Brutal Lynching of Car Thief in Indonesia

Brutal Lynching of Car Thief in Indonesia

Indonesia – the most lynch happy country in the world. It’s also an Allahu Akbar country, but the premise of the religion of peace somehow escapes them. Who gives a shit about peace when you can take a kick at a guy who’s already beat up to the brink of death? He’s not gonna fight back so you might as well make yourself feel empowered by throwing a few punches.

The victim is an alleged car thief. The video is of shitty quality – just as you would come to expect from Indonesia. I once again must express complete and utter horror that there still are people who choose Indonesia as their vacation destination. WTF? I’d rather get shot by two Da Silvas on a motorcycle than get lynched to death by a mob of twinky Muslims.

If you’ve considered a vacation in Indonesia, here are more lynching videos from this Islamic country for your consideration:

Enjoy your trip:

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57 thoughts on “Brutal Lynching of Car Thief in Indonesia”

    1. Dude Jesus, totally what I was just thinking. The brutal beating of this fellow takes a distant back seat to the fact that these proto-humans have such a technologically advanced video capturing device in their possession.

  1. The worst part about these medieval Allahu Akbar types is that they are now infesting our countries to. When shit that belongs in a sewer is allowed to stay on our streets it creates a stink and spreads disease.

    I wish our greedy twisted governments would just leave them alone so we can get on with our own life, make no mistake it is our own so called leaders who are responsible for our decline.

  2. Such cruel ways of punishment, it seems like the ideal way to straighten someone out… But chances are, some of those in the mob are probably criminals themselves. whatever, it’s islam, take notes.

    1. Yeah I thought about it to. I mean if I see that I wouldn’t there brake the law but as you mention those people don’t really seam like one that would really care what you did. They just want to lynch people..

    2. You’re spot on, Baked. I lived in Indo for many years, and while I only saw two lynchings, I saw a lot of violence, always aimed at theives (and occasionally pedophiles).

      The country is SO poor, there is no social security, wages are too low to live on – if you weren’t lucky enough to have been born rich, you do what you can to get by. All impoverished people steal, cheat, con, beg, whore or pimp – they have to in order to survive. But if they catch someone ELSE stealing, they react with violence. Maybe they feel like it “balances out” their own sins or something…

      That said, I love Sumatera. It’s my favourite place in the world – and I’ve seen a lot of the world.

      1. @ Kazzak:
        Your vast knowledge of Indonesia is very refreshing for me as I’m an Indonesian and I don’t think I have found anyone in this forum who was fundamental enough in commenting about Indonesia except you. Maybe that’s because you’d lived in Indonesia, experienced everything directly. When was it actually? Were you in Indonesia for work or vacation? FYI, I live in the western part of Java island, in the city of Bandung to be precise.

        Well, about this post, all I can say is that although something like this is very usual in my country, I’m not one who agrees to this kind of justice. I don’t really know about the teachings in Islam as I’m a Catholic myself, but I think I can say that not all Indonesian Muslims are violent bastards. The ones who do this kind of violence are those who are misguided in the practice of their religion.

  3. Nice this is the way you treat a thief.. Beat him till he shits blood then post the beating.. I would also shit on him because taking a shit on a person is fucked up.. Nothing worse then getting your ass beat and smelling like shit.

    1. @Wicked – A lot of muslim areas forbid women from punishing their own male child, even verbally. They must wait until the father comes home, and even then they have to wait until spoken to by the husband to inform him of little Achmed’s bad behavior. So you sure won’t see them even thinking about hitting a male in public. It would most likely end in a beating of their own.

  4. Total pack mentality that lot, they’ll take any cheap shot that’s offered to them. Also what the hell, don’t they know how to record… like every video out of the is shaky as hell with not enough focus on the action

  5. Western civisation is just far, far, far, FAR superior to these fucking cess-pits.

    Which begs the question: why the holy FUCK OF FUCKS are we allowing them (Pakkis, Blacks, immigrants etc) to carry on down the path of being a majority in OUR nations?

    Look at what the white race has achieved. We have created beauty, science, inventions, technology, tolerance, style, sexiness, goodness. Yet we are allowing it ALL to be claimed by the ethnics.

    1. Eh, you can’t credit western civilizations triumphs purely to the whites, in fact, far from it. I have no quarrels with any particular race as no single RACE of people or ethnic type have ever impacted me so heavily to make me think something as “southern, toothless, hill billy ding hucker” as your comment. (Although its your opinion) It’s not the people, it’s the poison if Islam in their minds, to them all the shit they do is justified. It’s a cancer and it needs to be destroyed.

  6. Does anyone have any ideas where the families of these thieves are? I’ve been seeing so many people beaten, tortured in the worst ways, and if I was the mans family member I couldn’t just watch this happen to a loved one. I’d have to kill the whole village..maybe the families just stay home unable to watch? Or they are in the crowd just watching silently?

    1. This video is a main street, so he was probably caught in the act and beaten where it happened, without his family knowing.

      The videos where it looks like the whole village is watching… I’d like to think the famies weren’t watching, but who knows. I would kill anyone who hurt my siblings or parents, no matter what they’d done to “deserve” it.

  7. Oh man! If some shit like this happened to me, I would disappear for like 2 years and then come back Punisher style and go berserk on their snackbar ass. In nearly all videos like these there is at least one person that seems to be setting the pace for others to follow. he comes up with the idea, he makes the calls, and people follow suit or do it. I often wonder if a swift drop kick to this persons jaw would end the attack all together. These people are expressing some primordial need to dominate other people which they cannot otherwise do in fair fights. I bet knocking one of these spider monkeys the fuck out would make everyone collectively back off.

  8. I don’t understand why people feel bad for a thief.. I think he got off lightly. I work hard for the shit I buy and when some nigger or the usual white trash oxyhead steal my shit it enrages me. I would love to catch em and grab my saw saw and cut the fuckers hands right off.. Cry fucker..

  9. You’ve all seen those videos from L.A. where they spend hours in a slow pursuit as some gang banger shows off for his friends what a bad ass he is for stealing a fucking Honda. Maybe the po-po should let all those commuters who were held up in traffic for hours do this to the wanna be bad-ass. Bet it would stop happening pretty quickly.

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