Bridgeport Alley, Chicago 7 on 1 Beating of a 17 Year Old Boy

Bridgeport Alley, Chicago 7 on 1 Beating of a 17 Year Old Boy

This video was originally posted on YouTube but was later taken down after a news of it reached the police. It captures a 7 on 1 attack which took place on Sunday January 15, 2012 between 4pm and 4.20pm (got to love the latter) in a Bridgeport alley, off South Princeton Avenue in Chicago, USA.

The victim is a 17 year old boy. Seven assailants are seen in the video punching and kicking him and as Chicago police confirmed, he was also robbed of his gym shoes, wallet and money.

Is it me, or does the victim appear to be of Asian origin? It’s kind of puzzling to hear the attackers use the “N” word repeatedly. The Asian kid could probably beat each one of them in a one on one fight easily, but they’re too big a bunch of pussies to fight fair. I hope the bullies get their asses handed to them soon for ganging up on the kid like that. Fucking cowards! The video is below:

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    1. abu sayaf in the philippines who wants to kill you about beating a 17 years old its not fair try the go here in the philippines and your surely die here!!!!!!! better watch out cause tomorrow ill be there in your town to take you down !!!!!!!!!

  1. WESLEY WU – grey hoodie, main kid attacking the man, deleted his facebook account
    EASLEY WU – big puffy jackey with fur hood, blue striped adidas pants
    RAYMOND PALOMINO – white guy with no mask
    TODD RAMOS – grey and black hoodie
    JOHNNY LI – blue hoodie and blue snap back on
    DANNY HUI – dressed in all black

    1. Warehouse job, no messing. All the fun of the fair. Come see the seven sons of shit face cavort through the night and transform before your very eye’s into the evil macabre grotesquely ugly seven demons of gore & pain. Come smell the odorous foul stench of their putrid souls as they scream and wail and dance away the night. Watch and be amazed as they dance through flames and gorge themselves on roasted rat and hobgoblin.
      See them drink themselves senseless with their own piss, whilst dining on their own meat and sucking their own eye balls. The grand finale, the seven ugly brothers of gore descend into a sausage grinder before disappearing into a huge barrel of hydrofluoric acid, leaving only the stench of their condemned souls to greet the dawn. Finally the foul smell of their putrid souls is cleansed from the air as the morning dew comes in with the rising sun.

    1. Really couldn’t agree more. Irrational, Violent with no reason (it wasn’t over untill he burned rubber, is wasn’t just an ass kicking lesson, but more of a “I can So I Will” situation, not to mention the gang/mob mantality that makes the stupidity of groups absoutly terrifing, due to the fact that the more people involved, the less brain power is at work.
      “I reject this fucking race, I despise this fucking place” Can anybody place the lyrics?

    2. It must be, its so common for people to beat,rape,murder etc, as obnoxious as it is (for many) it may be natural human behaviour? even shouting,pushing and such is aggressive behaviour, humans seem to more and more intolerant of one another

    1. Just as long as it is 7 or more one each and every singled out one of them, so they can walk through the hopeless feeling of being completly outnumbered.
      Chances are, they will skate, because it seems like the right thing, dosn’t happen.

      1. I truely feel that You are in deep shit. I wish that I could sell you a gun, smuggle it to you inside of a teddy bear, so AT LEAST you stand a chance against the sedistic aussies like “Mr Death” Dennis Allen (from Melbournn)

        Although he has been dead for 25+ years, but his family apparantly is still alive and doing some bad shit.

        1. absolutely one of my favourite ‘true crime’ families! His mum ‘Granny Evil’ is living in a small coastal town on East coast Australia, the family has no real power anymore (all the tough ones are dead!) Dennis’s niece Katie (21) died of drug overdose in 2011 last we heard of the family really,Victor Pierce (Katies dad) was my favourite family member, he was shot years ago.

    1. you’re rigt, at least he took it and didn’t give up. There wasnt much HE could do, but he got up every time…
      As long as their names are known, they will get what they deserve.
      Imagine meeting one of these guys in a bar, and he goes:
      “Hi, my name is Danny Hui(or whatever).
      Just smack him right in the face!

  2. i already saw this linked at another forum i visit. as far as i could hear, the boy being beat up kept saying, ‘don’t hit me’, although i’m not 100% sure. people who gang up on one person and think they’re tough are a complete waste of air.

  3. I see on Facebook that Fox 8 and a lot of other news networks are picking up this story and broadcasting it. I hope this kid gets some justice so those little fuckers get the shit knocked out of them. An eye for an eye, you little douchebags.

    1. lastest ‘news’ in Australia is that a girl lured this guy into a laneway/alleyway and he was ‘jumped’, she also filmed it! It is supposedly in retaliation for a fight the victim and his gang had a fight with this gang back in October. Maybe this guy(victim) has punched a few of these guys in the face before!

  4. As I have said many times.
    They can only act AFTER something has been done.

    This is why people need to carry guns. Pop a cap in one of their ass’s and see how many stick around.
    Eventually there will only be those that are worthy of being alive as all the assholes will be killed.

    1. Hear Hear. The concept of calling in a middle man to, what, PROTECT ME at the exact point in time that MY ASS is in MORTAL DANGER?!!? WHAT?
      Cops do so few things right when given the chance anyway, and the greatest percent of people are under the impression that, because it is egotistical them, when THEY need somebody to call on to PROTECT them, instead of SIMPLY protecting one’s self, in my opinion, hocks a huge luggy in the face of common sence!

      1. I agree, Rotten. I especially like the idiocy of “Protection Orders”, flimsy little pieces of paper that really protect Nothing, and certainly are no deterrent to a determined psychopath. The only thing they are good for is to keep the Protected one’s ass out of jail when they kill said psychopath…well, that is if they get the upper hand in an encounter, which is rare.
        My father carried no less than 2 guns and 3 knives on his person for most of his life. You can bet there weren’t many who messed with him…;)

  5. saw this on youtube the day it was up and shared it on facebook to help the kid out, was just about to send it to bestgore when my internet died for a few hours and i forgot.. but thanks to whoever did it for me 🙂 also.. someone mentioned “I thought Asians were supposed to be tough” did you not see the beating that asian kid took and was still standing? thats pretty tough if you ask me.. ive been in lots of fights, lost a few but never been knocked out.. ive been jumped like this kid here was except it was 3-1 and i had a fucked knee (tore every ligament in my knee and had a brace on) and these guys knew damn well i was a gimp haha.. but i took it all and laughed at them. when i see this video it hurts me because that kid was scared for his life.. he couldnt just laugh at them.. :/ i hope these kids get a far more painful punishment than this kid experienced. i have 3 asian nephews, and they often get picked on in school for being a different skin colour.. so this video hits close to home for me.. even though i live in the middle of Canada 😛

  6. Dumbasses that were all destined to end up in prison eventually, and apparently now is their time. Robbery and assault is a tad more serious of a crime than shoplifting and that these clowns would videotape themselves commiting crimes that could potentially send them away for years, and then upload it to youtube is so far beyond stupid I can barely wrap my mind around it. The stupidest of the bunch was the white guy with his face exposed for the whole world to see. Get him and get him to give up his accomplices.

  7. You know what makes me sick? People getting worked up about this. Yes, it’s pathetic and the people who are beating up the kids are scum, but this should not be as shocking as it may seem. These sorts of acts and even of worse magnitude happen on a daily basis; and I’m only referring to the USA. So just imagine what things go down behind our backs in other nations. For fuck’s sake, haven’t you watched the news or the stories on this site? And we lose our shit because of something so common like this? Get with reality, people. Yes, he got beat up and the perpetrators are dickheads but realize that this has been happening for fucking milleniums. It’s nothing new and to get pissed now is just total beligerant ignorance for not realizing that this happens all the fucking time.

  8. Does any body know hoe THE FUCK how to change <—this retarded green icon to something else? Others have done it, but in the back office I don't see a place to browse pictures. Any help would be super appricated, I hate that stupid thing.

  9. He’s very ‘lucky’ none of them had a knife! I’m sure it was going through his mind, it literally looked like he was fighting for his life. If they had knocked him unconscious, they probably would have stomped on his head, he could/would have been a vegetable. I think his guy, only 17! was VERY tough.

    guess that’s only in China americanized chinks don’t know shit when it comes to a fight this video proves it 😀

  11. Seems that we are back to the bible an eye for an eye. Seems this poor kid got the shit beat out of him for shoes, and a wallet? They are using the n word to degrade this kid. As in you are no better then a n. It does not always mean black people it just means less than human. This kids have prison written all over them. Hope that kid is ok. He took a hell of a beating.

  12. Fucking pussies. This video pisses me the fuck off. He should have tried running. Normally that would seem like a cowardly move, but like most people, that kid wasn’t Jackie Chan so of course he can’t fight off 7 others. Running would have been the smartest. Hope those fuckin punks get whats coming to them.

  13. im not protecting these kids in anyway but the news didnt tell the whole story they only said they beat him up for his shoes money and wallet etc but what they didnt report was that the kid who got beat up did the exact same thing to a kid from the other group it just wasn’t filmed. also the kid who got beat up just happened to be caught alone

  14. 1.) Although the N-word has historically been used as a racial slur directed at Black people, it is also used towards others. The Irish seem to use it quite a bit toward other Irish. (The incident took place in an Irish neighborhood in Chicago.) 2.) Not that it excuses the actions of the 7 teens involved in the beating (6 beating up the Asian kid, 1 filming the beating), it was in retaliation to two of the teens doing the beating who were jumped by 20 Asian teens a few months earlier. The teen who is being beat up was a member of that larger group. There was also another similar incident before that one. 3.) All 7 of the teens involved in the beating have been charged. One of the teens was 17 years old and has been charged as an adult. The others were charged as juveniles. His father, a law enforcement officer, learned about the incident and turned his son in to the police. The father said that his son will have to suffer the consequences.

  15. Actually the asian kid ganged up on another guy with 10 or more of his friends. So it was basically them taking vengance on him

    The cameraman was a girl, the attackers were all caught and trialed, and we have no idea what the asian guy and his buddies did to the Canadian kid, it could’ve been worse

  16. What is with people today. I don’t care if you wanna beat the shit out of someone do whatever you want but at least have the balls to go up to that person and fight them one on one. Not invite your pussy friends to beat a kid when they least expect it. I hope that happens to them when they go to jail. They deserve to get their ass handed to them on a platter.

  17. The “victim” here was actually being retaliated against….one of the guys doing the beating was jumped by the “victim” and several friends prior to this, and this was a revenge attack. I say kill each other instead of taking up space and spending tax payer money in prison.

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