Child Caned by Old Woman Sitting on Her Face

Child Caned by Old Woman Sitting on Her Face

This video from the town of Kitui in Kenya shows a child receiving punishment from an old woman who canes her while sitting on her head.

Aside from the disturbing abuse of the child, another disturbing aspect of the video is what sounds to me like the sound of people behind and/or around the camera laughing.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video

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131 thoughts on “Child Caned by Old Woman Sitting on Her Face”

      1. @loosythepoosy The kid certainly learned a few new things and lessons:

        1) The grandma has a pair of flappers;
        2) The road to “grand-canyon”;
        3) The actual source of “that” stench;
        4) Punishment means, “Sniff the v-jay-jay”;
        5) Ass-beating compared to flap-smacking on head = nothing;
        ^) The list goes on; ANYONE…..?

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          1. Hey Lou!
            I thought this was your field day!
            Power sniffing someone’s vajayjay. FART INHALING!!! <<< The kid was doing this.

            Be happy!

          1. Yo Lou!!
            Your avatar is still one of the creepiest around here. Some dead bloke’s face with his nutsack popping out of his mouth!! GRUESOME indeed!!!! Loving it!

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            You are a funny! Sick, right`????

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  2. I’m sure all of you think this is horrible child abuse. I suffered the same when my white Alabama mammy administered the same to me when I was a child. I survived and I feel I am a better person for it. Please tell me why this is not appropriate when you see those other videos of kids who did not receive punishment kill and torture others. I really am curious what your beliefs are on this.

  3. The thing that honestly still amazes me with all the videos taken in these third-world shitholes is a) they actually have smart phones/camera phones; b) they know how to use them; and c) they have the means to actually upload videos.

  4. Oh yeah, I thought for sure others would get grossed out too, my fellow friends at BG.
    An old nasty ass pakkie goat sits on your face!?! Christ man!!! I’m having the dry heaves right now. If you had a choice, I’d take the waterboarding torture! There would be NO recovery after that rancid fish smell mess SHITS on your face. Good Lord man, that just ain’t right!

    How do you kill a hundred flies with just one shot?
    …..Punch a Somali kid in the face! LoL!

  5. Fucking savages, it’s where all the stinking refugees from the middle East should be dumped – don’t let any out and any arriving in Western countries diverted back to this stinking savage shit hole so they can sit in the dirty sand and whip one another and set one another on fire and tie their ballsacks up with twine and all that crap and stay the fuck out of civilized places where they will never assimilate.

  6. Granny is dropping some Nutella Nuggets in the poor kid’s mouth plus getting to do the spanky spanky. Gramps died a few years back and poor Granny needs to grind out some juice from her bearded clams and rub out the brown stench trench.
    Everyone gets old.
    Except people who die young of course.

  7. Has any one? Ever been in a live chickens store..well it’s were you go when you want your chicken super fresh you pick one and they prep it..and my God it’s one of the worst smell’s you can inhale it’s the smell of death,ammonia,shit,piss all in one room..that’s what this poor child had to inhale while under granny..but then again” I don’t think the child reeks of Chanel 5 her self

  8. wouldnt be surprised if this was some sort of Christian orphanage, they get their juices well flowing at this sort of daily tea time treat. Double bad life for the poor wee lass.

    Anyway, far from being an old grandma, I bet shes only 23 (and probably a grandma too no doubt).

  9. che penosa troia….scioccare i bambini cosi’ e violentarli a quel modo e’ la cosa piu’ negativa che si possa fare sulla gioventu’, e solo perche’ la vecchia non sa fare di meglio, stare sopra ad un bimbo a quel modo primitivo denota quanto la vacca abbia un cervello che funziona a dovere.

    1. Ma che cazzo ti aspetti da un villaggio dell’Africa? Una educazione data ai figli o nipoti stile Buckingham palace? Sono meravigliato che qualcuno abbia avuto uno smartphone per la ripresa…:)

  10. Scarred for life that little niglet. Not from the stick, but from the experience of having an old black gran’s beef curtains flailing around in his mouth.
    I envisage a couch session or two in this kid’s future.

      1. what child??? OH that little NIGGER??? black child=chimp, let’s get it right! without a doubt that little fucker got off easy. A little mild schooling is a granny’s way of saying ” i love you” and a must during those formative years. spare the cane, spoil the nigger.

  11. This video brings back so many memories of my childhood, I’m still technically 16, so it was not that long ago. I remember my granny sitting on my face each time that I would do something bad. If I called her a name, crotch on face. If I swore at her, bang, crotch on face. Talk back? that hideous cunt was on my face withing seconds of me talking back.

    My granny taught me so many things with her crotch on my face. I learned how big the Grand Canyon is. I learned what harpes is, from an episode where I thought I had a bunch of pimples, but it turned out to be simplex herpes. I learned what a tampon was and how to change one.

    Oh my granny taught me so many things, but the most important thing that she ever taught me was to rinse my mouth after she had given me a life lesson.

  12. If our little B-G Sister @Hanabi was still around, she would have probably said that she would have loved to cane that Old Cunt in da face til she dead, lol. I miss our little sister, 🙁 i hope that she is doing well, where ever she is.

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