Brazilian Woman Brutally Clubbed on Hands and Stripped Naked

Brazilian Woman Brutally Clubbed on Hands and Stripped Naked

In a Brazilian favela, a young woman was punished by a group of drug traffickers who clubbed her hands into a jelly with lumber and cut her hair, before stripping her naked and chasing her out on a street while beating her some more.

I don’t know why she was being punished, but as we’ve seen frequently at Best Gore, all kinds of hand trauma is routinely inflicted upon thieves in favelas.

Though rather rare for Brazil, the woman didn’t get a pussy pass that day, but she took the torture like a champ.


This happened in the neighborhood of Santo Amaro, in Recife – the state capital of Pernambuco, Brazil. The assault occurred last Monday, March 20, 2017. The girl is just 17 years old.

The teenager was tortured because she’s a rat who gave the police information about drug traffickers in the area. She is presently hospitalized in the trauma unit of the Hospital da Restauração, in the neighborhood of Derby, central area of Recife. Here’s the pic of the filthy rat – even her face is rat like:

Fucken Rat

She got off lightly for a fucken rat, hence I retract my statement – Brazil is still hard core pussy whipped:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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111 thoughts on “Brazilian Woman Brutally Clubbed on Hands and Stripped Naked”

    1. How do they pull that off in daylight as she runs into street? It you did that here here would be witnesses stoping it and swarms of cops and stuff. I guess if o ever visit Brazil I’ll carrying a gun I guess.

      1. reminds me of this scene and how different here and there is. across from my work is another business and there’s been a car parked in it for days even after business is closed well the other night I’m in my car staring at it when a cop rolls up and shines a spotlight into it and just sits there well like 3 minutes later two more cop cars roll up and here I’m thinking wow theres a body in there. one gets out and opens all the doors and then they leave so I’m waiting for the hearse or coroner or whatever. nope five minutes after that is the wrecker, merely abandoned I suppose. but the attention it received was telling.
        telling me I ain’t in Brazil

      2. And how would you accomplish carrying a gun on your Brazil trip?

        Gonna pack it in luggage and hope they don’t find it on arrival? They have pretty strict gun control laws. You might end up in one of those lord of the flies Brazilian jails.

        Would you have the street cred to illegally buy a gun as a tourist?

        I’m just curious

      3. @KinkyDude You’re asking the wrong questien. How did they find out that she spoke to the cops in the first place? Brazil SCREAMS corruption far away.

        There is something called witness protection. I don’t know the laws in Brazil very well so maybe they don’t have that over there. However they should by the law book protect the citizens from being harmed, that’s why witness protection occurred in the first place.

      4. Man, okay. I think you WOULD get a gun in Brazil. BUT, DON’T go to a favela (in Rio de Janeiro) with a gun. It’s very, very dangerous. Look how they do in favelas here in Brazil : |

        How I say, it’s very dangerous go to a favela with a gun. But Brazil is not just about favelas, we have thousand of good places to stay with low crimes. Just search a good and rich place to visit. We are talking about the 5th biggest country of the world with a population of 200 million of people. So, there are a lot of places to chose, every place people are differents, things are differents. Vut brazilian people like foreigns, they will treat you well, just don’t do fuck with them (drug dealers etc).

    2. From the video you can tell she’s a squealer.
      She squealed to the Police.
      Now she squeals for the dealers, on the video.
      One good thing is she got a haircut out of it. So it was like it wasn’t for nothing.

        1. @happy
          Either way brother Mark sir,the truth about gender equality is that the ones who want it (women’s) can’t handle it.they want equal pay ,equal rights ect (which i do agree with) but once they cross dome male and cause shit and then get TREATED EQUALLY, meaning get beat the same way as we would beat another male who crossed us,they cry and bitch,so tell me where has their want for equality gone once that happens? Their want for equality is just like democracy,it only works until it happens to you.

        2. If you think she got off easy on that maybe you should do a follow up on her story and see what happened after time. Those hands seem pretty crushed from what I saw. We humans depend on our hands to even wipe our asses with. I don’t think that’s a fair statement regardless of how misogynistic one can be.

    1. I cant feel sorry being that its a snitch… I was snitched on by a female and spent a year in jail and almost 8 on probation and if I wasn’t in AMerica she would have received the same treatment but way more harsh

      1. Then maybe don’t do illegal shit. Don’t do shit that’s jail worthy then bitch when you receive repercussions. The person that told the truth isn’t at fault, you are for fucking up in the first place.

    1. Sorry for my english but I am lazy to use the Google Translate, so all I can translate for you is:

      They says basically: “Você tá pensando que você vai correr? Levantar? Tira (as roupas). Agora você corre de calcinha para o campo (uma expressão que deve significar “saia desta favela”). Corra! Pra lá, pra lá! Corra pro campo, etc. Vá pra lá, rapariga…” = “Are you thinkg that you are going to scape (from us)? Take off your clothes! Now, run away (or go away), to the forest (or country), bitch.”

      I think that’s it. And probably the motif is very classic, she’s is a thiev or a drug dealer cheater. This is in a typical favela from Rio de Janeiro or Bahia (the northest part of Brazil) or whatever (some place very poor), but… don’t worry, if you guys come to Brazil, there are thousand of places to go without get robbed or murder. Just run away from favelas (it’s the poor and dark side of Brazil…).

        1. Acontece que tá cheio de migrantes nordestinos nas favelas do Rio de Janeiro, então não dá pra saber se foi numa favela da Bahia ou do nordeste, ou se foi no Rio mesmo. Mas deve ser da Bahia mesmo.

    1. Makes you wonder, huh? She was completely at their mercy and they choose to give her a manicure, style her hair and throw out her outdated wardrobe. On the other hand (ha), when two men are in the same predicament, suddenly dicks come out and all sorts of faggotry is forced onto them.

  1. They are just niggers. What people should take from it, is what YOU are. If you see them and say WE, we are all equal, how did one of WE fall so low, you are also a nigger. I see a lower species of hominid, dirty little monkey subhumans. This is exactly what I expect from a nigger. What else would I expect from these animals?

    1. I am a brazilian black and I am not a animal like those guys. The issue here is that all of them are very poor and has no education. So they are violents and think that punishing people like that is a fair and normal thing to do when someone commit an error in a favela (poor neighborhood).

  2. Can’t say that I don’t feel bad for this girl, she took that shit with little reaction. These mfers and their drugs will do anything to keep it going even if it means having their communities made to shit because of it. Just sad man, but another day in the world.

  3. 1. Musta hurt trying to push herself up off the ground. Pretty sure it was all wrists at that point.
    2. She still got off better than the prisoner that got jellified arms a couple weeks ago.
    3. Hope she didn’t buy a guitar with the money. 😉

  4. God dammmn, look at that face. Jesus Christ!… She looks like a weasel. She’s lucky she didn’t get a bullet to the brain. Had that been a dude, they would have been dead for straight up ratting like she did.

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