Chink Exhausted with Motorcycle

Chink Exhausted with Motorcycle

In Asia, a chink gets exhausted after lynching.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 and @african-angel the video:

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          1. Yeah man the folks on this site are very strange in the fact that its totally not ok to see animals being fucked up but it is ok to see people tortured, murdered or accidentally killed in any way shape or form. Myself on the other hand think its more acceptable to see it happen to an animal vs. human, but ill watch either.

          1. You’re in the wrong forum Mr Mouse Killer, you need to be in “The Jeffrey Dahmer Junior’s apprentice ” site. Ask your mother to lower the internet security settings and look up “I like to hurt small animals whilst touching my genitals”. You’ll be right at home.

    1. Sure, and when he finishes torturing the critter, the star of the extended vid version of Big-Man Tortures A Mouse getting his balls torched in the final cut.

      I’m thinking a blow torch, starting at the toes, work it in from his extremities. No duct tape, we appreciate live commentary.

      Otherwise, not interested, but thanks for asking!

    2. No.

      Coincidentally, I watched some animal vs animal videos earlier tonight, which is something I almost never do, and, I admit, I felt “emotions.” Ugh, no thank you. More human blood please. I have no interest in animal gore, personally.

    3. Yes, just throw all the content you have here, don’t bother with descriptions.

      I mean, it’s terrible when innocent animals suffer, but it feels me with rage and hate towards the one who does the torture, which is one of the reasons I visit BG – to constantly remind myself of the true nature of humankind.

    4. depends. i once had a mouse in my house chewing stuff up all the time. even when i was watching tv in middle of the day that arrogant little shit kept on chewing something. it really got on my nerves. i once saw it just walk across the floor like it owned the place, i had airsoft pistol next to me on table. i took a shot and hit it in the leg. broke that bastard’s leg, then i put it in a box and tortured it for days before finishing it off with another airsoft shot in the face.

      i’m not sadistic by nature, but when some little shit like that just keeps on chewing stuff in my house for weeks, that just flicks me off. i was so angry at that little critter and i wanted it to feel the pain i felt.

  1. That happened in the philippines, the cameraman say’s “mukha mukha mukha”, mukha means face, seemingly commanding the guy holding the lynched man to put his face on the exhaust (which fails as he ends up ramming over the poor guy). I couldnt understand what they’re saying in the middle of the video, but in the end, the cameraman says “diyan” thrice, which means “there”, but what he meant to that was to position the lynched guy properly (so that they could finally aim the face to the exhaust properly).

  2. Goddammit mothafuckers …….get fucking restarted by Just stripping the rice eater naked first ,and let the searing exhaust iron out his furrows and burrows as that would be some lynching.

  3. For those who dont know where the incident is? It happens in indonesia, exactly in my hometown Bandung.

    So they use their local language called Sunda “Sundanese”, i didnt now about the news or information about that but from the video i can hear that the guy who run over by cyclist seems to be the suspect of theft, robbery or something that made him fault.

    I’ll give u translation for what they said :
    Crowd : cicing, cicing, buka buka…. (“Dont move, dont move, open it.. open it”, maybe they want to open his pants to made him naked)
    Suspect : Kela a, abi teu salah nanaon (wait a second dude, i’m not guilty of what happens)
    Crowd : jang jang geus jang geus jang… (Hey dude.. hey dude.. just stop it, it’s over).

    FYI, it has been the way of us to made a criminals, bandit or anything like that be cured of a habit and give’em fear to dont do that anymore. But actually it still be the wrong way, what we gonna do is to take’em to police n let the law do the best.

    Sorry for my bad english

    1. Your English is better than my “Sundanese” thanks for the translation.

      Just wondering if “open it.. open it” mean’t the guy’s pants or asking the rider to open the throttle.

      Why was that guy in the red hat trying to undue the guys pants?

      He can’t get enough dick?

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