CBS Atlanta News Reporter Jeff Chirico Gets Punched in the Face

CBS Atlanta News Reporter Jeff Chirico Gets Punched in the Face

Jeff Chirico – investigative news reporter with CBS Atlanta was punched in the face while working on a report about 43 year old Richard Wilder of Braselton, a businessman charged with stealing customers’ tax refunds. Jeff Chirico learned that weeks after his arrest by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Richard Wilder opened a new business in Gainesville.

Richard Wilder who used to own Braselton Used Auto Sales was indicted in Gwinnett County for odometer fraud, forgery, computer theft and more, was charged with seven counts of theft by deception and one count of racketeering and pleaded to two felony charges.

While working undercover, Jeff Chirico found that Richard Wilder was selling cars and offering tax return filing services. After he was asked about the business, the reporter was approached by Richard Wilder’s father Donald Wilder – the old mad from the video. Jeff Chirico got in the old man’s face and trespassed onto his property to which Donald Wilder responded by punching him in the face.

The Wilders family seems all kinds of crooked based on the info that’s out there, but Jeff Chirico lost me after he said: “You didn’t tell us not to go in there…” Dude, really? You justify trespassing by claiming that you were not told to not go in there? WTF?

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66 thoughts on “CBS Atlanta News Reporter Jeff Chirico Gets Punched in the Face”

    1. I live just a few counties away from where this happened. The reporters here have NO idea what they’re doing, and get arrested or beaten on a regular buisiness. I’m happy to finally see one made it on here! XD

  1. That reporter deserved it. He was following the guy around in his face with that mic, then he tries to come inside the guy’s private property. I hope the reporter was arrested for trespassing.

    Either old guy can throw punches or the reporter is a bitch, because he went flying about ten feet.

  2. I find it interesting the unequal rule we apply when we see people getting assaulted for filming something. Here, the majority side with the old man who punched the obnoxious reporter. Yet if this same reporter was putting a camera/ microphone in a cop’s face and got a beat down for it, we’d be crying about police brutality, police state, our freedoms being violated etc.
    At least this reporter was actually exposing a dirtbag criminal enterprise, a legitimate news story, unlike the cellphone provocateurs of Jewtube.

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      1. @rammy there are alot of posts that are off topic. you don’t have to read them. Don’t get mad at someone else’s good time. With all this death around here it’s nice to be a little silly on occasion . Don’t be a hater.

      2. Boys, boys, boys! Lets all get along shall we? Everyone’s sense of humor is loved by someone else and I’m sure not all of us are loved by everyone.
        So with that being said if you were girls I would say kiss and make up but seems how you aren’t well, continue to be your super awesome selves! 😀

  4. The reporter should of kept his distance after the guy grabbed his shirt, he didn’t do anything to remove the guys hand and it seemed like he was pushing the old guy a little so he would get hit, I’m not saying anybody’s right or wrong here but I am saying that was funny as fuck,

    1. I don’t think he took things too far at all.
      He threatened the reporter without actually doing anything.
      Once the brave and ignorant little fuck tried to step in, he got what he deserved. I bet the cops didn’t do a damn thing either, the guy needed that punch.

  5. Even if that news reporter might have been trying to do the right thing he still got what he was asking for a knock in the face. If anyone tried to come into my place without an invitation I’d hit them too

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