Captors Punish Thief by Dripping Molten Plastic on His Hands

Captors Punish Thief by Dripping Molten Plastic on His Hands

According to the info I got, this happened in São Paulo, Brazil. The video shows an alleged thief being punished by his captors with molten plastic, which is dripped on his hands.

Venezuela seems much better at torture with molten plastic. They turned it into an art form.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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66 thoughts on “Captors Punish Thief by Dripping Molten Plastic on His Hands”

      1. Ah you are right, I feel like vomiting whenever I see one of them, truly disgusting creatures.
        At least they are killing themselves and providing us with quality content.

      1. No shit! I burnt myself while playing with fire in my younger days, burning that blue plastic rope a huge blob of it landed on my leg and it’s still scarred over 20 years later, the best thing to do is leave it on and let it come off with the blisters… but the sound it made as it drips is so satisfying, “vvvvvip vvvvvip vvvvvip”.

    1. Why don’t they just run the heck away?
      Oh yeah, those people probably got guns on them for no reason and could shoot’em down lol
      That’s how it always is with these thief-shaming things

  1. That dude got off easy, as some people do this to themselves for a thrill. I would take this kind of punishment any day, instead of being force fed pure human shit, from a jailhouse toilet.

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        Snuff means message feet right, and and give body massages just be clear I’m a good boy lol

  2. Oh well, we can’t always have shotted hands jellyfication and other stick beatings for theft in these parts, tbh this is a new one I’ve seen used for punishment. I used to do this as a kid with drainpipes for fun so Im guessing his crime isn’t that serious on the thieving cunt scale

  3. That is not a punishment. The next time he touches his cock, it won’t even feel like its his hand touching it, it will feel like someone elses hand and shortly after he will have the best wank of his life. He got a pussy pass

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  4. Fucking pussies. What are they using…coffee stirrers? How about a couple of plastic totes or a bunch of used blow up dolls. Or the body of a Saturn station wagon? That’s some molten plastics! Who are they trying to scare with that burning spork…the scarecrow from the wizard of oz?

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