Brazilian Woman Brutally Beaten on the Street While Crowd Calmly Watches

Brazilian Woman Brutally Beaten on the Street While Crowd Calmly Watches

A 31 year old woman was brutally beaten on Monday June 1, 2015 in Bela Vista, the district of São Paulo, Brazil. Evelyn Daiane de Oliveira was attacked by several people in the middle of Gregório de Souza Vacário street, while the crown calmly watched.

At the beginning of the recording filmed from a nearby building, the woman is shown getting kicked and clubbed by a group of at least three men. A few moments later, Evelyn tries to run and escape the attackers, but the beating picks up again. She gets thrown to the ground and clubbed by two men with sticks.

Several motorcyclists stop and watch the spectacle without interfering, even though the victim was clearly not physically able to resist or defend herself.

According to the Fire Department, the woman was rescued at 17:30 that day, and sent in serious condition to the Santa Casa de Londrina. According to the hospital’s staff, she suffered various injuries, including bruises, abrasions on her back and arms, as well as open fractures in the leg and hand, but her condition is stable and she’s in no risk of death.

Investigations is currently ongoing and the police treat the case as attempted murder.

I tried to find out what the motive for the beating was, and was told that she was attacked because she had voted for Dilma Rousseff. WTF if that is true. Imagine if they had Kenyan for president?

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        1. she was talking through experience. but she wont admit it because they all like to paint theirselves as whiter than white. and did you know nearly all adults lie on a daily basis, the small ones that cant be proved or dont mean much and quickly forgotten ,like your comment above. you know youve done the walk of shame but you just did a baby lie to make people think you havent done it. lies flow naturally from womens mouths .

        2. @Little Foot.
          There really is no walk of shame. There’s just jealous people who spent their night playing online games or worse…dorm room D&D.
          We’ll wait. There might be some shame if you had to walk home with no clothes on, salad dressing in your hair and the midget that the escort co. sent for the 3-way still following you asking cab fare.

          1. Lmao at the midget part! I have plenty of friends who have walked that walk and not a single one cared and it doesn’t bother me in the slightesteither. I just haven’t taken that walk myself.

    1. I’m glad nobody stepped in to stop it. If that’s not what society does for every one, then I don’t want them doing that just for someone, despite what she may have done, solely because she is a woman.

    1. I don’t see beating this woman as more serious than all of the boys, male teenagers, and men who have been beaten while people who could have stopped it just stood by and watched. Quite frankly, I’m offended that we have to hear about her medical condition and what charges those who beat her are facing while none of these things are even mentioned when males are brutalized. Boys, teenage males, and men are brutalized without there being any mention of justice or charges being filed, especially serious charges, when their bodies are brutalized to a far greater extent. Yet, when a woman is brutalized, people need to stop it; and serious criminal charges need to be filed. Justice administered under such circumstances is sickening!!! I see why God says that he shows no partiality, especially where justice is concerned.

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          1. Wow @jeanzszika, that’s quite a long list of people, places and things that are responsible for every last one of your problems.

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    2. They could never be paid the same as men as it’s a bums on seats game. They could never attract the crowds, simple as that. But, you can’t compare women’s football to men’s either, so it is pointless saying a pub team would beat them, unless the pub team was made up of women.

      The above is also why women tennis players, who, by the way, were fronted by the biggest lesbian, feminist bitch on the planet… Billy Jean King, should never have been given equal prize money. No matter which way one looks at that, it is wrong and frankly, unfair. Not only do the women get the same prize money, they also play a lot less for that money, while the men play so much by the end of the tournaments, they are way to tired to even contemplate playing in doubles matches, which gives a further financial advantage to the women who are still fresh enough to play doubles.

      If ever there was an example of feminism at work, Tennis is it.

  2. Do these people ever consider talking over their differences in the proper manner !?. Or do they walk around all day just waiting for the opportunity to let their anger go !?.

    A race mixed nut house of a country.

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  3. It did not happen in sao paulo , it is still one of the few civilized places of Brazil.
    This probably occurred somewhere in the northeast region of the country, this kind of thing is common there, a lot of savage people lives there

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