Brazilian Gets Fingers and Ears Cut Off

Brazilian Gets Fingers and Ears Cut Off

Drug dealers in Brazil captured a man who owed them money or attempted to rip them off in some way and he paid for it. The man screams and cries while his fingers and ears are cut off. Other than that, no real info.

The video is dark so it’s hard to tell exactly what is going on, but at the end of the video, you see pictures of the end result, so it’s all good.

Mad props to Best Gore member, YourNextExGirl, for the hookup.

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    1. cuckold i guess.

      ” i let my ears and fingers for your wife ” like :

      ..\…………….. /


        1. @Der, thanks and good on ya for looking up Rodney Fox and his shark bite. I hope you saw the bite before he was stitched up? Man, he was the luckiest bloke on the planet that day. The shark just ‘mouthed’ him to taste him, luckily it didn’t bite down or he would have had a massive hole instead which would have been impossible to survive. He was spear-fishing that day in South Aust. which is a notorious Great White territory, spear-fishermen are often ‘taken’, the sharks can ‘smell’ an injured, thrashing fish, plus anyway sharks can smell our warm blood even if we are not bleeding!

          1. I did saw that picture before the stitching, thats what impressed me on how did he managed to survive that. o.O You see now why people admire Australia as being “the land of born super-humans where babies are taught how to battle 4 meter long crocodiles right after they learn how to speak”? 😆 A normal person wouldnt survive that shark bite!

          2. @Der, hahaha I have to admit Australia is a pretty bloody country. I know, I know everyone thinks their country is the best, but this humongous continent is really something else! Der if you every consider a holiday overseas, choose an Aussie one, you will not be disappointed, it’s clean, green and, believe it or not, the wildlife is very friendly ie. kangaroos in wildlife parks (they don’t live in cages, but large yards/small paddocks) well, they always allow people to pat them. Most people are pretty laid-back and friendly too. 🙂

          1. He was a fuck twat. Jesus those yelps kept me giggling even after the video

            But you know me I am a sensitive puss. Once in awhile these videos make me laugh. Which is good because it offers me an emotional break.

    1. This one bothered me not one bit. There are a couple on the site that bothered me and I watched them again too just to make sure it did. Bad lighting bothered me this time. Nice touch him mouthing his finger. Wonder if he had to swallow it cuz one was missing from the final picture.

  1. This happened where I was born: Salvador, capital of the state of Bahia, Brazil. It was a fight between gangsters. It looks like 3 dead, 2 shot (one had his wrists cut) and this guy with fingers and both ears ripped off. (6 total).

    All in all, flesh viruses killing flesh viruses.

      1. Fingers are very sensitive, with tons of nerve endings. I am like yourself, nextie, i grind my teeth, and cringe, at those cries of pain, and watching them being cut off one by one! The ears, don,t bother me as much though!

    1. I know right! Imagine cutting a 7 year old girl’s fingers off and cutting her up into 8 pieces with a husqvarna rancher 20″ chainsaw! The femoral, axillary, iliac, carotid, and abdominal arteries get severed. Then you can saw into her mother’s head right in front of her and remove the anterior insular cortex. Shove this part of the brain into her mouth and carve a smile into her cheeks.

          1. oldest men i have meet (personnaly) is an 38yo old sergeant german.
            and 33 is not soo old frankly, you can easily go in at 33yo (i have go in at 17 just after school with my parents authorisation)
            i m french (from france) , but as always, they are no “real” french on legion ^^ , so i have change and now i m canadian (fake canadian/quebec lol)

      1. 30yo
        no short as come for take a look checking what news, thats not take much time to watch video, comment and hop !
        its not like i m gonna stay 1 hours here to watch all the site XD
        still can be out for month as same can be relax for weeks, i m not send on mission everytime (of course or gonna be crazy as fuck)

  2. Video isn’t clear indeed but it was a worthy watch nonetheless. This guy’s scream was oddly pleasurable. Maybe because of the thought that he had his comeuppance or that I have repressed sadistic tendencies. Oh well, four years of study and I’m convinced that I never met anyone ‘normal’.

    Thank you for this post, Nextie and Obli. 🙂

  3. Thank you @YourNextExGirl and @Obli … It was refreshing to see other parts being cut off not just a head (no guys I was not including your cocks in that list, you can let go of them now) 😉

    1. Ha-ha. Agreed. I was nervous giggling through the darkness of it expecting something worse than what it was. Now I can’t stop laughing. Some things are just so incredibly ridiculous like his screaming if that’s what you can call that. I think more ears need to be removed.

  4. You have to be totally sick to do that, image the feeling of the cutting of the knife against the bone and flesh, that take something to do that for money, and I bet the money wasn’t even a lot of money, but that’s how Brazil is.


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  6. This is my first ever comment on the site, I made an account just so I could comment here… I’ve been stalking the site for a while but I’m still not getting used to seeing stuff like that. Those pictures of his ears and fingers at the end almost made me threw up… This will probably haunt me for a long time like many of the other things I’ve seen on this site. Damn. @[email protected]

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