Canadian Cop Brutally Kicks Homeless Man in Regina, Saskatchewan

Canadian Cop Brutally Kicks Homeless Man in Regina, Saskatchewan

Canada – where else would you find cops driving around, looking for someone to assault, and never passing an opportunity when it presents itself.

CCTV video from in front of courthouse in Regina, capital city of Saskatchewan, shows a homeless man taking a seat on a retaining wall while minding his own business and not bothering anyone. A cop drives by and sees the man, so he pull overs and approaches him in a manner that results in the victim receiving a brutal kick to the stomach.

There is no audio track to the video, and the frame rate is low, so not many things are clear from it. But it does look like your typical “Hey dude, come over here” moment. Homeless guy gets up, stumbles, and in a split second, he’s thrown back with a powerful kick to the stomach. That cop was ready to deliver that kick. There was no hesitation, no preparing for it. He knew what he was going to do the moment he pulled the car over to harass this man.

In my opinion, the homeless guy was either tipsy, or suffers a disease that makes his movements uncoordinated (we’ve seen cops brutalizing people with mobility problems before).

You can see the homeless guy was having coordination issues right in the beginning of the video (0:05 mark). He appears to sit on that retainer wall possibly to roll up a cigarette. He doesn’t bother anyone and even after the cop stops to harass him, he still seeks to mind his own business.

Then after whatever the cop told him, the homeless man man gets up, but stumbles again. However, after his sudden burst move forward, you can clearly see him stop and plant both feet on the ground. He simply lost his footing, but regained it quickly and stopped before the cop.

The cop, on the other hand, acts like he already knew he was gonna assault the guy in some fashion before he got off the vehicle. I’m sure (although I haven’t read it) he wrote in his report that the homeless guy charged him, and he had to kick him to protect himself because he feared for his life. Maybe he also saw the guy going after his gun, or other lie he’s the biggest fan of.

It’s the same scenario over and over – cop assaults a citizen because he can, then lies in the report, then charges the citizen with a made up crime, in order to force him into a defensive, so he can’t demand justice for being a victim of unprovoked assault. It never fails.

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          1. La C look at this Website should you be!? Lmfao! Well whatever you Do don’t be Scared of me… πŸ˜‰ we’ll just leave it at that.

    1. lol, so true! This would have been too funny dude. I,m sick of Canada and it,s cold, and cops. I think, i,ll move to Florida, and bum around with @Future Days, and his wife It Was Me. I will sell my house, my toys, and relocate. With about 500 k in American cash, i should be able to buy an affordable, water front condo, and live comfortably on investments in a couple of other condo,s, and rent them out. How is the real estate down your way guys ? is it still fairly cheap since the collapse a few years back ?

      1. @dr Dre : I’m sure Florida is nice but come on man. If your gunna do the sea change then do it properly Aruba, Jamaica, Ooh I wanna take ya, Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty mumma, Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t you go ( no homo)………..

          1. @Wicked mama : they obviously singing about the other Key Largo…….

            And I am awake, I’m very awake….

            (I didn’t write the lyrics to the song, you’ll have to take it up with the Beach Boys…….)

  1. On the door of the building I am better able to make out that it is an addiction treatment center than it is a court house.
    And it is hard to tell by just the video alone what actually led him to believe he was being attacked, I tried watching it a few times looking for indicators balled up fists, angry expression ect.
    Either way that situation escalated pretty fast.

    1. Yeah, well bumming a few smokes is definitely an excellent reason for the cops to remove this bloke’s dignity and sense of self-esteem and self worth by beating the fuck out of him……..

      Fucking arsehole North Merikan cops – is there nothin on God’s green earth they don’t (think they) own ?

  2. Well at least this cop didn’t shoot and kill him. He actually practiced his moves and faced his fears without using his gun. Don’t get me wrong guys! He didn’t have to even do that but better than murder. It didn’t take 5 cops to detain him. No gunfire. That guy was just sitting there minding his own business. Cop should have just kept driving. Go after molesters,rapists, serial killers!!

          1. Oh yeah sure @mike111: as if the dude is just gunna stand there for a couple of minutes just waiting for the copper to have a wank !!

            I’m sure the cop would end up getting done for sexual assault if he did that out in public dude!!

            Just playing with ya………

        1. I agree @little foot. I imagine he recently viewed a Texas Ranger
          Segment, thus explaining his sudden impersonation of said show. That infused with his poor muscle expansion
          and quick temperance lead to some muscle detriment soon after I’d assume.

  3. Looked like that guy was just sitting there minding his own business. He just gotup and walked toward the cop, probably at the cops request. I can’t figure out why he was kicked to the ground. It looked like he gets flipped over, none too gently, and has the cuffs put on. Can you get assaulted and arrested in Canada just for existing?
    I couldn’t tell if he was really uncoordinated, btw, or if it was just the video quality. I swear,if this were black and white video, and the cop was wearing a gestapo uniform, it would’ve made more sense.

    1. Apparently that’s a thing now, resisting arrest left too many loopholes for the innocent citizens of the fair country of Canada. Existing Arrest is the new charge on the books to help usher in the Secret Police that ass Stephen Harper is trying to instate in Canada.

  4. I’m surprised he didnt shoot first. If he would have held off with his kick I reckon the other fella would have come to a stop. You can see there is a decline in the concrete which does speed him up but you could see he hesitated before the cop lifted his leg. Not a nice thing thing to do copper very naughty!!!!!! No go out the back and give yourself an upper cut.

    1. And the karate kop came flying forward at him with that kick. Cop wasn’t just standing still then suddenly kicking out. Bum had both feet planted right before the kick – if people watch carefully both of the body positions before the kick. And like @Rayf said – the sign said it was an addiction recovery center, so it may be that the homeless guy was having a smoke before he entered?

  5. Looks like he didn’t get his free methadone then. I have to say if someone came towards me like that I would have just sidestepped them first, he’s too slow and out of it to be a real threat. Even if he came again, it would be easy to dodge him, I would rather just dodge someone then have a physical altercation with them. But police would look silly running around dodging people.

        1. It is sad,. The next time a homeless person asks me for some change I’m offering him/her a hug instead of my standard line in such situations. “Change? Why can’t you just be happy with the way things are?” It’s all about love @mama.?

  6. I live in Winnipeg Mb, These pricks pull that shit all the time.
    For instance I pulled over in my vehicle behind a business around 2AM to take a piss (I had to go really bad lol) the Police came out of no where and surrounded my car and accused me of attempting to break into the business (An insurance place :/ ) i said “look officer I just needed to take a pee and i still do” he said “piss in your pants” then proceeded to hand cuff me and throw me to the ground where I was searched and eventually released with sore wrists from he cuffs being on too tight and i had a small scrape on my chin from hitting the ground. I don’t HATE police but i DISLIKE them.

    1. What do you mean ” came at me like that” ?

      They guy took about two very small unco steps in the copper’s general direction. That is not “coming at someone”.

      Besides, the cop almost surely screamed at him, “You get your good for nothing arse over here while I’m talking to you !”

      1. That’s the sheeple way of thinking. They don’t see the fact that it was the cop that came at the guy like that, they are just conditioned to worship police so they always try very hard to find citizens’ existence to be the cause of police brutality. The guy would be sitting there, continuing to roll his cigarette if the cop did not come at him like that in the first place.

  7. You just DON’T make aggressive moves like that toward cops…period! Since common sense is really not that common, this guy seemed void of any at all.
    Regardless…would have been funny if the cop slipped while trying to kick him and broke his fucking neck

  8. @Acneska I’m thinking you could be responsible for the next wave of psycho cops joining up. Think about it, you’re a bit of a nutter, happen to frequent BG, then see this stuff and it must make you wanna fill out the application form for joining the police same day.
    I’m seriously thinking of a career change myself, nice move to the USA or Canada and becoming a cop.
    Free licence to kick, stomp, strangle, shoot and kill with no repurcussions. It’ll be like being James Bond or something!

  9. This is what we call getting “bum-rushed”… And it seems that the bum did rush the officer in an aggressive fashion, I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same if I was I that position. Better than just drawing on him and blowing him away….

  10. No one else is around, the guy is minding his own business, and a cop with insecurity issues shows up and assaults him..

    If you’re a cop you should seriously consider getting out of the profession now. There is no honour in what you do. We don’t need you and we don’t want you on our streets.

    1. Nope… That would’ve been to easy @ewestomper… He probably had to fill his ticket book… His monthly quota… That pig was on that bum like a dog on a three-legged cat…

  11. karate cop haha. that was a bit harsh. he could have smashed his head and died. at least he didn’t’ get shot and seems to be okay. it kind of looked like he was walking really fast towards the cop, maybe the cop didn’t know what he was going to do. but yeah the guy is a native and there is lot of racism against natives.

  12. You guys shouldn’t come to such rash conclusions based on a video without any sound. That cop probably got called by the owners or employers of the business about that man that was standing outside. Who knows, they may have even thought he was planning to rob them. There’s also not any evidence that this man was drunk. He seemed to have some pep in his step to suggest otherwise.

  13. Officer: excuse me, sir, but you’re not allowed to sit there. Please move along.
    Homeless Guy: ughhguhhhh fuck you you fucking corrupt scumbaaag I can sit wherever i damn well want!
    Officer: Sir don’t speak to me like that or I will arrest you!
    Homeless Guy: *stumbles towards cop* You fuckin’ try you piece of shit I know my rights!
    Officer: *POW*

  14. I hate cops & I hate bums, but what I hate the most are stupid fuck’n people! This place is full of them. The bum clearly advanced towards the cop. Weather it was aggressive or not the cocksucker got what he was asking for. What do you guys think he was gonna do ? Polish the pigs shoes?

  15. The homeless man does appear to lunge at the police man but he does not seem to be holding any weapon. The cop over did it. He should have used another harmless technique. After all they’re supposed to learn that at the police academy.

  16. To be honest, I dont think this qualifies as police brutality. The dude obviously stepped to the cop in an aggressive way. In fact on the first view I thought the dude was going attack the cop or something, so imagine whats going on in the cops head in the moment.

  17. I live in Canada and police brutality is a real problem up here. I have experienced it first hand when my apartment was raided. My ex boyfriend was beaten into a coma by sadistic pigs. Also a friends dog was shot by them. I hate these motherfuckers with a passion. The blatant abuse of power and their immunity to their own laws makes me sick to my stomach. They literally get away with murder. Fuck them!

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