Inmate Beats Another Inmate for Stealing From Him

Inmate Beats Another Inmate for Stealing From Him

Cell phone video from inside a prison (not sure where) captures an inmate known as “Ñoñoroco” giving a beating to another unidentified inmate whom is believed to have stolen something from Ñoñoroco. Dude just whips his ass like a bitch. Sad.

There is no shame in losing a fight. Not at all. But, how you lose that fight says a lot about you. And this dude is a straight up bitch. It wasn’t even a fight. dude just let’s himself get whipped by another man like a stray dog… Oh yeah, Ñoñoroco was released some months later but was killed soon after by getting shot eight times.

Props to Best Gore member, GoodguyEmptySoul.

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  1. Most likely it was stand there and take it or get jumped by the whole crew of onlookers. Literally, the guy had no one in his corner. If the choice is get my ass beat like a bitch or get my ass raped like a bitch? I’m the eager guy in the beat like a bitch line. Whole time, like, “at least my asshole stays a virgin for another day!”

    1. I hear ya there personally for me I wouldn’t choose that route but surely wouldn’t blame you or anyone else if that was your rationale of the situation. Me personally I subscribe to the rather die like a man than live like a coward scenario. Way my mind runs constantly how I am and was raised it’s something that would most assuredly make me feel low and disappointed in myself everytime in found it’s way into my mind. Not to say the alternative wouldn’t be as bad but there’s a possibility it wouldn’t but if it did and they were gonna violate my virgin ass those fuckers are more than likely gonna have to kill me and if they don’t they will wish they had because there would be no limitations on what retaliation would detail in that scenario. Weapons, attacks while asleep, pipe to back of head while playing cards or checkers (cause you know these fuckers don’t play no chess) alls fair game then.

      1. true, true. i’ve never backed down from a fight. i’ve stepped toe to toe with guys i knew i couldn’t beat, got my ass handed to me and guess what? i’m still here! blood spilled black eyes and scars are badges. ah…to be young again. nowadays in a roomful of dudes, i’m not the first one you’re gonna choose start shit with haha.

        1. Yes sir. Seems we are like minded and from same generation. I’m also not the first guy in room people are likely to mess with. I’ve never had to worry about being bullied and all that it’s quite the opposite really. The people usually that challenge people in our vein are the ones trying to prove a point and wont bitch up. Best part about that is when they get you to the point it’s go time you don’t have to chase em lol. In all seriousness though in my eyes there’s no shame in taking an ass woopin, we all do sometime. As you said how you take that ass woopin says a lot about you and anyone out there that needs to find out about themselves there’s not many better situations to find out what you’re made of and what you’re capable of doing. So well said brother next rounds on me, cheers.

  2. I wonder how much a cellphone costs in brazilian prisons. Isn’t spending battery on filming a guy mildly getting his ass spanked kind of dumb? Sure are a lot of BG contributors amongst those inmates, although I’m not a fan of prison videos (except for the more brutal ones) because of the poor image quality. ISIS is kind of establishing a standard in terms of gore videos, maybe they’ll be featured at Cannes’s festival, be it by a film or by an explosive belt.

    1. Kinda reminds me of when my mother used the belt/willow/hairbrush/etc on us – of course if we didn’t just stand still and let her whip our asses it hurt worse. And it sure took a lot longer than this little whipping. Now she’s living a lonely sad life of her own making and nobody gives a shit. 😀

        1. I think that guy doing the whooping is from El Salvador. My dad has one friend from El Salvador and he talks just like that guy in the red shorts when he gets angry (girl friend). nice people they work, play, live life jack

    1. I suppose you’ve led an exemplary life without ever making mistakes bad decisions or even but put in situations where every choice had to be a bad choice huh? Just saying sometimes shit happens dude and you gotta do what you gotta do. Doesn’t make you a complete loser.

    2. not in this world I think….. if you are in a big ass mission to do this or that, or like fast easy peasy money, or mad at your parents and became an atheist. you are what I call stupid. they say that scientist don’t study stupid people and all that false religion they maybe doing jack so… Keep Calm And Grow

  3. I’d beat the living shit out of someone hitting me like that. And the longer he stands there flinching the worse it got. Don’t just fucking stand there time to knuckle up. Black and blue and bloody but still standing . He just needs to buck up and take that shit.

  4. it seems to me that he is probably used to this kind of treatment and maybe even a little bit gets off on it. because any prisoner doing hard time knows that you can;t let yourself get treated like that or its all downhill from there. what a stupid bitch!

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