Busker Arrested by NYPD for Singing in Subway

Busker Arrested by NYPD for Singing in Subway

A video has surfaced showing cops violently arresting a busker for singing and entertaining the public during their commute in New York Subway. This happened even after the busker got the cop to recite the law giving him permission to play in front of witnesses. This is what happens when you call the cops.

The cop literally reads out loud the law that allows the musician to conduct said activity, but assaults and arrests him anyway:

The following nontransit uses are permitted by the Authority, provided they do not impede transit activities and they are conducted in accordance with these rules: public speaking; campaigning; leafletting or distribution of written noncommercial materials; activities intended to encourage and facilitate voter registration; artistic performances, including the acceptance of donations.

The cop was probably embarrassed at having been proven wrong, because everyone there saw what a giant stupid piece of dumbass shit he was, so he decided to bully the guy as a show of authority. But once he figured out he couldn’t just bully him out of there, he called for back up and immediately escalated the situation into violence.

Funny thing is (actually, not so funny), that when commuters were threatened by a knife wielding murder-spree killer Maksim Gelman, the NYPD refused to help Joseph Lozito who got stabbed seven times trying to subdue him, saying it was not their duty to protect the public. But when a musician is singing in the subway, they go all out. Notice the agent provocateur dressed up as wigger…

How’s that for a proof that “to serve and to protect” is just a marketing gimmick. Of course serving and protecting the public is not their duty.

If you looked back through history, you’d learn that cops in America began as more or less slave catchers. Little has changed since the days of old. They still protect their masters from you – the modern day slave, and serve them by hunting you – the modern day slave, should you transgress against the bureaucratic morass of crap that benefits them.

Thus if actions of cops ever do end up serving the public interest, it’s purely coincidental. They’re literally just state sanctioned extortion with a monopoly on violence and a goal to intimidate the shit out of you in order to keep you a slave to the impossible taxation and double standards. How can you see it as anything else after watching a video like this one:

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  1. I’m in two halves over this one, the police officer clearly was on a power trip and did not care about the law or it’s application when he unlawfully arrested the busker but on the other hand had Justin Beiber been arrested and caged whilst he was still a busker we would not have had to endure so many years of eardrum raping misery.

    It is a dilemma, that’s for sure.

    1. The guy should Not have been playing on the platform. He’s not even doing any public service, he’s trying to get people’s hard earned cash from them. We had a problem on the London Tube where people would have guitars that they couldn’t play a single chord and sing terribly going menacing up to people for money. They have allotted places on the tube where talented people can perform now. No one is allowed on the platform to do it. You have to be \interviewed here by London Transport to make sure talentless aggressive beggers don’t get to hassle people.

      1. @Wicked mama, The only problem is where does it all end?, because if you are not allowed to perform, speak or act in public without permits and without the permission of “authority” you effectively stifle freedom of thought and expression.

          1. @Wicked mama, it’s the law of economics.

            If the busker is rubbish do not give them money, after a while they will move to another spot and if they do not then the police have a right to get involved if enough complaints have been made by the public and the surrounding businesses.

            Let’s say that a person doing a public speech decides to speak about the Palestinian crises and enough people object and complain so that the police are called in and have him arrested. However across the other side of the road there is a man doing a public speech in favour of Israel and with a positive slant on the Palestinian war and people applaud him and give him money, how would you draw the line?.

            You would have to apply the law equally or not at all otherwise one side is favoured by the law and the law is not supposed to be biased, on paper anyway. So either both can speak in public or neither can and if neither can freedom of thought and expression is stifled.

            Ideally, I guess the people are ultimately the judge on what they wish to hear and see and the law is supposed to maintain fairness, extreme examples aside of course.

            Unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world though.

          2. I disagree it’s just the law of economics. When your in a restaurant and someone comes around with those half dead roses he will buy one because he doesn’t want you to think he’s stingy. No one wants them but they still buy them. When someone busks near to you on a platform your more likely to give them a tip because you feel stingy if you don’t. Buskers get a whole lot of tips from people who don’t really want to give to them. If your walking past someone fine, but if their standing right next to you it’s different.

          3. I don’t feel stingy. If they can play a nice rift they get a tip. If I want my lady to feel special and someone is walking around with roses, I will buy one. No big deal. They don’t bug me the way the bug you. If he sucks then you should advice them to practice. If they got a guitar with a broken neck, then laugh at them and tell them to try again later. Like I do.

        1. You would be surprised how 90% of most artist sound before the sound engineer adds filters, reverb, effects and eq’s to make them sound almost perfect in an album. Let’s cut the lad a break.
          And the acoustics in the train station must awful!!!

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised @elmas, I know how it goes. Not this guy in particular, but if a busker is just plucking away, no chords etc, they can be annoying. At least show the public, from whom you wish to part with their hard earned, a little quality, something worth listening to.

        1. I fuckin hate cops, but I was seriously hoping that pig was gonna rip that guitar out of his hands and smash the hell out of it on that concrete pillar, then hand it back to him…. that and then put a bullet through his head, for raping that song…… Fuckin hippies.

    2. What most of these idiots on this site don’t realize is the Mta gets complains from customers about people begging and panhandling or doing stunts for cash, the Mta then complains to Nypd transit divison . The Nypd goes on there orders and you see stuff like this.
      Stop crying about popo they are like you and me doing a job. It’s just a job telling people what they can’t do and no one likes that.
      If that guy complied I bet when he got out of camera view he would have got just a ticket upstairs. He wanted to mouth off with the guy who can hurt you. The logic doesn’t make sense you fight for the important things wrongful death or brutality
      Not for panhandling guys it’s stupid.

        1. @vagabondwraith
          I am wondering if that’s why the cop was called. Maybe some people complained because they felt like he sounded bad. That’s the only reason I can think of sense it’s legal for him to be there. I would hate to have to listening to someone’s bad singing…

          1. I watched the video again and he has shoes by his guitar case. I guess he really did want to show off his sexy socks. I think I’ll put on my own pink socks today in support of him haha

  2. Was it here on BG? I heard that cops are trained (ordered) to overcome all resistance.

    “The cop literally reads out loud the law that allows the musician to conduct said activity, but assaults and arrests him anyway:” – Acneska

    As longs as pigs have policies to follow, they don’t have to think for themselves, who needs this? In part, these pigs can pull this kind of crap and get away with it.

    1. @Pinch Hey man don’t tell me now you listen to that shit! This asshole living next to me once played that shit all night… It took about 10 min. and you didn’t hear anything no more.. guess what I did. 😉

      1. Called the police? 😛

        I love music. Pretty much enjoy every genre from every decade of modern music.

        I’ll be honest and say its been a long time since I’ve listened to N.W.A though 😛

        People that play music loud for everyone to hear is a cunt. I hope you got naked and fucked him.

    1. I must say I wouldn’t have minded if it had been the Muppet band playing, they’re cool.
      That guy was your typical arrogant fuck, he doesn’t give a fuck if he annoys the hell out of other people with his mediocre singing and playing.

      1. Not a Floyd fan @mama? Sometimes a little music on the platform takes the edge off of a rough day. At the very least it will drown out the sounds of gunfire and people vomiting all over themselves.

        1. I love the music they have on the London Tube system, really high quality and really diverse. However, I hate being forced to be some one’s captive audience on the platform where I can’t escape. Honestly some of migraine inducing shit people will subject you till they get dragged of.

      2. @wicked. You’re missing the point. Stop over analyzing the situation. We’re not here to judge his music talents. This is about using excess power on someone who isn’t resisting.
        Yet a pedophile gets away with ruining a child for life and they get treated better by the police when he gets caught.

  3. Those are some yummy birds, I would love to have interracial babies with.
    But this was unnecessary force. Give the guy a hefty fine if you wanna get rid of him. Or have a door man kicking them out before they enter The train station.

  4. I could see if the guy was a dirty smelly Fuckin bum begging people for $. But these people are doing nothing wrong by playing there music for people to listen to. They don’t ask anyone for money. But its nice to drop a lil something into there guitar case to show them some appreciation. Fuckin cop’s

    1. Exactly. He was very polite and calm the entire time so he’s better than me. Like all of the bystanders said there are real crimes happening that the cops need to be focused on, not a guy playing guitar in pink socks.

  5. Not defending the police at all – that really was unnecessary force – but I used to be a busker and if police had ever asked me to move (it never happened), I would have. I pick my battles and that’s not really one worth fighting. Every other busker I know would do the same – move on and play somewhere else. I don’t even live in a country with as much of a problem with police brutality and it’s still not worth it.

    1. True @Poz, But if he’d actually said ” you know what, you’re right, have a nice day” he’d probably have got a standing ovation.

      But he couldn’t risk it, his buddies might think he’s a fat, spineless prick!

  6. Off topic but cell phone footage has been released of the Canadian parliament shootings. somebody had had enough. The echo of the gunshots ringing out in the building is insane.

      1. Don’t know all the details yet but weren’t there like 3 different attacks in and around the parliament building. So far all I’m hearing is a dead soldier and a dead gunman.

  7. Well written post, Acneska. I think you nailed that cop on the head; had to save face after being proved wrong, he just couldn’t accept being outwitted by a busker. 99.9% of buskers do my head in and i dont usually give them money, but this one was right and the cops were wrong. But that doesn’t seem to ever stop them.

  8. Now mister cop got problems now and wants to bring the to the streets..
    Badge and heat, that’s all he needs to delete..
    His mind is weak, a billy club is how he speaks..
    His wife’s a freak..I knew the pipes had a leak..
    You call police, They’ll have you resting in peace..
    Twice a week.. someone’s mother is in grief..
    Tell the chief..his code of silence won’t breach..
    Save the speech..You blood sucking ass leach..
    Hypocrites, so tell me how you’re going to preach?

    Blue suits and badges.

    1. @AsocialSurvival, it depends on if you knew she was 12 years old before hand, how old you are, what you threatened and in what context and if she decides to pass it on to the police or not.

      However, your comment seems to be a bit amiss with the current post subject and also a tiny bit creepy as well.

      It might be best to avoid contacting 12 year old Canadian girls in future, unless of course you always wanted to visit Canada and don’t mind spending your time there under lock and key.

  9. Geeez… what a fucking show stopper… 😆 He cant take care of REAL criminals, not even petty ones, so they resort to lift their oversized egoes by attacking innocents instead… I cant wait for the day the people will start to riot against this donut eating lard skulls… but to be honest, i think thats exactly that they are trying to do…

  10. Nobody like them and they know it. This is war, pure and simple.
    They are paranoid pieces of shit that serve and protect their own ass and ass of assholes politicians.

    I don’t see any solution then rebellion with weapons against this filthy pigs.
    Do you?

  11. Wasn’t Neil saying cops only do stuff to people who BREAK the LAW.

    hmm looks to me like that statement is FALSE. Once again proven wrong by video evidence. Then wonders why most of the members go off on stuff like this…

    Hmm cops are here to keep the law not break it… Bull Shit maybe one in every few thousand are like that…

  12. I don’t understand what has cops so afraid lately. They’re overreacting to just about everything as if there’s some sort of uprising they’re expecting any day now… It should probably happen but, it wont.

    This is the first time I’ve heard the word busker, that I can recall. I live in a very rural area. This guy has some real talent, more than many artists in the public eye. I probably would’ve left and just come back later after this jerk left.

  13. Many police officers are deuche bags before they became officers because they wanted the power.
    There are also others who use get bully in high school now they are looking to become police officers to feel like they are in power or an authority figure.
    Then you have those in between cops who are actually good cops and get hated for actually being good human beings by their Sargent or two other types of scum bag colleagues describe above so they them selves also become ass holes after years being on the job.
    So if you run into a cop, you can’t convince him/her that you have shit load of money or a good fucking lawyer, don’t mouth off, chances are you gonna catch a beating.
    I played music to their ears and I have gotten away with 3 warnings instead of 3 tickets. Pick and choose your battles.

  14. There is no country in the world that is “democratic”. It’s democratic capitalism at best. Hello, capitalism….money first! They protect the most wealthy since the magical capitalist system determined the most valuable and important becomes the wealthiest apparently.

    Few hundreds years ago merchants were looked at as scums because they have a lot of wealth but consider people with no higher ideals other than making money and satisfying their own selfish needs.

    Today they are the people we look up to. We worship them, we try to act like them, smell like them, shit like them, fuck like them ( don’t tell me after the Wolf of Wall street you didn’t try to blow cocaine in a whore’s ass, don’t fucking lie!) and even give our self nick names like “trump”.

  15. While I do think the law is bullshit, there are other sections that prohibit being within 25 feet of a ticket dispenser of a beverage machine (something to this effect). It also prohibits sounds exceeding 85 decibels.

    It may be possible that this busker was in violation of these two sections. An average acoustic guitar does like… 65 decibels, and to sing over that, one would need to be pushing the limit.

    I’m just pointing this out.

  16. Actually you do need a permit to busk in the NYC subways. There are strict rules where you can and can not perform and less than 50 ft from the tracks is illegal. MUSIC UNDER NEW YORK (MUNY)
    What it is
    MUNY is a program of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Arts for Transit and Urban Design. The MUNY program schedules performances in NYC Transit subway stations and commuter railroad terminals ? including Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, and Atlantic Terminal. Designated MUNY subway spots are often located in station mezzanine areas.

    How to apply
    To become a member of MUNY, you have to audition and be accepted. The auditions are held once a year. Along with the completed application form, the MUNY program requires applicants to mail a CD or DVD of their performances in advance. For additional information and an audition application form, visit the MTA web site at http://www.mta.info/art. Please be aware that a great audition doesn?t guarantee you a place in MUNY; the program only has space for about 20 new members a year. But once you?re accepted, you?re in?your membership doesn?t expire.

  17. They’re serving themselves and protecting their arses, is what they’re doing. And they expect the public to respect them; while they beat defenceless people black and blue, or even KILL them? All that “Respect my authoritah” bullshit is complete balls, FFS! They should be given a taste of their own medicine (which I would happily spit on), see what it’s like to be one of their poor victims!

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