Brazilian Mob Justice – Shovel To the Skull (brutal video)

Brazilian Mob Justice - Shovel To the Skull (brutal video)

Looks like there’s more to Brazil than worst drivers in the world. This video suggests Brazilians are trying to catch up with mob justice of Venezuela. The unlucky bastard in the video was accused by the villagers to have stolen something. Instead of going through authorities, the villagers took justice in their own hands, shot the alleged robber several times and then someone embedded a shovel in his head. I’m surprised he’s still alive, never mind being conscious after seven gunshots and one shovel in the skull. Tough motherfucker. Not sure if it’s true he was also shot. Shovel through his head is obvious, but I don’t seem to see any obvious gun shots. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t shot. I have no doubt he got “shoveled”! Mr. Obvious… Gives whole new meaning to “shovel head”.

I’m calling the mobsters “villagers” but the incident allegedly took place in the city of Manaus in Brazilian state of Amazonas. I wonder what he stole to upset the mobsters so much to actually run a shovel through his skull. If you thought cutting one’s hands and feet was too much of a punishment of thievery, then what’s shovel to the skull? I wonder what they do to child rapists in Manaus if thieves get this type of treatment? I just hope nobody who works in a beauty salon sees this video. It would suck if a woman went to get a Brazilian and they’d pull the shovel out of the cabinet.

Brutal video of an alleged thief with shovel embedded in his skull aka Brazilian mob justice is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. nice halloween costume. i think it will take a lot of strenght to get the shovel that deep in his skull. poor guy. i am a security in the netherlands and this is not the right punishment for stealing. people with fucked up minds. oke we also have some really agressive thieves sometimes. but we punch them instead of using a shovel. excuse me for the not that good english writing.

  2. Yeah, it’s true. Someone (the owner of the property) kept saying…”i’ve got the motherfucker, it’s the third time he comes here”, while the guy (shovel head) kept asking for water, you can hear once again “third time he has come to this place”.
    It’s not the first time i see such thing, when “villagers” get tired of having fear, and finally someone steps up and catches the guy, a lot of people will throw their anger and frustration on a single guy.
    I’ve tried to find a video, but can’t seem to find… guy accused of constantly robbing folks in a small town, was made an example being beat to death in the streets, everything caught on tape… pretty brutal.. BUT.. it sends a message.

    1. No fucking way he survived! Even if he wasn’t shot dead or something after the video was taken he would die as soon as the shovel is pulled out from the swelling in his brain. Safe to say he is done for.

  3. I can’t believe that guy was still alive! Amazing what the human body can go threw and survie! Poor dude keeps asking for water! Man!!! I don’t feel sorry for him though if he was in fact a theif. Just feel bad that he was suffering.

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  7. True that this is more than cutting a thief’s hands and feet, But they did this out of anger.

    unlike the Muslims would do. You will embed a shovel into a persons head because you have been aroused to anger enough to push you to do such deed, then let the divine forgive. But you will not harm anyone only because it is according to what you have read in your bullshit Quran, then blame it to the divine, ESPECIALLY IF THE PERSON DID NOT STEAL FROM YOU!!!!

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