Cameroonian Army Forces Captured Men to Slap Each Other

Cameroonian Army Forces Captured Men to Slap Each Other

Cameroonian Army Forces Captured Men to Slap Each Other

In Cameroon, members of the Cameroonian army raided a village and forced captured men to slap each other. That’s all I got for backinfo, ie no idea why the village was raided.

The angry soldier, I presume, was unhappy with the guy not slapping each other hard enough?

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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  1. You have all forgot that this is a part of a giant zoo, maybe owners told them doin it whene camera is around..
    A special zoo made for foolish people
    Busy with killing and humiliate each other, instead combine forces and fight the power , a small group of wise apes the extort all gold from ground that belongs to all for their private fortune…
    They should be living well allmost like in the west…

  2. doesn’t this video seem like the one that came not so long ago they placed three men that look like these here and had a chain slap contest going around those three and looked like a three stooges episodes from hitlers time anyways … yep here it comes … ow a wise guy ey !!wooo woo woo woo woo woo woooooo

  3. So they raided a village to get poachers… is that info about a village that has been raided just one more typical bestgore-background-info-bullshit?
    I translate: They guy in the firefighter-shirt asks if he can change hand because his hand hurts… (00:12)
    The one with the gun requests them to give real hits.
    00:16: The “firefighter” asks his partner in crime, befor he slaps him, the rethorical question: Do you still want to poach?
    Ok, so here we have it. They are poachers that got caught!
    (“braconnage” is french for poaching)

  4. Yall have to understand that the skin is too fucking sensitive that a simple slap is fucking painful.

    Nonetheless this is mercy, I take that bitch slap over the machete that nigger was holding.

  5. Look at those little sissy coons crying. Here in Europe face slapping contests have become a bloody sport! Germans have fucking FOLK DANCES based around face slapping.
    If that bull nigger tried that in Germany they’d probably just laugh, get to slapping and ask for accordion and tuba accompaniment.

  6. At the risk of repeating what other said in comments, it looks like they caught some poachers here. I don’t know but at their look -and if the backinfo is right about the raid of the village- they may have been caught tanning leather or/and with poached meat in their fridges.

    Or they were illegally hunting some animals in a natural reserve or private property to feed their village/family, or they were poaching rare animals to make some money on animal distress.
    It’s also possible that everything of this is false, and the situation of this raided village is a bunch more complicated than just a bunch of poachers.
    My teacher in journalism school said something in class, where he was explaining the fundamentals of leading an interview that attracted my attention : “Truth is always more big and disturbing than what you had in mind.”
    First contribution, hi from France Bestgore !

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