Chinese Girl Kicked in Naked Crotch by Schoolyard Bullies

Chinese Girl Kicked in Naked Crotch by Schoolyard Bullies

Chinese Girl Kicked in Naked Crotch by Schoolyard Bullies

This happened in June of 2015 in China. In the short, 6 second video a high school girl is shown being kicked in the crotch by her female classmates.

The bullies have stripped the victim off her underwear and one of them kicks her in the naked crotch, as others keep her pinned to the ground with legs spread apart. One of the bullies tells the kicking bully: “Kick her harder so this’ll be the last time she bleeds from there.

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93 thoughts on “Chinese Girl Kicked in Naked Crotch by Schoolyard Bullies”

    1. There is a video, of an army girl getting full on kicked in the twat by some dude wearing army boots. She actually volunteered for that shit. I thought it was still somewhere online, but I can’t find it anymore. Seen it on someone’s phone who was in that unit. Haven’t seen it in a long time, but it looked pretty painful. LoL

        1. IDK one was murdered in a road and the other is actually missing, there is like 5 persons who mess with me in the past and currently they re dead, im very peaceful and relax guy but i have a strong karma i think.

      1. I had the same experience with a teacher in high school who hated me, i ”cursed” her and lo and behold she got sick and died. At first i was glad, later on i felt guilty for wishing her dead. I don’t hope i had anything to do with it but i channeled all my anger at her and wished she would die…you never know what forces there are, what we cannot see.

  1. All those years nothing really got me way this did, brought me to tears. The most excruciatingly painful 6sec I’ve ever witnessed. Vagina is sacred only to be accessed lubricated in order to reduce friction & possible discomfort. Yet these ruthless savages, pure filth, disrespected & abused such a fragile part of a female body. These brutal beings should be flayed then skinned alive & finally chopped to pieces with a blunt object

  2. @Ernie
    Asian porn is super annoying I looked everywhere couldn’t find the uncensored version of the japanese porn ‘the lactating neighbour’

    You get occasional glimpse of the anus due to poor editing other than that just blurred heavily pixilated hairy pussy

    Lots & lots of milk though. I’ve heard cassava consumption makes african women extraordinarily milky perhaps asians have learnt a thing or two from their african counterparts

  3. China and the Chinese, Organic cultural cruelty no GM input required……

    The truth is that the Chinese are (on average) naturally one of the curliest manifestations of the human race.

    This why Chinese history and culture is what it was/is. This is also why there is zero social cohesion in China throughout history and thats why the got the rulers and dynasties that they did. If you fall down in the street in a Chinese city, (especially if you’re Chinese) don’t expect anybody to stop or check you out. They will walk over you and you might have a slim chance if you’re a foreigner.

    Bullying and cruelty go hand in hand and often begin in earnest in the school yard. It’s somewhat unusual for young females to be so harsh to go for the cunt like that anywhere, except in China. You can just imagine how animals are treated in China, especially outside the best parts of the growing modern cities. Chinese adults are often very cruel to their kids as we have seen in many beating videos, so you lay the seeds of cruelty and inhumanity through parental love and affection?

    As the the Chinese ironically say ” give me the child till he/she are 5 and I will give you the man/woman!

  4. Ugh no way … come on do they really have to do that … when I was their age we guys would contest to hit that and eat it up …. but this … just haves no name … lulz D,; .. -_-,… is she even alive when this done to her ? … shame

    1. That was mean! But I’m praying the same thing!! Why isn’t this a crime, punishable with prison time, where sadistic guards can repeatedly rape these sexually assaulting criminals? I do not understand why physical violence is minimized as nothing in schools, while sexual violence, like rape, is viewed as serious.

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