Chinese Woman Brutally Beats Her 2 Year Old Child with a Cane for Wetting Herself

Chinese Woman Brutally Beats Her 2 Year Old Child with a Cane for Wetting Herself

A young Chinese woman was secretly filmed on video brutally beating her 2 year old child with a cane, and kicking and slapping her allegedly for wetting herself. No wonder she wets herself if this is how she gets treated by the very person who should be protecting her.

The toddler’s ordeal was filmed by a neighbor who witnessed the beating from a window above the garden. Her mother whipped her across the legs as she stood there helpless and crying, with her pants around her ankles.

It could be argued that the witness had better confronted the mother and stopped the beating, but whether that would prove effective is questionable, as mother just could take the girl into the house and carry on there. Either way, a confrontation would at best prevent this one beating, whereas the video has a better chance of preventing all future ones.

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          1. Dont start with this fuckin ‘cant have morals without god ‘bullshit. People knew long before god was invented what was right and wrong. Morality comes from within not from some sky god. Obviously some people lack this innate morality, just the way it is. Read the old testament and tell me if you think thats a good basis for morality.

        1. That really makes feel good….to not have had a “mother”……now
          This poor thing ( the mother) is probably doing what she knows best…. beating the shit out of her kid like a mom probably did to her….concerning the kid ……
          If she survives she’ll be stronger
          She maybe be fucked up though!!!

    1. I would assume culture and past traditions. Of course, that’s coming from the country where thousands of baby girls were supposedly killed, tradition being that boys hold more prominence. Apparently this bitch could care less about her own boy. He made her late for fuck-all, probably not even cleaning up his sheets and making him sleep in them. That way she still has time to give away her diseased snatch to keep the fridge stocked with beer.

        1. @iluvmygramps: God damn it, why do people do this shit? Well I know why they do this shit, because of poverty, or substances or mental illness BLA BLA BLA.
          What makes us different from the apes is our ability to utilise or brains ( and something about our thumbs which is beside the point) and recognise that our behaviour is inhumane, immoral, unethical and just disgusting………

          The FV is a very ugly and putrid species. We need to be culled and made extinct ASAP.

          1. @iluvmygramps: I meant to say sorry to hear that happened to you. It shouldn’t have, and people that commit crimes against children are of the lowest fucking order and should be sterilised if they can’t control their fucking hideous behaviour. They are weak little fucks that deserve no sympathy what so ever……….

    2. Chinese only care about money and self-gratification, they will gladly wipe out all the world’s rhinos and tigers just to get a 3 inch erection, and these are the people who are going to rule the world for the next 50 years. If you thought the US was bad as an arbiter of world “justice”, you haven’t seen anything yet.
      Oh, and apparently they have no idea what child protective services are for.

      1. Say what, your talking about the Chinese being money loving sex addicts who kill animals for self pleasure. Wow, the Americans are 10 times as worse. American child protective service is a joke why don’t you look up the cases where children have died because of their failure. Americans would rather spend money on things they don’t need rather than help people in the US who are starving and in need. I am sorry but America is way worse than China at least they still actually kill those criminals who commit murders and so forth unlike the US where they sit on Death Row and we pay out of our pocket to shelter and feed them. Your comment is just stereotyping Asians in general. Also your comment about killing animals why do we have so many endangered species here in the US, lets see over zealous hunters who feel like shooting anything that moves in the forest.
        Again I am sorry but we have way more crime and abuse here in the US we just choose to ignore it and move on.

        1. Just different levels of self importance guys it all goes the same way. No more point in arguing it anymore. Weve let the world become a place that breeds scum. This fucked up idea of individuality and ethnic diversity has got to go. All societies are founded in a history of bloodshed and tyranny that breaks the soul. Victims we are all. So why fight over whos hands a bloodier. Or souls are more tainted. Its lame and short sighted. Ultimately none of us are the people we wanted to be as a child at least preciouse few are. And at least take the time to understand that niether is this chinese woman. And after this niether is that child. We react out of anger over this from our own experiences. In that we are the same. Dont fucking care what colour you are.

          1. @Dulph. So ethnic diversity is the problem in China? Lol the problem is money. The problem is greed. The problem is power. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin. A chink will kill his own kind to gain power. A white will kill other whites to gain more power. A nigger will kill to drive a cadillac escalade. There is no more Chinese, Mexican, white, just poor and rich. That’s it. Only the poor fight about the color of their skin because they got nothing else to fight for. No company over seas making you millions, no weapon contracts, no running for Congress using middle class tax payers money. The rich don’t pay taxes. That’s how much power they have. You work hard and earn less. Yet you think you have the power to control your own destiny.

          2. @elma first the problem is confined to china andi never said ethnic diversity is the problem in china but feuding sets of beliefs all over the world is one of the problems. People are people gods are a fucking joke. Believing we are different is a fucking lie. As ive said before if we throw out stupid fucking beliefs for a mutual understanding then they cant use our religions and cultures to destroy us anymore can they. As for this woman where do you think she learned the behavior from. You clearly misunderstood my statement. Greed money blah blah blah all rooted in BELIEFS. This world was poisoned with them so were people. The rest are symptoms. No matter what colour you are. My comment was not racially motivated i dont give a fuck what colour you are. Scum is scum. Red yellow whiteblack milato. But people are people and they get that way for a reason and that reason is not defined by thier race its defined by beliefs. Or maybe you didnt recognize the statement without the chinks and niggers and spics thrown in

          3. @Dulph. I was also trying to answer gaboon. So my comments got all mixed up. But you’re right. And I am used to seeing every race thrown in comments as the culprits. Except for the whites. They are saints. I saw ethnic diversity and I misunderstood what you meant. Most use that as the excuse for the world’s problems. But it’s pushing culture and religion that are the main reason of the problem when it comes to everyday people. So they act like savages, religion and culture are old. And they should be left in the past.

        2. @mista -You are accusing Bubba of stereotyping while you yourself are doing the same. I am American, and yes, the system has many flaws. I am, however, grateful to live in a country where I am for the most part at liberty to live how I choose. Also, you stated that Americans are selfish and self gratifying and that people will buy things they did not need rather than help the poor. I myself am not wealthy, but I pay taxes just like everyone else into a system where there are numerous programs to aid the less fortunate. Why should those that are well off spend their hard earned income (outside of paying the standard taxes) supporting those who are less well off. Many of those who are on programs like welfare or food stamps or have HUD housing or receive SSI (feel free to look those programs up) often cheat the system in some way or another. I say that based on personal observations over the last 20 or so years. I also have to wonder, since you are so quick to point the finger at others, do you use your hard earned money to support the bum down the street or do you have amenities you enjoy like satellite TV and/or radio and a vehicle, etc? Do not judge lest ye be judged… Oh, I think you get the point.

        3. One more thing @mista. There are endangered species everywhere. As a matter of fact, America ranks pretty low on the scale for number of endangered species. Countries like Africa and Australia and Brazil have a great many more endangered and critically endangered species than America.
          America has instituted many effective conservation programs, and unlike lawless places like parts of Africa, poaching, while it does exist, is not an off the scale issue.

    3. been watching best gore for a wee while now and have no problems watching beheadings or suicides or some of the other vids here. but theres something about the abuse of children makes me sick. hope the dude filming this passes it on to the yellow social services

      1. We can only hope that that was their motive for video taping this. For all we know, they could get off on it. Maybe this lady and her child give some sort of sexual gratification to who filmed this. IT’s sick, I know, but so many people get off on nasty shit.

    4. No they’re not Godless people you would know that if you knew anything about China. And you don’t have to have a God to have morals I know many atheist who have better morals than any religious person. they get it because they know what’s wrong to hurt someone.

  1. Shit I had to fast forward that it was too sickening to watch. I wish the person filming above had poured boiling oil over the bitch. Evil bitch should know a two year old doesn’t have full control of their bladder at that age, even if she was older why the fuck would you beat a child for wetting themselves? Hope the authorities see this and do something also hope the neighbour’s beat her arse. She definitely needs some face canning.

    1. I felt the same anger but pouring boiling oil over her would have most likely resulting in the child getting splashed too, personally what I WOULD have done is if I was the neighbour she knew who lived above her, but please bear in mind I am a 6ft 6in very well built guy who hates violence towards woman, finished the recording, knocked on her door with a smile on my face as if I was saying hello waited for her to smile back then proceed to drag and throw her about by her hair and slam the vile cunt into every brick wall I could until she was reduced to tears of sheer agony like the poor child was, methinks the baby would it better than she would have!
      I don’t believe in Karma, it’s not my thing, but I do believe in an eye for an eye in some circumstances!

      1. Completely agree! Karma my ass! I would have done the same to her if not worse. There’s nothing I hate more than a big bully! I swear to god some people need a good ass whoopin! …..and some!

        @Reaper666 I think you may have won a few ladies hearts haha.. And she’s right.. Love a man we can wear our heels with,without him looking like a gimp he he

    2. This video is a month old, in a news article on chinatoday it said the woman is the child’s stepmother, the local police have refused to act, saying – ”there is nothing they can do.”, I’m unsure how they came to that conclusion given the video evidence, but that’s the official report..

      1. How the fuck is there nothing they can do??? She was kicking that child repeatedly in the head at the end! How is that ok?? If I was the neighbor recording this I would have dropped something huge on that cunts head! This makes me so angry and sad that there is proof of such brutal abuse yet nothing will be done 🙁

        1. It depends on the region you live in. If you lived in Shanghai, Beijing or other more advanced cities, the police “might” help. But if you live in the rural country side or the suburbs, the police probably wouldn’t even blink.
          It’s kind of like the Ghetto, unless there’s a body on the street the cops wouldn’t go mind some nigger’s business(no offence to you decent black folks). Or some southern US town, where everyone own tons of firepower and the Sheriff does too. The best thing we could do in this situation is to take the little girl to my home, that’s what I would do if I was the neighbor. The parents probably wouldn’t even care cause they are usually uneducated drunks. Then we can contact Human and Child caring agencies located in the advanced cities. They would deal with it way better than the cops.

        1. True Hunter, who knows what a dysfunctional adult that kid will grow up to be. I always say shit about what I would like to do to people, but honestly if I saw that women doing that the only thing that would stop me sidekicking her around the yard would be because I didn’t want to upset the kid anymore. If the kid wasn’t there I would get a big cane and break it on her.

    3. To wicked mama……
      I wish, she would be psychologically assessed. …
      And given a second chance……in america she would be taken care of.
      And in china …..I don’t know….???? Why…..because I never lived in china…and if I did I could talk about it……I live in america for over 20 years…… woman is asian…….American…..
      I notice that in america a lot of “some ” Americans are freaked out by different looking human species…….and guys like that are everywhere
      I say : vive la difference…..aren’t we …..After all just immortal
      Disguised souls……
      Post scriptum: I know it’s so good to pick on each other isn’t. ???….but This is Chinese ” ghetto” stuff. …..This is not china….There are
      Many beautiful souls in china too…..

  2. What a sorry cunt. It’s this sort of stuff that turns my stomach. It’s a loose bitch like her that help fuck the world up. I continued to wet the bed up until around 4 years of age, with no way of controlling it. At the time I lived with another family as my mother would work all day. I got a lot of shit from the mother because I would wet the bed, which I never understood as I cleaned the shit up. However this poor boy is only two years old, and the only person that’s ever going to love him is kicking his penis and beating the hell out of him. Despite my mother’s mental disabilities, she never did anything like this. It takes a real psychopath to beat on that boy, that’s real hatred.

  3. That is so bang out of order it is sickening. Kids wet themselves, it is something that they can’t control and feel embarrassed about. The very last thing any parent should be doing to a poor little kid in this situation, is beat them, which will surely only exacerbate the situation.
    That so called mother ought to be whipped herself…. Bitch.

          1. I need you guys in the ER with me. Just this morning a four year old little boy with a pretty bad cut on his head.. along with hand print bruises all over his body was brought in by his cracked out mother. She kept calling him a “dumb little shit”. I wanted to grab her by her hair and bang her face against the wall.

          2. @YNEX How are you guys doing in the ER now knowing a NYC doctor has contracted Ebola ? Are you guys taking extra precautions or is it business as usual ?

          3. @yournextexgirl how do you keep from slamming those parents in the face?!?! I’m amazed at the amount of restraint shown by my nursing friends in the hospital I work at, I couldn’t stop myself from at least saying something!

          4. @rayf It’s pretty much the same. We have to ask every patient if they’ve recently been to Africa and take their temperature with two different types of thermometers. Not a big deal. It’s definitely on everyone’s mind, we’re just not freaking out about it.

            @issues It’s not easy. You wouldn’t believe the amount of stupid that I see.

    1. After seeing those last kicks to the little girls body and face I would have placed my camera down and jump from the ledge with a flying kick to her face. After she was down I would give her some kicks to the body so she can relate. Sure, I’ll probably sustain some injuries, but her body will most likely break my fall.

        1. @itwasme,
          yea I know after I commented I thought about it. The person filmed it for a reason and maybe it was because they didn’t agree with what was happening.
          I just do not understand how the person just sat there watching. They could of at least yelled at the mother or something to stop it.

          1. it’s possible that this wasn’t the first time something like this happened, so the neighbour decided to film it to use as evidence against the mother. i’m not saying that it is the case, just that it’s a possibility.

          2. @reikoko
            Yeah that might be it.
            maybe the filmer had stopped it before and had no success so they decided to film it this time. I just hate to think that they sat there and didn’t do anything…

  4. its remarkable how 90% of videos involving child abuse involve women/mothers. yet your the first ones to scream youve been ‘sexually abused’ so many times or you felt threatened. i reckon half these in the media after the jimmy saville are scandal are liars. i also say forensic files and there was 10 episodes dediacted to poisioning deaths and 9 out of 10 were commited by women to gain financially over a partners death. there is something very evil in ALL women when it comes to money or when they have a chance of a power trip ie- usually involving beating a child or scheming or belittling a man. i think this is inherent somehow because it happens so much and has done throughout history. my conclusion – always be way when dealing with the female race because they are not the sweet caring compassionate people they claim to be. very sly very manipulative and very power/money hungry given a chance. and they will lie so easily if it saves their skin. just as evil as men but they have their own style.

      1. your wrong . your all genetically evil and money / power is something that will make a woman act up to the point of murder. its just if certain women choose to act on their genetic impulse or not is like you said down to wether the risk to them will mess up their life or not. if i could wave a wand and say you will be granted all the riches and happiness forever but you have to press this button and your partner dies women will push that button. women dont love men they love what that man can do for them at that certain time. if a man loses his home job and reputation does a woman stick aorund cos she ‘loves’ that man for who he is? nah does she fuck she clears off to the next man who can fulfill her needs. were just a means to an end for women wether its some dick or money or a home or a car a man provides. show me a woman who loves her homeless man and sticks by him in the cold streets .. nah not one. you ever see a homeless man cuddled up to his loving wife? nope she wont be there. women are programmed to love their children i grant them that but im sorry they never love a man. just what he can provide or fulfill for her at that time in her life.

          1. there are plenty of male gold diggers out there…damn I feel bad for all you men what kind of women have you been with…
            I have had some f’d up relationships from guys that beat me, and guys that were with me for my money and still I don’t group them all in one category…

        1. @duggeryandskulls
          I see you have been hurt by women in the past. ..
          you can’t group all women together in one category so don’t even try that….
          I won’t even get into it and try to prove you wrong because obviously you have a really warped way of thinking of women

        2. You’ve got me pegged all wrong @s&d. I’ve got my own place, I work hard to earn my own money despite a debilitating disease that had my doctors telling me to quit working 4 years ago, bought myself a brand new car with that cash I earned thru my sweat and tears, and I take care of my own business. You are right about the only thing I need a man for is a dick but that can’t really be helped now, can it?

        3. Well your one screwed up motherfucker. ANd your theory about wemen loving their children is dumm. get your head out of your ass and watch this video .And most of the time men will go for a womlooks instead of their morals and values so they brie all that misfortune on them selfs.

        1. problem dawn ? the fuck are you laughing at ? you mocking my views? you tell me dont group women then you clearly show your a 2 faced cunt by writing that comment then laughing . double standard cunt. and as for you chow mein go and cooks ome dogs you dirty little bitch.

          1. ooh, chow mein. you got me, that really hurt my sensitive feelings. but i can be the bigger person here. i cooked a little too much dog and cat meat, you want some? i’m willing to share 😀

    1. I think everyone, male and female, are capable of lying/deception/manipulation ect. As already stated it’s whether or not we choose to act on that. There will always terrible men and women and some of us have the misfortune of not only meeting them but having a relationship with them. I’ve met some pretty shitty men in my life but I refuse to believe all men are like that. I hope one day you can meet a girl who changes your mind and shows you there are some amazing women in this world.

  5. If having clear video evidence does nothing to protect this poor child from this fucking psycho then I hope next time the neighbor sees it happen they drop down on her head in a kamikaze attack and beat the shit out of her! I can’t believe that having video of her kicking the child repeatedly, in the head too, didn’t result in some sort of charges. I wonder if the father knows this is happening. Maybe he will beat the shit out of her and toss her out in the streets for treating his child this way!

    1. @Ive Got Issues, Wonder where the child’s biological mother is, if this is her step-mom? Hopefully the father will take some sort of action. I cannot believe the authorities won’t do anything about this. Hard to imagine what child abuse is over there, if this doesn’t qualify. Poor kid.

      1. I was wondering that too @IWM. Surely if the biological mother is alive and involved in the child’s life she would see the bruises on her child. All I can think of if this is a visitation situation is the poor child crying hysterically not wanting to go to her father’s to stay because of the evil witch who beats her :'(

  6. I live among these anamalia. I live on Saipan in the CNMI. There is a fucking Chinese invasion going on here and it has changed the entire face of the Island. The most notable, of course, was the arrival of the Triads – the Gook version of the Mafia. There was a ‘Joint Operation’ – meth bust – between the local police force and the FBI, ICE and other Fed agencies. 5 Chinese were arrested along with one local. Within 24 hours, a Chinese farming couple had their legs chopped off and their tin shack doused with gasoline and set ablaze. Cause of death: smoke inhalation. The message: you can’t run from us. The local cops, in on the drug trade, went right to their Gook handlers and informed. The result: 5 Gooks deported instead of brought to trial and 1 local set free. I know one of the lawyers who was assigned as a public defender. The fucking gooks were laughing…. ‘you no worry, we go home tomorrow lawyer boy!’.

    They were right

    This is paradise for the Triads. Due Process..?. Rights of the Accused…? They laugh. In China, the Government gets evidence and promptly takes these Gook cock suckers out back and pops them in the head. End of story.

    Everywhere these gook bastards set up shop, they scam. A good example: all Gook farmers use banned pesticides – NEVER eat their produce. Again, the locals are in on it… Bribed… This Island was always a little fucked, but now… Sky’s the limit…

    As for this fuckface, shithead gook ‘mother’, she should have her poisoned tits cut off and fed to her… Ass hole…. I’d raise that kid as my own in an instant. Something I have done before.

  7. This is horrific and sickening. This also happens more often than any of us would like to imagine. Children love and trust unconditionally, that child would have run right into her mothers arms had the beating stopped, to be consoled. Would love to beat this woman with an axe handle and dim sum.

      1. @POZ We agree 100% on that. If my kids are doing wrong I talk to them about it. I would rather have them remember what I say than have them remembering that he hit me. When is the last time anyone got hit and thought anything other than I want to hit back ?

        1. My parents never laid a hand on me. They taught me respect and dignity. In my family you just don’t act like in a disrespectful or selfish way towards others. I’ve never felt the need to question it, you just don’t do things to hurt people who don’t deserve it. I’m no pushover though, this woman disrespected her child by forcing her to expose herself and hurting her, she deserves to have the same done to her!

  8. Im in favor of corporal punishment but not on a two years old? This bitch is a fucking retard, that kid might not even fully understand what he did… That stepmom deserves a karate chop to the neck, an upper cut and a flying kick from Chun-Li..

          1. @rayf.. to think that hes not that tall.. and not that muscular at all. Ive seen him quite a few times when im still back home.. . i wonder where did he got that killer punch!

          2. @Cheeky the man has heart all day long. I hear that when he used to fight the government troops and rebels in the Philippine’s would declare a truce and not fight on the days he fought so everyone could watch him. He’s about ready for retirement now though. Hopefully he’s careful with his other life in the political ring, I hear they play rough there. That man is loved throughout the world.

          3. @rayf.. thats true! Everytime Manny was scheduled for a fight, its a traffic free day because no one wants to leave the house just to watch him.. Hes a good man indeed..

      1. @WM I’ll go with that, I have 5 ages 21 thru 5 and have never had to physically discipline a one of them. A word is all it takes to restore order at my house and that magic word is stop. Children learn what they live. If a child lives with praise they learn to appreciate. If a child lives with fairness they learn justice. If a child lives with security they learn to have faith. If a child lives with approval they learn to like themselves. I would imagine the woman in this video would know nothing of these things.

      2. @wickedmama. .
        Corporal punishment is hitting a child’s ass or hands with an open hand or a ruler, not like the one that you saw in the video…she keeps on hitting the kid like a crazy retard.. if you grew up in Philippines corporal punishments are a natural thing even in schools..

        1. We used to have it in our schools @cheeky, before my time, but I honestly believe it served a good purpose.
          There’s a big lack of discipline nowadays, particularly in schools, and the banning of corporal punishment is one of the reasons for it. It never harmed anyone in the long run.

          1. Ewe’s honestly would a canning at school ever stop you doing anything wrong? Me and my cousin had detention with the deputy headmaster once and couldn’t stop pissing ourselves laughing in his office. He was an alchie and started freaking out and slapping us around the head which made us laugh even more. Eventually he threw us out which we thought was great because we got out of our detention. A canning is far better than a detention.

          2. Very true!! The reason those Jock-ass bullies can act tough is the lack of corporal punishment.
            You whip his football playing ass a few times and the animal will learn to leave nerds alone.

        2. @ewe.. some of this kids now adays are losing their morals and respect to their parents and teachers.. as for me if my kid don’t listen to what im saying for the Nth time, better ready his/her ass for my long and thick ruler.. 😀

        3. Nice to meet you, cheeky!
          Corporal punishment is common and normal in almost every region of Asia.
          I had friends from the Us, Canada, Europe ect who visited me before that were shocked by how the locals punished their misbehaving children.
          They kept asking me”Hey man, why don’t they go to the police?” “Why don’t they tell their teacher about it ? WTF, teachers beat you too?” They just couldn’t understand it’s the culture. By the way, do they use ropes in the Philippines? I’ve only been beaten by bamboos, pipes, hoses and lumbers.

  9. So many questions about this video. Firstly, has this video been given to the police? Has the toddler been taken away from this monster and has she been correctly punished? Had I been living in China, I would alert the police to this video.. As to just be a spectator of this is not just irresponsible but immoral. Who filmed this video and can they give some information about it?

    1. Yes the police have seen the video. No the toddler has not been taken away. No, the mother has not been punished. In fact, reading several articles about this incident, the police have claimed there’s “nothing they can do”, which isn’t surprising since this is a nation that treats baby girls like jizz tissues and tortures animals to make their chodes look bigger.

  10. Somehow, I had great compassion for the mother. There must have been something traumatic that happened in her life, that made her beat her child like this. No normal mother would treat her child this way.

    I believe with proper counseling, prayer and community support, this woman could once again, be a responsible and caring mother.

    …then shoot her worthless ass!!

  11. Isnt this normal parenting in Soviet China? 😐


    “You wet yourself! *beats the fuck out of the kid with a stick*,
    You broke my stick! *slaps the kid hard*
    You broke my nail!! *Kicks kid several times*
    You soaked my shoes with blood and piss!! *randomly beats the fuck out of him* 😆

    1. Excellent commentary! I was wondering what that slanted cunt was saying….. I thought she was beating the kid because she brought shame to her families name, and indeed her entire Chinese culture by pissing in her pants, instead of in some westerner’s coke! 😉

    2. I was wondering what that slanted cunt was screaming at the poor kid… I thought she was beating the kid because she had brought shame to her families name and indeed, her entire Chinese culture… by pissing in her pants, instead of in some westerner’s coke! 😉

  12. I have a 2 year old myself. This video proves that some FVs are sub-vermin class. Two grave injustices are happening here. 1 poor kid gets this treatment. 2 I am nowhere near the mom. What I would do to it would make the worst torture BG has shown here over the years seem like a fairytale. … Vermin mom…you are lucky and also completely oblivious that you are.

  13. this was brutal…! why do these pieces of shit even have kids?? I just want to grab that little one and get her the feck out of there..
    no way would I be able to tape this for over 4min…I seriously would have had to beat the crap out of that tit…like holy shit those kicks and punches to the head alone would have killed her..i just don’t understand…she was a baby for fucks sake

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