Burglar Can Barely Talk After Receiving Street Justice

Burglar Can Barely Talk After Receiving Street Justice

A burglar was caught in the act by the population, and treated to a healthy dose of street justice. They beat him up so badly, his face swelled up to a point that he could barely talk. I think he also had a few of his teeth broken.

It happened in Brazil. Second half of the video is just random blackness after the owner of the camera forgot to turn it off.

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          1. its that face mostly seen in selfies,and mostly done by women. it also involves one hand on the hip which is thrust in the opposite direction.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I saw something on TV About some lip challenge were people were putting lips into bottle like prescription bottle or something and suckling causing a very tight suction and after doing it couple times they have huge lips like this guy. The news were warning people not to do the lip challenge. It may be Kim Kardashian lip challenge or something. This dudes lips were definitely jacked the heck up!!!

      1. It was supposed to be *belle not bell but I think auto incorrect had bell ends on the brain @ewe. They say teeth are often your last line of defense in prison, he’s going to be like a tortoise flipped onto its shell with all those missing chompers and pouty lips.

  1. Naw, sounds like after they turned him back over to his back, and the camera went all dizzy and darkish, the squeals tell me they started beating him again. Prob’ly dead now. By the way, that left eye of his doesn’t look like it was particularly indestructible, eh?

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