Cell Phone Robbery Leads to a Fight on DC Metro Green Line

Cell Phone Robbery Leads to a Fight on DC Metro Green Line

A group of coed feral apes who call themselves the 44th Street Crew acted the way that’s natural to them and used it to intimidate a group of young girls on a DC Metro Green Line. Once their apish behavior got the best of the girls, one of the apes snatched a girl’s phone and ran away, much to the delight of fellow apes. The girl however fought back, spilling the altercation from the train out to the Fort Totten station platform.

The incident was filmed by one of the gang members who had himself a great laugh at the expense of the terrified girls and held the camera sideways like a proper Iphone retard that he was.

Metro is investigating the robbery and fight and at least two juvenile gang members have already been arrested.

I saw this video on YouTube and read the most upvoted comment made by memelulz who said:

Hey guess what niggers – white people have had enough. We’ve learnt the truth about you from the internet. Nobody believes the Jewish lies anymore…

As a non YouTuber I must say it felt very uplifting to see that awareness has spread far enough to even reach the users of YouTube. I’m starting to see hope again. Zionists brainwash us into accepting submission to loud, obnoxious and confrontational ethnic groups, but we’re using their own portals to make ourselves more aware of what is really going on and where we really stand in this. Fuck yeah!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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90 thoughts on “Cell Phone Robbery Leads to a Fight on DC Metro Green Line”

    1. Because when dealing with feral animals, it’s never ever going to be fair in anyway shape or form.

      You hit one, the 10 of them (Including the feral females) will all launch at you like a missile from the jungle.

      Add in the Social-Engineering going on in the states (To turn Caucasian Men into docile creatures with no life or fight) and you get white men getting walked over and letting it happen.

      The reality that needed to happen was obvious – A proud, strong, racially aware white man needed to step up, reach back with all his strength, and with the viking and Norse blood coursing through his veins, launch a massive fist that sent 1 flying into the rest of the primates.

      But, those white men were more than likely Liberals. And those White women were more than likely race-mixers.

      Those of us who aren’t know who and what to avoid. Until the time comes when we seek them out for the justice they so richly deserve.

      1. Certainly, MTV and Liberalism and watching Football does not breed men of any high caliber. But even for the men who would like to swing a Viking axe and turn the whole Metro Chimpout into a Corpse transportation train, has to be extra careful of how he handles the situation.

        Imagine yourself as a white man on that metro defending the honor of those white women. Those apes get extra violent and physical with you and those women… so you pull out a pistol and blow away 2 or 3 of those semians… Imagine what kind of Jewish Justice you will face in DC or NY or Detroilet or Chicongo…
        1.) You will be trialed by a Jewish or Black Judge…
        2.) Your jury will consist of 2 white Libs, 4 Negro and Negress, 3 Latinos.
        3.) Your prosecutor is a Jew
        4.) Your provided lawyer is also a Jew
        5.) All media outlet cry racism and evil white racist kill 3 wonderful & innocent black men.
        6.) The court subpoena your emails, internet comments, dialogue, etc… and realize you’re not an Egalitarian, meaning you were thinking “Hateful” thoughts when you fire your gun or fist… IT WAS A HATE CRIME…

        They will do all this and more… just in case whites thought that defending themselves was ok, and that black lives aren’t worth anything… They will show you that Blacks lives are worth A LOT, more than a white person’s life. And the Jury and Judge will SEE THE LIGHT!!!… and promptly lock you up for life in prison.
        Scary, I know.

        1. And it’s like that Hawk, because the best of us let the worst of us lead us.

          It’s long-past due for Caucasians all across the world to look at what their Governments are turning their Countries into, and revolt if necessary.

          Denmark needs it. Netherlands needs it. Sweden needs it. Norway needs it. United States desperately needs it. Britain desperately needs it.

          This isn’t a Democrat Vs Republican thing, nor a Right vs Left thing, because the truth is thus: No matter what Political Party one is aligned with, one has to walk the company line to reach the Presidency/Prime Minister etc. They have to buy into the dogma that is besieging our Countries, no matter what their own politics say.

          So Romney, Obama, McCain, Bush, Kerry etc. none of those choices matter for America. It’s the illusion of choice.

        2. Pleasantly surprised to find there exist articulate and intelligent men in the online community. As for the comment by “allmightyAshur” I would have to politely but firmly say you are a bit misguided in your Jew inspired “guilt” regarding this so-called “slavery” which you speak of. I am afraid you are ignorant of the facts. The negroids who were indentured servants were sold by niggers to jew tradesmen, who in turn leased the niggers to plantations. These niggers enjoyed a standard of living that is the highest standard of living in the history of the modern nigger. If you read the historical accounts and diaries of these house niggers, they were so happy and sung the praises of their kind masters. So get your fucking story STRAIGHT about the slavery issue, uneducated one.

        1. after reading all your mass garble i look to history, this is a controlled incident. yes i hate the nig nogs as much as everyone else(not blacks in general nignogs like these feral apes) but the same can be said about white trash. All the pain and torture blacks received as slaves. I am an assyrian (not syrian, Assyrian). A minority in the great USA (which i dearly love) immigration is not the problem, the problem is allowing immigrants to hold so dearly to what they ran away from. Morons must be taught and balls must be grown. No one there stood for justice so blame is on both sides. and for your great nordic roots? Wtf does that mean? whats great? you suck you never had an empire and got your asses kicked by tea sipping brits. so, instead of adding to the problem why not add to the solution.

          1. First of all, your Slavery comment was already addressed by someone else – but I’ll comment on that a bit.

            Ok. Arabs and Jews owned Black Slaves (And still do) before Americans ever did. And they owned more. The amount of Black Slaves in America at it’s height was less than 1 million (I think it was less than 700,000, too. Not confident on that).

            Second, it was AMERICAN CAUCASIANS. Not Canadians. Not Danes. Not Swedes. Not Dutch. Not Aussie.

            So then, why must ALL Caucasian people put up with their garbage?

            Secondly – Blacks act like this in the USA, in Canada, in Britain, in France, in Netherlands etc.

            Guess what? 99% of them don’t even have ancestors that experienced slavery, and yet they still act like animals in this video.

            Need I talk about Caucasian slavery? Need I talk about Female Caucasian slavery to the sex-trade? Need I mention the utter and complete annihilation of Caucasians in South Africa, who made that a good Country, which is now turned to dogshit like the rest of that cess-pool.

            If Africans are allowed to take their natural aggression and violence out on all Caucasians because of American-Slavery, then I am allowed to take mine out on all Africans for Caucasian-slaughters happening in South Africa.

            No? Then I ask you – Why must the entire Caucasian population be punished for what an INCREDIBLY SMALL minority did, in ONE Country, that was pretty much at the start of it’s life? A minority, need I remind you, that was fought against by OTHER CAUCASIANS.

            Why? Why must Caucasian Countries be sacrificed? Why must Caucasian people be sacrificed?

            And when is enough, enough? Is it when we finally step up and answer back? Is that when we’ll get “ok, ok.. We give up man. It was just jokes, just jokes.”

            Take that bullshit, and get the fuck outta here.

            Regarding the Nordic blood, it’s a comment that basically means “Find your Warrior spirit, and fight back against this filth that is besieging all our Nations from within!”.

            Immigration is the PROBLEM. We are bringing these people to our Countries. This isn’t an Irish Caucasian going to Canada with other Caucaians. Or a Swede heading to Denmark. This is Africans, from the deepest, darkest corners of the earth coming to Caucasian countries and fucking shit up. This is Muslims coming from all corners of the globe, into Caucasian Countries, and fucking shit up. Humans aren’t computers. You can’t just erase who and what they are and rebuild them. That’s asinine.

            Not to mention, Muslims and Africans are the same whether they are 1st generation, or 5th.

            The Islamic religion took the Middle-East civilizations, and threw them back 1000 years, and kept them there.

            Africans and Muslims have never built anything of import, and they never will.

            Without Caucasian interference, the African population would be extinct now via evolution herself.

            In-truth, the Christian Crusades should have ended that Religion when Christianity finally bared it’s fangs at Islam.

            You know what happens in Multiculturalism, Multiracism and Race-Mixing?

            Homogenized races.

            It’s the very Antithesis to diversity.

            It kills diversity.

            No Caucasians, No Asians, No Africans, No Arabs, No Jews, Nothing but 1 people and 1 culture.

            It’s a crime against humanity. It’s a crime against evolution.

            It just so happens Caucasians are the first ones on the chopping block.

            Can you picture all Birds being the same? All Spiders? All Dogs? All Cats?

            No? Then why the fuck should we even entertain such a thought for humans?

    2. oh, don’t you worry. In NYC, I’m watching, I’m angry, and I’m just waiting for my chance to use my rage for good. And I hope that day someone captures it all on film to upload all its glory for the BG community.

      1. haha, that’s what niggers don’t realize. the thousand upon thousands of fed up people (and not just white people, as they’d like to convince themselves), waiting, just waiting, to wipe as many of them out AS SOON as the situation presents itself. There is a race war coming in America and not just black vs white, it’ll be pro black vs anti black.

    3. Ey it’s 44th street man we just cumbersome from da Pahry Mann … Ey man dat she no dat funks hit man. I don’t get how people like this aren’t self ware about the things that they do. I bet they do but they dont care cause tey feel powerful an independent did you see how that black bitch walked around after she punked that white girl ? Chest sticking out shoulders high locking around to see if anybody has a problem. They think partying and calling themselves the 44 street gives a cool unique look. See what people don’t understand is people like this feel special they feel like because they fall out of the norm that theyr special unique popular etc and the fact that they are like that just shows how far gone and lost tey are. They’ll be telling theyr grand kids about how cool they were in theyr day instead of goals theyv accomplished. Kill em. If I were theyr idk what I’d do but if I tried fighting them and they jumped me then of course I would have no other choice but to protect myself so I don’t if you maybe gouge someone’s eye out bite a piece of flesh of theyr body or hey even stabbthem I don’t think you’d get in trouble since they’re a camera and it shows how fucking stupid these people are and your just doing what’s right.

  1. This is what Liberals want the entire United States to look like.

    This is what Caucasian Women want to live around and be with.

    My opinion? Let them. Take back Europe, ship the European Liberals and Caucasian race-mixers to the States and watch them all burn to death in their own filth.

    1. No, the Liberals envision a land mixed with wonderful, brave, caring Denzel Washingtons. Denzel is the hollywood Negro that the Jews would like all of us to imagine the Negro.
      The only reason those Negros on the Metro acted like a bunch of Niggers… is because of Evil White racism and dat poverty.

      When I’m outside jogging, I see too many White Women with Mongrel offsprings in tow, I feel a rage running through me, that I could physically feel. I feel like lynching all those women would commit such a crime, and than sealing off the lobby of the MTV headquarter, than start a total massacre working my way from the bottom floor on up!
      But prehap we can throw all those women and their mongrel offsrpings in with the rest of the black. Those trash whore made their bed; they should lay in it.
      Lest they drag back their black disease back to the rest of the healthy white population, and pollute and taint white children with half-breed monsters. Many schools where young white have to go, look like that semian transportation Metro.

      1. We all feel like that Hawk. Some-days I can feel the blood in my head pumping so furiously my eyes start to feel like their bursting out of my skull. But my intelligence, and my rational-mind controls it. I realize that killing one Race-Mixer, or even a bunch gets us nothing but jail-time and demonizes those of us with similar thoughts and feelings. We become a propaganda tool for them to use against us.

        However, you have to suffer it. Let the anger, rage and oppression fester. Feed it, but don’t over feed it.

        Now’s not the time for that course of action.

        There are tons of us out there. Most of us won’t speak up, but we will avoid those women none-the-less. We let them become their own prison, their own containment field.

        When the time comes for action (And it will) open your heart, your mind and let it loose.

        Until then, guard your mind from the pollution of Race-Mixers. Look at them for what they are, and will be – Sad, lonely women looked down on by their own people, viewed as worthless. With no Heritage, no Ancestors and no Family besides the seed the absent Negro saddled them with. Most are alcoholics, club-hoppers, pill-heads ect. They mean nothing, are nothing and never will be anything.

  2. one group is loud, irrational and very aggressive
    one group tries to remain calm and speak rationally

    one group is black
    one group is white

    match the correct color to it’s corresponding actions

    and they wonder why they are treated like criminals

  3. I see shit like this happen ever day in my high school, blacks push around girls and guys half there size and once they say something back to them, they pull the race card and say that we are “racist”
    why do we white people take this abuse?

    1. Because our Governments have socially-engineered us to-do so.

      Join the Military. Take their training. Absorb all they can teach, but don’t lose the truth for which you see. The truth that exists as the reality around you.

      When you have absorbed all of what you can (Hopefully good enough to get into an advanced Unit like the SEALS) quit/retire.

      We are going to need highly-trained, highly-tactical Caucasian Soldiers in the future.

      A militia will only get us so far.

  4. niggers suck and im saying these niggers not all black people but these niggers have in entitlement issues they think they run everything and they dont i just wish theses guys in the video would at least one time stand up for there race like these niggers do

  5. left to their own devices niggers would wipe each other out…look at Uganda and other shit African nations. Blacks will not admit that they need whites. it’s the white man that creates the welfare to support their bastard offspring, it’s the white man that grants them early release from prison and its the white man that keeps them alive when they contract HIV…altho i heard it was a black man that invented the airconditioner; that makes sense, they needed to find a better way to keep cool while sitting at home smoking dope and collecting unemployment checks

    1. Don’t need you. I’ve made it this far in my life on my own strength and achievements alone, and my pride won’t allow me to do it any other way. These members of my race have no pride, no sense of individuality. They disgust me.

  6. How can anybody watch this and not see how fucked up niggers are? I was sick to my stomach after the first 30 seconds and did’nt need to watch the rest because this same shit happens day after day after day…
    “we don’t want any trouble, we just want her phone back”…do you think they fucking care? As long as they are in a group they will pick on anyone just for the fun of it. I did’nt enjoy this video…the one I would enjoy would end with the group of them falling on the tracks and being squished to death by an oncoming train.

    1. Agreed my man. THIS is why I fully support the 2nd ammendmant. Not to bully people, but to preserve my dignity and the dignity of those around me who also live peaceful lives. I think the cold barrel of a .45 to the back of their heads would have quickly deescalated the situation until the police could arrive and haul these niggers(not all black folk are niggers.)

    2. Keys to destroying the dark skin beast:

      1) Stop race mixing: Dark skin blacks or Chocolate asses can easily be destroyed by curtailing their
      sexual preferences: Hint keep your white daughters from fucking them monkeys and see how easily his self esteem plunges. White bitches are skin tone enablers like the light skin black bitch. Have any of your ever notice how a dark skin fucking dude seems to be always with a companion lighter or whiter than him? Trust me on this, prevent the darker skin black from fucking their way out if “darkness” and you will bear witness to something that is better than shooting their fucking ape asses with a 7.62mm bullet.

      2) Kill the liberal white ass. Another fuckin enabler who
      bombarded white america with hip hop “culture” through the media, thereby making every black seem hip. Hence, white girls go searching the ghetto for their very own Tupac or Biggie Smalls to fuck. You white guys oughta go insane when these bitches lay their asses to bed with these disgusting ashy dick purple
      lip motherfuckers. Trust me these jigaboos are nasty.

      3) Lastly, kill the dark skin black bitch. Most of you white guys dont know but she is the source of a lot of
      your pain. She is the ghetto whore spreading her leg and spitting out these ashy apes that go on to fuck your women. She is the neglectful mother who doesn’t teach her chimps to behave during
      their formative years so when they are the age of them chocolate motherfuckers in this video you see how they act. Do yourself a favor guys get your licks in first and punch the first dark skin black bitch you see! Nuff said!

  7. I have said it time and again… America needs to wake up to the fact that we are well on the way to being one of those once great civilisations that exist no longer. Wiped out in a generation by elements within. We stand by idly…

    1. The Caucasian Americans who see this truth with their own eyes, and know this truth in their hearts have an obligation.

      You need to infiltrate the highest-levels of Government and Military as sleeper-cells. Learn everything there is to learn. Study, absorb. Fill your mind with knowledge.

      And when the push-back happens, you can spring into action and drown that Country in a sea of White, before restoring it to it’s rightful place.

      But to sit back idly, and hope someone else does this, or does that.. it’s going to get you killed and wiped out.

      The same is true for Europe and their African and Islam problem. The same rings true for Canada.

      No ones going to help you. You have to help yourselves. You are being lead like lambs to the slaughterhouse. One foot in-front of the other, never looking up at the house of horrors you are walking towards.

      Before you can rid your Country of it’s pollution, you must first get rid of the polluters.

      Assassination and killing is warranted. For these Politicians of yours are committing treason, and the penalty for treason is execution.

      Caucasians saw this problem back 20 years ago, when it wasn’t as bad. It’s not getting better, it’s getting worse. Way worse. You can sit back and leave it to the next generation as they did, but you must understand:

      The next generation is shrinking, smaller and smaller and smaller.

      Fight for your Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters. Children and Future Children. Grandfathers and Grandmothers. Ancestors and Heritage.

      Fight, standing up on two legs, with a heart full of pride and a head full of knowledge and wisdom.. or Die, face down in the dirt as your Nation and people crumble around you.

      The choice is yours, Caucasians.

      I’m simply the voice that echos in all our hearts and minds. Give strength to that voice.. and see things put right again.

  8. Don’t they know monkeys love shiny objects haha I’ve been in a situation where I was facing 3 black guys, they stole my little friend’s iPod, the one who had it kept denying it so I told him if my little friend points to you as the one who took it then I’m going to punch you….he got punched. His 2 pussy friends didn’t jump in, weird? But I was tackled by a teacher so I stopped and the monkey took advantage and bit me behind the neck….Wtf!!!

  9. My sister thinks im racist.i think im just aware.it was wrong what happened but at the same time its expected.when i see a group of lesser thans i dont flash my jewelry or fancy phone in their direction.its not black or white,rich or poor its now about marol value.who has it and who doesnt? If your not an idiot you can see that the kids on the train or bus being loud swearing and trying the hardest to be asses are the ones to avoid lefting eye up your shit.

      1. I believe there is white monkeys and black monkeys existed in million years ago so we are turned into human! LOL

        You dont have to be proud black. You should be proud of being nobody. I’d rather to be skinned and be proud of being gory and dead.

    1. First – I refrain from calling Africans Niggers. I feel it gives them a power over me. Like I’m belittling myself for using that word.

      I refer to them for what they are – Africans.

      And you aren’t a half-breed, by the way. It doesn’t matter that the woman who birthed you was white – the moment she laid with an African she no longer had the right to claim such heritage. She is Africanized now. Her branched was pruned from the Racial Tree.

      Second – It doesn’t matter that she was White. Everything good, everything amazing about Caucasian DNA is wiped out in such a relationship. You have garbage left over DNA – that is all.

      You are African. Don’t ever mistake that.

        1. You’re an extremely rare one, aren’t you?

          The same things however, still applies.

          Actually.. I’ve never encountered an African with a Caucasian Father. I wonder if you appear the same as an African with a Caucasian Mother.

          I’d use Google.. but the images are like knives to my eyelids. Unpleasant.

          I feel like I just discovered Aliens from another planet.

          Next you’re going to tell me your father is actually Chinese.

          That’s where I’d draw the line on this bullshit.

          1. Haha nope, he’s Spanish. I guess that’s probably worse in your eyes. You sure have a way with words I’ll admit. Love reading your posts.

  10. The Race Mixers in Cali are mostly super white nerds with super Chinese chinks. Watching this video makes me realize nobody cares about all the 100+ deaths of black youths that die in Oakland every year. But when a cop kills one they shit in their hand and chuck it on everyone.

    1. You most be talking about White Males, because the only thing Caucasian Women race-mix with is Africans.

      In Europe they also dance in the gene-pool of Allah.. I don’t know how that works. I have long since given up on trying to understand Caucasian women. I think they are their own worst enemy. Unfortunately, they have also become our entire races worst enemy.

    1. “According to the 2010 Census, the population of Washington, D.C., was 50.7% Black or African American, 38.5% White (34.8% non-Hispanic White), 3.5% Asian, and 0.3% Native American. Individuals from other races made up 4.1% of the District’s population while individuals from two or more races made up 2.9%. Hispanics of any race made up 9.1% of the District’s population”

      Makes sense. Anywhere in America that has 15%+ African American population is a cesspool full of danger.

  11. Yes, White Males….. Laugh at me, but, I was at a apple store and bought a car charger from a white male that works there, like 25, wearing a turban! I didn’t ask him cause I was in hurry but I guess he was practicing to be a Sikh. It was weird.

    1. Well, I don’t agree with that, but I understand it. See, the destruction of the Caucasian Female in the Western World (Most prevalent in The United States of America, Britain and Canada) has left a vacuum for Caucasian Men.

      This destruction includes, but is not limited to:

      High Rates of Infidelity (The highest in the Americas and Britain of one Racial/Gender group)

      High levels of Promiscuity (Have the most partners of any Female race. Including the most men from different races)

      Race-Mixing (Astronomical levels of Race-Mixing with Africans, or Muslims (In Europe)

      Style/Behavior/Attitude/Personality (Most Dress like a Prostitute, act entitled and/or bratty, drink to excess and night-club hop every weekend, obsessed with material wealth, shopping etc. Notoriously unhappy)

      Feminism (Most seem to view men as disposable as their iPhones they are obsessed with).

      Add this all together (Other things also) completes the destruction of the Caucasian Female, so the Caucasian Male is forced to look for someone else to fill the void.

      The closet match to us Caucasians are Latina and East-Asian women (Korean, Japanese, Chinese etc.)


      Regarding Sikhism, I don’t know much about the Religion, but from what I just read.. I don’t have an issue with it.

      The only really problem I have with any one Religion is Islam (Religion of conquest through Violence); Judaism (Conniving practitioners that pretty much control the Western World).

      Pretty much it, really. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, but you don’t have the right to force your beliefs down others throats, or try to change and or control the beliefs of a Country as Islamism try to do (Sharia Law etc.) (And Jews, actually.. I’ve heard some stories about wishing a Jewish person a Merry Christmas).

  12. And what fine specimens they are… this is truely amazing footage of the north american neegro in its natural environment… Those female honkeys did they’re best to stand up tho I found that quite interesting.

    1. I find it funny that those spades are bullying white people who probably never had a racist bone in their body till now, they probably never had any beef with blacks before and up until now thought of them as “equals” shit I bet those white girls even listen to rap and stupid shit like that thinking its cool, hell they probably even got a couple little brothers who are wiggers, the fucked up part is these girls probably have never disrespected or held ill will towards blacks before but now all that has changed and from this day foward they will see niggers for what they are..nothing more than a broken people and a waste of space, I personally don’t hate blacks but I do hate niggers and there is a diffrence between the two blacks are race and niggers are the decay within that race, all those bullys on the subway might be black but instead of acting like normal human beings they choose to act like mongrel niggers and therefore should be treated as such.

  13. Ok i am a black man from south east D.C.. Growing up the area where I lived we did nothing like this, it is not good to see or hear about this type of bullshit coming from any race alot of you are commenting by calling these young assholes niggers and apes and all types of raciest shit, in all if you pay attention to the news and youtube bestgore and other sites there are white people and other races doing far worse shit. I am not saying anything these assholes did was any where ok but do you guys have to classify an entire race. I don’t want anyone to be affraid of me im a pretty big fellow but the more people say neg. things about a race the more people believe it. My wife is white I don’t see color and majority of my friends dont either. Its not all black people but the ignorant ones need to be dealt with in all races.

  14. Feel like I’m gonna get lynched the next time I come from classes late in the night, simply for being black. I’m tired of my fucking race. We’re the first to scream “racist” and “repressed” and at the end of the day, we’re mostly the ones who incite the violence against ourselves in the first place. I look at actions like this, and I ask myself: “whats the fucking sense or purpose for this bullshit?” Acting like wild animals, screaming “worldstar” while videotaping crap, etc. If this is the image members of my race tend to show the world on the internet, then I cannot denounce Caucasian human beings who choose to be racist towards me.

    I’ve stopped making excuses for wild animal behavior like this a long time ago. There’s simply no logical or rational reason or cause for behavior like this. I’m not gonna lie, if I was there, I would have stepped up and defended those females, not because I wanted to look like a hero, or because of a “save a ho” mentality, I would have done it simply because I wanted to, and that’s all the reason I need. The strong can either consume the weak, or protect them. I usually choose to protect.

  15. Learn to fight. Don’t be afraid of pain. One man acting in an extremely vicious manner can easily beat 5 or 6 men at a time. I know because I’ve done it. I’m not even that good of a fighter. Just an extremely violent and aggressive one.

  16. Ahhhhh finally time to vent! We have been forced to bite our tongues so as to not offend “African Americans” etc etc…for far faaaaaaar to long and the pressure cooker is about to blow. Wonder how many can actually find Africa on a map? I cannot grasp as to why we have become such cowardly pussies in this country to let all other races say and do whatever they want while we are expected to just take because we deserve it or something. Fuck that!!!! This country is beyond repair at this point. We are not even 300 yrs old yet but we have created this illusion that we are invincible. WRONG! We rot from within and will fall much sooner than Rome did. This “melting pot” we live in is a failing experiment. Think in terms of oil and water. Pour them into same bottle and then let it sit for awhile. The two will always separate eventually. We are no better than most of these stupid religious fucks but at least they do shit because of their bullshit religion. We just do it for no other reason but to laugh. I am rambling but I am glad to see these girls didn’t just back off and let “44” have their laughs at their expense like we are supposed to it seems.

  17. I don’t know if anyone remembers “Vietnam Tom” he’s the 67 year old white war Vet who beat the shit out of a loud mouth black guy on a subway, well when watching this video all I could think was, damn i wish that guy was there to beat these fuckers up. Stupid fucking gangs think they’re invincible due to strength in number. I must say though I feel bad for the girls but they have guts to fight back like that
    The guy recording is annoying as fuck though, he really needs to learn how to shut the fuck up, doesn’t he get tired yelling at full volume for so long?

  18. I feel pity for the fellow Caucasians who have to deal with those uncivilized apes every day, luckily for me I don’t live in such a mixed society of blacks & whites. People should start to admit the inherent behavioral difference between blacks and Caucasians and do something about it…

  19. In the end, the universe will even things out. In 10 years, those white girls will likely be living in big houses, driving nice cars with 2.2 kids, while the wannabe gangsters will all be locked up or on welfare. Either way, sucking up the tax dollars of those who contribute to society.

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