Chilean Thief in Rough Shape Gets Rock Rubbed in Wound

Chilean Thief in Rough Shape Gets Rock Rubbed in Wound

Chilean Thief in Rough Shape Gets Rock Rubbed in Wound

According to the backinfo I got, this was filmed in Chile. The video shows a man who allegedly tried to steal from someone and was delivered a beating.

The thief is in rough shape, hardly responding to any outside impulses, but still breathing. In the second half of the video, the guy filming the aftermath rubs a rock in the thief’s head wounds.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish for the video:

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  1. Nothing hurts more than having your nose/face repeatedly smashed into the ground when your nose has already been broken in more than one place. And the poor dude, he is so weak from what seams like the multiple beatings that were delivered to him that he can barely even let out a moan 🙁

    1. Eh could be worse though. As Heath Ledgers Joker said, “Never start with the head. The victim gets all fuzzy. He can’t feel the next… (blow).” In this case though, he’s probably concussed and slipping in and out of consciousness.

  2. Yeah, smacking his already damaged face on the ground is a bit harsh. I’d have rubbed salt into his face instead. That would sting like a mofo. Thing is, you never have a bag of salt handy when you’re lucky enough to encounter a thief being beaten up.

  3. The guy is saying”You dare to break into my son house?Now I going to kill you!!oh looks like a bust an eye,I going to bust the other one to leave you blind!!all that while calling him “Huevon”That’s a Chile or and Argentina slang for ass hole.I hope I help a little.

  4. For anyone who’s asking, he says
    “Do you like it right motherfucker? You‘ve broken into my son’s home you bastard fuck.
    I’m gonna kill you now motherfucker, I’m gonna kill you now.
    Do you like it? It was my son motherfucker, It’s my son did you hear that? *Something I don’t understand, probably threatening other thiefs*
    You do like it right? me exploding your eye, but the other side is still there too.
    Look, I’m gonna fuck your other eye for being a stupid cunt, I’m gonna fuck your eye and make you blind, cunt.
    There you’re blind, for being a cunt.”

    Hope that helps

          1. It’s a scene from ”A Serbian film”.Come on-bald with dark sunglasses.Doesn’t he look familiar? Haha dunno, maybe it’s just me and my sick imagination 😛

    0:00 [*Burglar laying on his stomach, panting from the cameraman in the background*]
    0:04 [Cameraman]: You like this, huh, son of a bitch(?)? You came into my son’s house, you cocksucker. I’m gonna kill you know, ‘kay? I’m gonna kill you now.
    [*Cameraman pulls the burglars head upwards*]
    [Cameraman]: You like this, huh? [*slams burglars face onto the ground*] He was my son, pussy [*another slam*] he IS my son, did you hear me? [*tries to slam burglar’s face on the ground but barely misses*] tell all those other burglars to never come here again, ‘kay? Here you [**gotta be honest i barely understood his accent here**] did you hear me? Huh? [*cameraman gets a close up of burglar’s face*] You like this, no? Looks like your eye has burst. [*cameraman turns his head*] You still need your other side, too. [*cameraman procures a small stone and begins rubbing out the burglar’s other eye*] Look, I’m gonna burst your other eye for being a lazy bum. Your other eye, for being a bum, I’m gonna leave you blind. [*cameraman continues rubbing his eye out, panting from adrenaline and anger*] I’m gonna leave you blind, for being a bum.
    -video end-

  6. Why do people behave like this.
    Yes, I’ve been stolen from.
    Yes I’ve been humiliated.
    Yes, I’ve been cucked.
    Do I desire violent vengeance on my aggressors ?
    Am I a Jesus lover ?
    Give me a break.
    It’s as simple as this:
    Physical vengeance is not justice.
    It’s sick and perverted.
    I know many of you lot get a hard-on watching this violence play out in your living rooms.
    Yes, I’m all for freedom of speech but how long, are you , the moderators of this forum, going to continue to allow me to express my opinion before cutting me off completely?
    You’ve done it before.
    How can you scream: “foul !” to the various internet authorities when you, yourself operates one of the most heavily censored comments sections when it comes to comments that you don’t particularly like ?
    Talk about pot calling kettle black!
    “I demand my First Amendment Rights” whilst you continue to censor your own comments section much more zealously than anywhere else in the internet media space?
    I’m guessing this may be my last comment.
    W’ell see.
    Not onlt that, but let’s see how long, (if at all), this particular comment is “allowed” to remain.

  7. The Amount Of Anger One Must be feeling in order to do such a thing to another human being is simply appalling to say the least! I Am Almost Certain That All That This Poor Victim Was Found Guilty Of,,,
    Was To Simply State *The Hurtful-Truth* & that was to Say That The Earth Was Flat. R.I.P. Dude 🙁

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