loyalty from his partner if he himself is a cheater but the same goes for women. That’s why I can honestly say that if there is one thing that I am proud of it’s that I’ve never once fuckin cheated… but if my girlfriend ever cheated on me, that’s the only thing I will never forgive and make her pay dearly for.

          1. @jack, you’re a wise man and i agree with your view. i do hope that you never get cheated on, BG friend. and if you do, let us all get in a few slaps and then post the video here. 😀

          2. @jack-doe Damn right jack. Cheating shows no concern for the partner. It means more than just having sex with someone else, it’s about trust, about lying to someone, thinking them so low that they’re not worth honesty.
            Any one lie has a knock on effect, like dominoes and you have just make more lies to cover the last one. I’ve experienced that with someone.
            If you want multiple partners just stay single and pay for sex. But some people have other agendas than just sex, money being a big one. As it was in this case.

          3. I wish there was a video of when I found out my ex of 18 years was fucking an 18 cunt slut tacosmell workering burrito slut. I woke him up with a kick to the gut and five punches to the face and after he woke up again, he came back for more. “Baby please, I love you, I’m sorry”, kick, punch, punch “baby please don’t leave” punch, punch punch. He couldn’t walk for a week lol, and he was 6’2 huge dude and I’m barely 5′ 4. He took his beating well, and he deserved it!

    2. It might’ve been what she was saying to him, she was pleading very carefully for him not to kill her or hurt her because he would end up in prison…he looks like a spoilt little playboy so that would be the end of him..

    1. I got this bitch who used to complain about her neck hurting when i stuck my full two inches in her gob. I was very considerate and allowed her to sit on the little bed side table making her more comfortable. Now she takes it like a pro.

          1. Did he? Urgh, they taunted him apparently they kept telling him to ‘ build us a patio ‘ lolI have too many unwanted links to ” F” where do I start, his daughter Heather is buried in Tintern church I drink in the local there, I was in a band from Gloucester at the time and we went around the house after it had been boarded up. His son Stephen fitted the flooring in my friend’s shop he even made a joke about it apparently he told my friend ‘ don’t worry I haven’t buried anyone under the floor’ I was once arrested for a fight with a very rude hillbilly and taken to Gloucester police station i was called out of the cell and the duty solicitor was none other than Howard Ogden who represented “F” through his trial and all the infamous interviews….

          2. @zipzap yep. Some poor screw had to clean it all up.
            Prisoners do come out with some good stuff “BUILD ME A PATIO” locked in his cell (as he did to many innocent girls) he must have been in the depths of fear and despair but never a thought for his victims of course. Well he found a way out just a pity he got away with it for so long. That wife of his to be thanked for that and she’s nice and comfy in prison. Bloody bitch. I don’t know if female prisoners actually attack these women murderers like the men do, they tend to pal up with them like they did that monster myra hindley. Weird.
            When you say you had a fight with a hillbilly do you mean a traveller or what we might call a pikey?

          3. They’re a different breed up here in the Forest and Gloucestershire area, there are hillbillies just like Fred West , I think he had gypo/ traveller blood too.

        1. I must admit, I got a bit teary eyed when I heard about the struggles he had to endure, due to his colour. I raise my pimp cup to this true hero. Martin Luther Assking had a dream, and this was it. *wipes away tears*

  1. A esta zorra le gustaba que le peguen , típico de estas perras mostrarse débiles y sumisas ante su macho dominante ,por eso no me conmueve cuando veo en las noticias un cruel femicidio como por ejemplo el caso de la mujer que fue cortada la cara y el cuerpo por su marido con un machete, jódanse perras

  2. If this were roll reversed, mark, come on dude, you’d be crying like a bitch how unfair this is. I don’t usually speak up during your woman slander cuz most women are stupid cunts. But this dude is obviously a pussy cunt. She’s got a dumb face and I want to punch her, but come on. He’s acting like an enraged 2 year old, defend him, that’s your prerogative, but he’s an insecure little fag

  3. I don’t get it have I missed something? Or does 90% of the people who commented on this need a bullet to the head?
    Why does she deserve this?
    Even if she’s a slag and cheated on him she doesn’t deserve that no one does.
    He should be more of a man an just walk away from the bitch. Doing what he has done makes him worse than her

        1. @Nobody,
          I think having your belongings stolen from you is an absolute disaster!
          I’d rather be beaten up than have my stuff stolen, which to me, is psychologically incapacitating. You can at least recover from being slapped and punched, relatively quickly.

    1. Yes, you missed something. Instead of removing herself from an “abusive relationship”, she took the time to set up a hidden camera to “catch him in the act”. She probably provoked him before the video started, in order to get a reaction out of him. I will say though, no one should ever give another person so much power over them that they make them lose control.

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