Brutal Torture of Alleged Rapist

Brutal Torture of Alleged Rapist

As a general rule of thumb, in pussy whipped countries, a rapist is a man falsely accused of rape.

I believe the video is from Brazil. It depicts a man accused of rape being brutally tortured. He’s being forced to give blow job to a stick, and his wounds covered legs are being scraped with a knife, and a fluid, presumably alcohol, is being poured on the wounds.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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69 thoughts on “Brutal Torture of Alleged Rapist”

  1. Okay, women, 2016 was a good year for y’all:

    No one’s shooting off your hands or your feet,
    No one is forcing you to eat shit,
    No one is slamming car doors onto your hands,
    No one is cutting off your head,
    No one is making you eat someone else’s ear,
    No one is cutting off your face and your hands,
    No one is chopping up your legs while you’re still alive,

    As a matter of fact, most of the videos of women posted on here have been cause of their own damned fault. They’re either fighting amongst themselves for some dumb prick, or they were….well, driving.

    And probably the reason all of these things happened to these guys was because they were trying to make that money so they could impress you gals, so this Christmas, make sure you give your boo an especially warm embrace, because under that vapid smile there are many days he sheds tears of blood to give you the things you’ve come to take for granted.

      1. There’s been a few ladies who got the short end of the stick, like the girl slooooowly getting decapitated or the woman who was buried up to her shoulder then stoned to death over time. plus the year isn’t over so who knows!! Also, in these countries, most woman know their place inside the house. That way, they’ll only be murdered by their husbands 🙂

      1. Well, I’m being forced to eat the steaming turd that the Republicans just elected into the White House, for starters. I mean, Rick Perry as a member of the Cabinet? I wouldn’t let him ride a tricycle without a helmet and knee pads.

  2. A lot of the videos I see posted of torturing someone accused of rape almost always says “alleged rapist”. I’m very unfamiliar with the laws and judicial process in other countries, and I realize that street justice is often times handed out before that process can be carried out. So my question is this: Are these men often accused with no real fact or evidence? Such as a jilted girlfriend, or hearsay jabbertalk, or from some cousin’s best friends sister who had an ex boyfriend and overheard some talking? Or have these men been caught in the act and these tortures are a result of someone seeing them directly commit the act? Or have the men already been through trial and sentencing and were jailed or found not guilty but others disagree with the outcome?
    I’m asking in all honesty and my questions aren’t condoning or dismissing anything, and im not trying to categorize everyone together. I personally feel an accusation of rape, if untrue, should deem the same punishment against the accuser that the “alleged rapist” would’ve received if they were guilty.

    1. “I personally feel an accusation of rape, if untrue, should deem the same punishment against the accuser that the “alleged rapist” would’ve received if they were guilty.”
      Third wave/Western feminists would ironically rape you for holding such an abhorrent opinion. “Listen and believe,” “teach boys *not* to rape,” laws that say only women can suffer rape, and very few if any consequences or prosecutions of false-flag rape claims are rampant, and again, ironically, anathema to their stated aims of gender equality. What most really want is gynocentric supremacy and for misandry to be law or something equally spastic and caustic to society. Cultural Marxism run roughshod over innocent men simply because they’ve got cocks.

      And there is very little if any jurisprudence or official sanctioning in isolated parts of poor countries. Brazil, and the state of Pernambuco is where tons of BG content comes from, where their application of justice usually comes with zero oversight or accountability. It’s nearly always vigilante justice in the rural areas, and I’m dead sure there are tons of false accusations used as excuses to torture or kill someone they hate. Viva Brasilia.

      1. Despite being Brazilian, I have never been to shitholes like Pernambuco, but I can say, by seeing people who come from there, that they are quite hot headed, always ready to defend their honor and prove how ”macho” they are. So I guess what DivineInsanity said about false flag rapes may be true, like a brother defending his sister’s purity while the sister may be lying and manipulating the whole thing, although I can only speculate. Nevertheless, the presence of a ”proper justice system” is not the guarantee of fairness, for instance, look at Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden) where rapefugees are given first class treatment at prisons.

      2. @l1zardk1ng Wow, you just said “third wave” feminist. You actually differentiated crazy radical feminists (third wave) from others. That doesn’t happen much.
        As far as this village justice in 3rd world countries, I have seen so many “alleged” rapists lynched that I question if it just speculation. I bitched about the same thing in the last post regarding an alleged rapist. Someone from the area posted that the people usually get the right guy. Do they? I don’t know.

    1. first time i came here i spent probably near 8 hours its called curiosity id say if you DIDNT have curiosity then theres something wrong you probably have autism or some other vaccinated related illness. ( not dissing autistic people just using an example of people who are somewhat robotic )

  3. You can imagine where they shoved that stick before putting it into his mouth, as it still has smear on it. Interesting how his voice becomes quite high pitched by end of the video, I wonder if it was an ”admission” to the torturers that he was a faggot to try and beg for mercy, as the torturers kept calling him a faggot throughout the video.

  4. Although the punishment tends to be of the more sickening kind in places like Brazil, the grounds for initiating punishment to an “accused”, are just as shaky in any first world country.
    The status quo in these scenarios is heavily weighted in the “anonymous” accuser’s favour, and that is not right.
    Of course there are many genuine accusations, but, a false accuser ought to be brought to book for numerous reasons.
    I would personally place any such bull shitter in leg irons in solitary.
    If the accused is eventually found to be innocent, the false accuser ought to forfeit any right they previously had. Moreover, they should face the full force of the law, ( law pending in my book), as no law currently exists with regards to bringing the false accuser to right and proper justice.
    Rape is low, a person whom falsely accuses of rape is the lowest of the low.

  5. that’s in Brazil, but the rule applies in most South American countries, if you go to jail for rapist, in jail you will surely be raped and tortured. if you are a rapist and you are in the street you are probably lynched by people, also raped and tortured. I thought that this video was going to be more sadistic, but I hope that stick has gotten it in the ass

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