Child Experiences Psychological Torture While Threatened with Axe

Child Experiences Psychological Torture While Threatened with Axe

Child Experiences Psychological Torture While Threatened with Axe

I don’t know what this is all about, but it’s pretty fucked up even if only done as a joke, or as a way to discipline the child. It only gets more fucked up if you realize that Jews have been doing that (only quite a bit worse) to children for centuries in order to get their adrenochrome enhanced blood.

In the video, the child is shown experiencing psychological torture while threatened by adults with an axe. There are other children in the room, who watch the torment of the one child. Helpless and totally at mercy of the adults, the child is being treated as if he was gonna get axed to death, and it causes him anguish and fear.

Anybody knows what exactly this is all about?

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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151 thoughts on “Child Experiences Psychological Torture While Threatened with Axe”

      1. Jews orchestrated this entire mess. This is, in short, our world on Jews. As they have painstakingly caused every problem we have and are actively causing more problems every single day.

        This dog-eat-dog world we live in didn’t materialize on its own. And it’s not in our “inherent nature” to behave this way. The worst in us all has been brought out, because the (((people))) at the top WANT all of this insanity and (controlled) chaos. They have socially engineered the White masses into sheep and the dark-skinned orcs into blood-thirsty demons (with a score to settle, based on a false history).

        Again, none of this craziness happened in a vacuum. The (((powers-that-be))) have gotten EXACTLY what they wanted and worked so tirelessly to create.

          1. Truth bongs. Would you even argue against any of it?

            I mean, Jews have a monopoly over the media, they print the money, they write our laws, and they control all of the puppet politicians (who all swear allegiance to Israel before they are ever put into office). Would you deny any of that? If so, then you would lose all credibility, as that would make you either a (((liar))) or a blind/brainwashed fool.

            So, seeing how Jews control everything that matters and understanding that ALL of this bad shit is happening on their watch, would you even suggest that they are above reproach?

            Jews: 100% in charge, but 0% to blame. Us lowly “Goyim” are not even allowed to question them or take notice of anything they are doing to us. If we do then we must be “crazy hateful racist antisemitic Nazis”, right? Name-calling and censorship is all you Jews and leftist parrots have got.

          1. @hadievil

            I’m unsure as to why I’m giving you a chance to redeem yourself but if you stop behaving as a Troll and petulant Child, was going to respond to you and all your previous diatribe in full. Seeing as you are not here so often was taking my time.
            Now put your shitskin pecker back in your Ass, be patient and you will receive, ok.
            Because I know you are seeking attention to validate your miserable existence.
            So Wait, stop leaving your Graffiti upon my commentaries, and I will get to you.
            Otherwise may your FAKE Deity Strike YOU DOWN…!!

          2. What a romantic letter, are you always a tough guy or it’s just in comment sections as a keyboard warrior?
            I’m not here quit often cause I’m not a loser, I have works to do also I am learning my next language, Ich lerne Duetsch baby

          1. The twins had a cousin who used to take them on the bomb sites and torture them when they were kids. That’s how they ended up so violent, plus of course it was the east end of the 30’s and 40’s.


          2. I didn’t know that? thanks. The cousin sounds serial killer -ish? Bad Blood indeed. Just like the Milat family here in Aus. Milat was a prodigious serial killer and his great nephew also followed him in cruel murder .

          3. Yes i’ve seen videos about Milat, he had the whole outback to do his crimes. A serial killer’s dream.
            The Krays really laid into people when they beat them up. As teenagers they left a few people close to death and they loved it. Thing is, if you fought one you fought them both.

          4. A sick family mate, those Milats!

            I like how the Krays helped each other. Apparently ,they were intelligent as well .

            I don’t condone their ruthless violence and I feel bad for the people they left maimed for ever. However ,you don’t survive in the underworld unless you have people at the top who tolerate and/or protect you as well. So there are some cunty cunt Cops in the Met that need a hanging for all the crimes committed by the Krays as well .

            I learned the twins weren’t just Jewish ,they were part Gypsies as well .

          1. I tend not to believe it. Throughout history one group has tried to demonise another. In ww2 the japanese villagers were all jumping off the cliffs with their babies because they were told the American soldiers were coming to rape them and bayonet their babies.
            But……..i could always be wrong.

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          1. Few days ago, over commentaries involving the Bwazilian condition, I was rather snide.

            Like now you saying confusion, my immediate reaction was, that’s ok man don’t let me stop you.
            Can’t help myself, if someone puts it there, I won’t jump over it, tend to kick it out the way…

  1. The child probably asked the adult Muslims in the room to explain the religious reasoning behind the prophet Muhammad’s need to introduce 9 year old Aisha to Mr Toadstool and that was their answer. Typical Islam.

      1. Exactly, The videos I’ve watched here the last few years since I found BG have just blown my mind. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, they come out with something new. At this point I just can’t even relate to what could possible make someone act out this way, its cray zayyyy.

  2. I can understand some of the language, it’s somewhere in Afghanistan or Pakistan. The child lied about something and that’s why the axe is used to scare him. At the end I can hear the man say something like “well done” that he confessed something

    1. LOL so those fuckers simply set that as discipline
      I highly doubt that the axe threaten girl did that much trouble and other galleries to watch it in front of them.
      Islam is sub human cult. Muslim is sub human. But they have true sex equality lmao

  3. Tbh these are not even people, they are just apes with sharp tools. I mean why is this not happening so much in white countries as it happens in the sand-monkey wallah-ballah countries? Why is their tradition to kill animals in the most cruel way ever but whites have mostly always wanted to kill animals painless and also take care of their loved ones? You can take the monkey out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey, and this video is only more proof to that

    1. I have a theory. We’re actually a different species (we whites). There have been several human-ape hybrid species found by archaeologists and they don’t all belong to the same line in evolution. Perfect example- Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens lived alongside each other for a time, completely different humanoid species separately evolved from one another.
      Think about how animals are classified. Let’s say there was another great ape, kind of similar to a gorilla but with white skin and light silky fur, smarter, different muscular connections to the leg bones, shorter, much thinner nose and lips, higher slope on forehead profile, different colored eyes (a variety of colors, blue, green, violet- not just brown), plus different social behavior – calmer, more peaceful.

      Would these unique creatures just be lumped in as “more gorillas”??? No, absolutely not. They would be a unique type of animal with a different classification.

      How about birds? A pigeon and a dove, why make a distinction, they’re all just “birds” right! The color of their feathers, body structure and social behavior doesn’t matter, all birds are just the same, right?

      Utter bullshit.

        1. that’s why I haven’t even looked at the video to fucked up. I can handle some Mexican gang skinning a rivals face off and have him goink and shit but taking the Innocence way from a kid a little girl at that is pure evil and to sad to watch.

          1. It’s not sad to me, it just brings too many hands got shaky and my heart started racing after watching this vid.i was trying to laugh it off. I don’t get that emotional.ever.

        2. that’s why I haven’t even looked at the video to fucked up. I can handle some Mexican gang skinning a rivals face off and have him goink and shit but taking the Innocence way from a kid a little girl at that is pure evil and to sad to watch.

    1. No, you never thought it didn’t affect you. What you wonder and maybe worry about is HOW it affected you. From what little I’ve read of your contributions and comments, you are one of those who more than “survived”…You somehow miraculously wrung the right lessons from the pain and moved forward from what you suffered for that ‘education”…Not everyone who goes through that kind of crap does. Not by a long shot. You should be proud.

      1. @laurawrzeski for a moment you made me feel like a better person.thank you for that.
        I dont like talking about these things.Not because it’s hard for me but I understand it’s uncomfortable for the others who listen.Another reason is that I don’t want anyone to think that I’m looking for compassion.I don’t want empathy.I don’t want to be a whining pussy.
        I’m not proud of myself.This is how I moved forward-by suppressing all the hate inside me.coz you just can’t forget these things.

        1. The surname is a sad relic of a (yes, Polish) X who had a spectacular midlife crisis and dumped me after 35 years.

          I’d get rid of the name except that it’s my children’s name and because I suspect that the POS he left me for would be delighted if I did.

    2. Similar experience here with me. My dad always told me that i was a mistake and constantly screamed at me that he should’ve twisted my neck the very day i was born. He died when i was 15. That was the day God bestowed me with freedom, but as you said Regina, shits like these doesn’t just fade way. They remain to haunt the victims. I have been to the therapists so many times. I am ok now.

      1. Have you ever stood up to him? I bet the day he died was the best of your life.Was it fast or slow death? I hope it was slow so he had enough time to reflect on how shitty bastard he had been.
        People are ignorant.If you don’t want a child don’t fuck unprotected.Simple as that.Don’t blame the kid for your own fucking mistakes.
        Glad to hear you’re doing fine.

  4. The problem wasn’t just about the method. But how convincing the child was to believe that he will get kill for real. It meant the society this child living in. People can get kill just for “disciplinary” and everyone knows it, heard it and see it. Hell, there might be public excution for the “infidel”.

  5. Either they are getting ready to harvest adrenochrome or they are breeding psychopathic soldiers, they start them young, even younger. I know all you BG’ers remember the isis video of the young child (maybe 4 or 5 yrs old) with the pistol? Executing an adult male? Sad…

  6. My guess is that they (as in the adults) are some demented motherfuckers that kidnap children and hold them as sex slaves and in this short video they’re trying to get the child to comply to their sexual demands and are using the axe to threaten her.

    1. Covid-19, locusts, floods, droughts, lethal heat waves and war, war, war, war, war….I’m watching the news and thinking that Mother Nature has just about had it, especially with the nasty, overpopulated patriarchal societies closer to the Equator.

      Go, Mom N…GO…do your worst. It’s for the best.

  7. Ok so here it goes:
    I do not understand the language but I understand some of the words and the situation.

    So basically this is either somewhere in Kashmir or Northern areas of Pakistan. The place is probably a religious madrassa where people send their young kids 2 yrs plus to learn the basics and how to read Quran. The madrassa not just this one but all around especially for poor Muslim countries is nothing short of a Max prison facility where young kids are beaten and tortured on a regular basis by the Madrassa head referred to as ” Mullah” which I believe the person with the axe is if they take a leave of absence, dont memorize their lesson and for many other reasons.

    This guy just threatened the girl with the axe there are numerous cases where the Mullah have beaten kids so bad have broken their bones, fractured limbs, have hung them from ceilings, slapped so bad that kids have lost their eyesight and lynched kids black and blue you can you do the math that these Mullahs abuse their power and because of the religious factor most parents do not object or even dare to report them to the police or confront them. Its all just a F`d up affair where people in power abuse them without consequences.

    1. Those old religious rag head cunt must love it over there ain’t it? A harem where they get to deflower an adolescent girls, A school where they can beat the kids up for whatever the fuck Allah reason they can coming up with and best of all, No consequence because everyone believe they are doing a god’s work there. What a bunches of cocksucker.

      1. Yup that sums it up well.
        The people blindly send their kids, the mullahs with the religious impunity do as they please and for the people they are doing the Gods work so they cant be wrong or questioned. And in cases people have confronted Mullahs they have been shunned and ostracized so the consequences are more for the victim then the abuser.

        1. No wonder why middle eastern country are still a hell on earth. Don’t get me wrong, Other countries (western and asia) ain’t doing any better much in a way of protecting women or children. But atleast in other countries, They still get some platform, an organization or a sympathy from speaking against these kind of treatment. Middle Eastern? They are fuck through and through and there seem to be no way out of it. Damn it.

    2. She failed a test. She wrote down that Islam was a “The Religion of Peace” instead of ” The Religion of Pieces” . The rag-headed cunt was just teaching her the error of her ways. Can’t let their children get stupid notions like that now …

    3. Interesting! Thank you for this information. I find myself becoming more and more informed throughout the years with stuff that shows up on this site. It’s like pulling the blindfold off! Will you @Abbasilk friend me on here please?

  8. je n’est pas pu regardez cette vidéo entièrement …tellement que sa me touche de voir cette enfants traumatisé…par contre; regarder un bolose ce faire décapité ou autre sa me dérange pas du tout ,j’espère aussi que cette enfant ce vengera un jour ou l’autre t’elle est la lois .
    sa fait trop pitié.

  9. I see comments kids out of control need to be disciplined like this. And now it happens and its pitch forks for the guy? A lot of hilary supporters on here. I guarantee after this punishment she wont do what she did anymore. When you do it this way you only have to show them once not to do what they did again. She will be an angel the rest of her life and not grow up with an attitude to be a diva around men spending their money monkey branching from men to men. Now she will be good woman to one man cooking and cleaning to serve him well. all from a experience that was less then 1m without one hair harmed on her head. But at the same time to let her know how fragile her life is when she pisses off the wrong person. We see it on all these vids people do bad things to wrong person and they die just like that but with their head disconnected from their neck. He showing her reality at a young age so she will be ready for the real world in the future where there might not be a pussy pass.

  10. Yes, you are right. The Jews take Christian children and grind them in in these huge VitaMix machines, then add a bit of chocolate syrup, and enjoy a refreshing drink. The Jews have horns, they use those funny hats to cover them up. Because they also have big noses and thick lips, they started this virus business so that they can wear masks and not be identified as Jews. Clever of them.

  11. as a kiddo my uncle did this shit to me, he had a whole toolbox meant for construction and/or torture. i mean, i turned out just fine if you ask me; then again, I am on this site so you be the judge of that

  12. Religion is what mostly makes this world a fucking disgrace to the universe. Its better to be an atheistic satanist or atheist than to do this shit. Fuck Islam, ISIS fuckers all need to be hung or blown up in my opinion. If you this religion will help you out from whatever shitty situation you have got yourself in you are wrong.

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