Brazilian Man Punished with Electrotorture

Brazilian Man Punished with Electrotorture

Brazilian Man Punished with Electrotorture

In what sounds like Brazil, a man was filmed being tortured with electricity. Presumably a thief caught stealing, the bound man writhes on the floor as his captors apply electricity to his flesh with exposed wires.

It seems that prior to the electrotorture, the man was beaten, considering all the blood on the floor, and the bruises and swellings on his body.

Props to Best Gore member @1purple8 for the video:

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108 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Punished with Electrotorture”

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        1. It made me chuckle a bit too. That was a great one! I loved the screams of agony every time they zapped him. These Brazilian torture videos wouldn’t be complete without the flip-flops making an appearance.

    1. If he lives I hope that dude burns down their house while they sleep. Besides who thinks they are bad ass kicking a dude tied up while they wear those “excuse me but I’m really poor flip flops”? Getting even is better than most things in life.

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            In all fairness, you should keep your turtle on a leash.
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    1. He will probably end up in a mad house if his brains cabbaged. That probably means prison so he needs putting down to end his suffering. I bet them fuckers let him live so he can endure more pain.

      1. Lol, I think death would be better than electro shock.
        I got into a bar fight a lil while ago and as I was beating the shit outa a gay perv he shot me in the balls with his taser. I broke his balls when I recovered, I mean seriously, that shit hurts.

  1. Well, that won’t give him an erection. The negative should be attached to the shaft, and the positive via a lubed probe into the urethra. A bit of pulsing of the leccy and then he should cum.

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  2. As a Brazilian I could understand what they were saying there and from what I heard the tortured guy was caught stealing copper wires, which is avery common practice here, to sell that copper later, during the video the guys torture him using as a tool the product of the theft.
    Quite sure he died from the wounds

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  3. Imagine they fixed the live wires to his bollocks with some crocodile clips and made him fuck the hot exhaust of a Brazilian moped while they zapped him with some mains power through his love-beans. The jizz-lightning sparking off his electrolised bell-end and up into the moped could explode the cheap Brazilian bike battery and cover him with caustic acid… while his sweating bollocks fried liked chunks of crispy tempura chicken and his sizzled cock sparked lightning around his wee favela.
    Now play this tune in another browser while the electrocution video is playing. It really adds to the atmosphere. You could almost be there… wake up and smell the coffee (and crispy tempura bollocks)

  4. Sick

    I love brasilieros

    This is a ‘fuck yes’ from me

    Dint realise how much i missed bestgore.

    Recently moved home and still have no wifi…. had to buy extra fucking data on my phone, my pc is defunct without internet.

    Im sure u all want to know whats going on with the tranny.

    I’ll reveal all soon…

  5. I’m Brazilian, in the video, the person who applies the shock, says: it’s good to steal wire right?
    this man is being punished for stealing wires, here in Brazil, there are plenty of wire robberies, they probably sell copper to use drugs
    sad the situation in Brazil
    ta worse than the NARCO series, haha ​​soon Brazil will have to ask for intervention from the UN or FBI.

  6. USA still is the only country ever to have killed civilians by dropping atom bombs yet they are still armed & point finger at others. And since they have slaughtered even more civilians by either hiring mercenaries pretending to be muslims to do the job for them or by invasion.

    Americans bombed the wrong country they should have nuked this shithole called brazil, absolute savages unworthy of being called human beings proven over & again

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