Christmas Thief Gift Wrapped in Plastic, Spanked Off Naughty List in Sinaloa, Mexico

Christmas Thief Gift Wrapped in Plastic, Beaten Off Naughty List in Sinaloa, Mexico

CCTV records a theft in progress outside the neighbors of Stanza Toscana and Calle Alto, in Sinaloa, Mexico. During the nighttime crime, thief is checking a list and checking it twice. On that list: Christmas lights and ornaments.

Homeowners catch Grinch in act and bring him inside house to gift wrap him in plastic, super tight. The hog-wrapped thief is hard spanked with wooden paddle on skin and bone. A brief whacking session brings out the holiday spirit in the man and warms his vocal chords.

After feeling the spirit within his soul, he belts out an original acapella tune, serenading his captors in the process – A priceless and selfless gift!

Props to Best Gore member @masterplan for the video:

123 thoughts on “Christmas Thief Gift Wrapped in Plastic, Spanked Off Naughty List in Sinaloa, Mexico”

    1. I couldn’t work out what I was looking at, at first, but now I see it: It looks like a fckn silver version of the Creature From The Black Lagoon, but can’t swim as well.

      .. No … The Creature from the Black-Ass Lagoon !! Hee hee..

          1. @hopingfornemesis I do value human life. The truth is there are thousands of people murdered everyday and we only see a small percentage of those murders on here. Nothing creepy about it m8. The world is what’s creepy. I doubt you’ve ever lived in a third world country or truly feared for your life so I don’t expect you to understand. You get a very skewed perspective of the world living in Australia. At least you can see a bit of reality on this site.

          2. Agreed @amurdereveryday1

            Dumb Fuck Indeed! But That “HARD AS FUCK SMACK/WHACK” near the end,,, The One Where He Brilliantly Bunched his Fingers-Up Against His Tailbone,That Was The Money-Shot!
            That Little Puffer-Boy Was Just A Begging For A Whacking, If You Ask Me, That Stupid Fagot-Toe Fetish, Snorting Fruitcake. You Could Actually Hear His Fingers Break! 🙂

          1. It did look a bit bloody.

            Someone needs to find the video of the nordic chicks that got beheaded and throat gashed in Morocco.
            I read it is going around on morrocan social media.
            It’s all I want from Santa!

          2. @xavior99
            I read about the Nordic chicks but the report i saw did not mention beheading etc. I bet they were bumfucked /raped as well.

            Funny how the report i saw never mentioned beheading or throat cut etc. That way we might believe it was a fellow European who chanced upon them and killed them ! Yeh. That is right!

            We wouldn’t want to upset our “Moderate” muslim buddies now would we?

            @ak47 normally gets access to those but i don’t think he likes me anymore because as a North African he does not like me mentioning moslem barbarities.

        1. Yeah, I don’t have ‘skin’ either, some Jewish trained scalpel cunt took it off in the late 60s, while I was screamin’ like a stuck Pig!! Fck Jew cnts & their sand nigger customs! Although .. It does look better in Porn .. Hee hee…

        2. Nems, I recently watched a documentary called American Circumcision. I watched it on Netflix, but I’m sure you can find it anywhere. I actually learned a lot from watching it. I would highly recommend it to anyone who cares about educating themselves.

        1. Well .. This has been the fate of several ‘break n enter’ dudes.. My rule of thumb is: If you’re smart enough to break in .. For God’s sake .. be smart enough to get da fck out!! .. Cause if you don’t .. God knows what will happen to yr black nigger ass …… Fckn Tar Monkeys !!..

          1. But .. For those who like poems, I did write a teeny weeny one just for Jack (Don’t tell him, or he’ll come here & read it!)

            BAD HALLOWEEN – a poem by bad fairy

            ‘Twas Halloween week
            We played hide n seek

            ‘Twas my turn
            Then I saw it: Jack-O-Lantern

            I spoke the cursed name:
            jack, JacK, JACK

            Then I heard that JackOff sound:
            Whack, whack ,whack

            I peeked out, round the Oak Tree
            ‘Twas JackOff – playing with his pee pee

            I crouched down lower
            My knees they did bend

            He was jacking off to pics
            Of nude boys and gay men!

            Now, I am not one for conflict
            And I hate to be blunt

            But believe me, dear reader
            This Jack’s just a cunt..

    2. If you are familiar with the song, the whacks on the human cocoon are set to the jolly tune of “Feliz Navidad”
      Feliz Navidad
      Feliz Navidad
      I’mma gonna give jew a mary Chismas
      etc, etc

  1. should have done this outside now they have possible HIV blood on the floor! Personally I’d never even stare at people from states like Sinaloa cuse those motherfukers are insane.

    1. Guaranteed the best babes in mexico are from sinaloa. But they are sure some fiesty putitas. Thicc and nice ma man. Id take a beating to get back at my phat ass ex. Too bad I was yung n dum to not take advantage as I shouldve. But hey, here I am watching this beaner gettin his ass hit to a fucking pulp and laughin. Greetings mi lord.

    2. King of all black, white and red peoples in the Two americas; I did some more research on black mexicans etc but surprisingly found out that lots of sinaloa and jalisco people have greek blood. Maybe explains the looks and booty that the narcolord girlfriends have? At least that is what a few websites said. Apparently they are miss universe hot! I remember seeing one narcolord’s girlfriend who was chopped up. They had shaved her head but she was still exquisitely beautiful.

      I even read that there is a Usa indian tribe living in Mexico that went there for asylum from the cavalry etc and stayed there. Very interesting.

  2. Was he bleeding from his ass or was that red underwear?… fuck it. Now they just gotta string the fucker up, hang him upside down and let all the kids have a go. What better family activity to do during Christmas.

    Also I remember seeing The Grinch in cinemas as a little kid.. me and my friend at the time who I saw it with did Grinch impersonations for the rest of that Christmas after seeing it lol.

    1. Who would be yr fckn friend? You sperm-bank!! .. Who would go to the fckn movies with yr white nigger ass ?? A gay trasvestite from NY?? .. A nigger from the South ?? Or a gay cow-poke from Kansas?? Fckn Little white monkey!! …

      1. You know, speaking of the Grinch… that kinda looks like him in your avi… and you’re attitude is alot similar to his too… wait.. was that you in the video?! Oh you fucker it IS you! Look at you! Even got the green socks and everything lol! I said it back then that the Grinch was a no good green turd and always will be.. I was right.

        1. Look .. I was half pissed when I wrote that last one .. But .. as for my Avatar, as alot out there know, it is Ed the Head from Irn Mdn, which is actually based off some poor Nippon cunt who had his face melted in WWII. If you know the story .. do tell more..

          1. I was fully pissed, I had 12 tall cans of Carlsberg Ale .. I just wrote ‘half pissed’ because it has a better overall ring to it, and looked better on the page ..

  3. The description was beautifully written, VNJNZ. It brought a smile to my face. Few are able to render the kind of humor that I have developed from looking at the world for what it is, and not trying to pretend it is some way other than it is.
    Excellent work. End
    @ VNJNZ

      1. Yes sir. I mean a guy is forcibly constrained, and is repeatedly forcefully struck in the ass by angry strangers – then to mix into that equation – “holiday spirit”, spontaneous acapella singing, selfless gift- it is all just the perfect interpretation of this event.
        You are indeed welcome.

  4. … Wrap’m up in plastic,
    quick, quick, quick..
    … Fetch me my gloves and the ol Taint stick…

    Ha, ha, ha… We’ve gone to far..
    Ho, ho, ho… I dont think so..

    .. Thievin fuk thought he was
    slick,slick, slick..
    … Now he’s gettin beat..
    With the ol Taint stick…

    .. I’m sorry guys.. This video put me in a festive mood…

  5. A brief whacking session brings out the holiday spirit in the man and warms his vocal chords. (not sure if chords – vs cords – is a pun, but no matter)

    Every day this guy comes up with such wit and repartee! A true riot.

    1. Ru “Russia” or *Mother Russia* as she is often Respectfully Refereed To, has always been, and continues being In My View The Best, Toughest Country on the planet *I LOVE HER DEARLY*

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  6. I love this kind of shit, unfortunately I live in a country where I’d get a bigger punishment for taking out revenge on a thief that stole something from me than the thief itself. It’s a pity because I’d love to torture someone for hours or months on end but maybe someday I will be able to, a man can dream.

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