Burglar Is Caught Red-Handed, Gets Away with Light Beating Before Cops Take Him

Burglar Is Caught Red-Handed, Gets Away with Light Beating Before Cops Take Him

A burglar got away with only light beating after he was caught red handed trying to break into someone’s house to steal their shit. The mob waited for him and a few slaps and kicks were thrown, but the police arrived in time to “rescue” him.

Bluey motorcyclist took advantage of the cops handcuffing the thief and first slapped him square in the face, then hit him in the back of the head with his motorcycle helmet. He’s the type of guy I would watch out for too.

Very light beating by Brazilian standards. I guess we’ll see him again soon cause I’m sure he’ll be back at stealing the moment he’s released.

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  1. In Brazil the criminals ride in the trunk of the cop car?… 😆 And nah he was gonna recieve an epic beating there like the others, but luckly for him the cops were arround to take him away. The cops didnt do shit to prevent the beating because even them are affraid of civilian justice. 😛

    1. Okay, once again, I hijack a post, because of what I have on my mind. Mark is due in court this month, do you @ate or @obli have any updates or know what’s goin’ on with that? Yeah I know probably another postponement cause that’s what the courts do when they have no foothold on their claims. I thought you guys MIGHT have a better (insight?) than I can research on this big brother is watching internet? And also …. I hope all my best gore friends are doin’ well!

    1. MY favorite outcome is when a burglar breaks into someone’s home, only to find someone like me – a loaded Glock in each hand, itching for a change to blow some dumbass away into the abyss of eternity.

      And I have the lines rehearsed, “I feared for my life. I had no choice but to defend my life in what I believed a life-or-death situation.”

  2. Haha, hilarious how the cops throw the thieving sod in the boot / trunk. And the bitch slap followed by the helmet crack was an extra special nice touch. Oh well, flip flop crew won’t have long to wait to deal out a proper beating to some tea leaf or other.

  3. Don’t rob people who wear flip flops with no shirt while you’we wearing prison stripes and looking all like the Hamburglar. You’ll stick out like a sore thumb and end up in the trunk of a compact hatchback.

      1. @poz i think Putin’s for real. Just coz of the timing of them sheltering Snowden and then the Ukraine conflict. Its almost as if Snowden obviously leaked a lot of shit to them and now theyr doing this in a way to 1)take care of an old problem theyv wanted to deal with for a while AND at the same time dare the states to “do something about it”. its like theyr saying “come on Yankees! Try to stop us, we know your dirty secrets,come we dare you.”
        I love it,every seconds of it.

      1. Let’s be honest…any president in the USA like Putin would be killed like JFK was for going against the Zionist….Nixon was taken out by two Zionist at the Washington Post….it cracks me up hearing Nixon tapes about Jews…he said they are natural spys ….very cunning and deceitful people….

        1. Agreed Mike. I hope they do not kill Justin Trudeau, once elected. As he has stated that he will open the books, for all hard working Canadians to see. This way no more Zionist handouts will be tolerated, by the general public, and the weight will be lifted off him, by explaining to the zio, that, that is what the public wants! 🙂

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