Brazilian Woman Brutally Beats Her Bed Bound, Quadriplegic Son with a Flip Flop

Brazilian Woman Brutally Beats Her Bed Bound, Quadriplegic Son with a Flip Flop

Could Brazil get any more epic with their flip flops?

Best Gore is full of reports on people who did the most atrocious things to others. But just how messed up do you have to be to do something like that to your own blood, let alone your only child. Yet this is precisely what the woman in the video did and had done for a while.

The video is from the town of Rio Acima in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. 27 year old Braian Teles who’s a bed bound quadriplegic, had been systematically abused, tortured and beaten by his carer – his own mother, 53 year old Dilma das Graças for a while. Because she’s not very tech savvy, one day he tricked her into setting up the computer’s webcam and turning it on in what she was mislead to believe was to record a song.

Unaware that she was being filmed, the mother proceeded with her daily routine of slapping her only child, who must wear a breathing masks to survive, in the face with hands and flip flops. The flip flop beating starts at around the 0:40 mark. There is also a money shot at around 1:58.

After the beating, the son used special cell phone adapter which allowed him to dial 190 (I supposed it’s an equivalent to dialling 911 in North America) to tell the police that he had a proof he was being abused by his own mother.

This is beyond messed up. It’s not only her own son that she’d tortured, but also a person who’s already in a shitty situation being quadriplegic and dependent on a breathing mask. WTF? Total humanity fail. Can’t even call that woman a monster cause the moniker doesn’t quite do her deplorable deed justice.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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56 thoughts on “Brazilian Woman Brutally Beats Her Bed Bound, Quadriplegic Son with a Flip Flop”

  1. I understand that it the shits being a caregiver, but to attack a sick person, especially your own flesh and blood, is heinous to say the least. Poor guy has a cunt for a mother. Not understanding Portuguese, I’m wondering whether the son was taken to a safe place for his care or whether the mother was arrested and bailed herself out, went home, and continued beating him in retaliation. Bitch.

  2. What on earth could he have done for her to want to punish him, he can’t even move for fucks sake.
    She seems so frustrated with her own life she’s taking it out on him.
    Rule number 1 with kids, never EVER take out your frustrations on your kids.

          1. Ha! @wicked mama, I bet your a great mother, very sweet and devoted but with a little bit of, when mom say’s jump they better ask how high! LOL.I’ve been coming here for about 3 or 4yrs. And after awhile you get an idea (at least a little bit) of a person’s personality.And I think your so sweet but just under the surface there’s a little spicey devilish hot mama (aka:wicked mama)!!!

  3. Am I the only one here who thinks the beating wasn’t as bad as expected? I don’t for 1 minute condone her actions but they look like very light blows to me. Maybe he had been messing with her head silence of the lambs style, you know, where Lecter can’t actually get to the guy in the cell next to him but torments him with his comments until the guy kills himself. Just saying, there’s 2 sides to every story.

    1. ???….Not bad?, not bad is like what the Texas teen collect from her dad…a few strokes over the bum with a soft belt. She also was supposed to be “handicapped” but as it turned out, she tried to blackmail him so he wouldn’t take back the sports car he bought for her. That’s your 2 side story there…this guy is bed rid-in with a O2 mask on…double standards will destroy this planet before any war or asteroid will.

  4. I’m trying to put my cock back in its cage after seeing the T.V reporter. I find her very attractive and sexy. I have no clue what she said, and I don’t care either, as long as my dick and your honey hole take a meeting…

  5. For a mother she must have been demented,
    Life can be too cruel at times, particularly for the weak,
    I for one feel sad for the guy, suffering his all life,
    Perhaps he might get cared for a little better now,

    For shame, this mothers actions are to see,
    Little did she know that she was being filmed,
    Obviously she only cared for herself,
    Punishment will be dished out to her now,
    Sad, this world we live in.

    1. @Empty- Its one thing for a paid caregiver to do something like this (because it happens all the time), but ones own Mother?! Sad world indeed…

      On another note- nice to talk to ya! Hope all is as good as can be with you! 🙂

  6. she says:
    “I’ll smash this mask with you and all of it! Yeah, yeah.. more.. much more.

    I want to strangle you, to kill you.

    Damn you, damn you, damn you, damn you.
    By the way, you should have died already!

    If I knew you were going to recover to this, you should have died!”


    My opinion: Shitty mom, shitty son.
    Probably the guy was a fucking moron and didn’t got quadriplegic helping old folks crossing the street. We don’t know what he did to her but of course, you can’t do this to someone that is disabled to fight back.

  7. I am kind of surprised the kid managed do all that. Trick the bitch into filming herself and then call the police. Good for him! And I hope that bitch gets ripped apart in prison.

  8. I live in a small town and I honestly see women whoop their kids with flip flops. They don’t beat the hell out of them but I am sure it hurts bad enough. In this part of the south people use flip flops on their kids like people used belts back in the old days. Its not my thing. personally I believe in using an open hand on their bottom or time out.

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