Compilation of Violent Robberies Recorded in Bogota, Colombia

Compilation of Violent Robberies Recorded in Bogota, Colombia

In a Thesaurus, Colombia is listed as a synonym of violence. It’s true – you should check it out. If your thesaurus says something different, it’s just a sign that it’s outdated.

This video is a compilation of recordings from Colombian capital city of Bogota. Each recording captures gangs of thieves or thieving individuals separating other individuals, or the state from their rightful possessions. Credits for the video go to Colombian filmmakers Miguel Gutierrez, Juan Pablo Mendez and Fernando Vasquez. This video was put together by Ciudad X de CityTV.

The first victim in the video – it appears as though the robber approached him with some kind of casual question which the victim attempted to answer. As soon as the victim realized that this was a robber with an accomplice, he made a dash for it, but could not get too far. It didn’t look like he had anything of value on person, though. The victim appeared to be kind of a nerd who may have had a decent job – maybe the robbers thought he’d have something?

At the 0:49 minute mark it looks as though some kind of junkie street hooker high on crack was trying to score a customer. He wasn’t interested in a filthy whore but since he was dressed in a business suit, she kept harassing him until a few of them filthy whores joined in to keep him distracted for an opportunity to pick his pockets.

Then there’s this guy who’s climbing a public lamp post to steal its plastic cover. This very much reminded me of Eastern European gypsies who steal anything that’s not welded onto an unmovable object. Whether they may have any use for it or not is irrelevant. If it’s stealable, they’ll steal just on principle. Looks like some Colombians are not too different. Pretty sad, especially since nobody interferes with the guy in any way. He’s taking part of the lamp post like it’s his own property.

The useless fuck who tries to steal a briefcase of another businessman at around the 2:19 minute mark appears to have a knife and attempts to stab the victim. He’s pretty fucking useless at it and eventually fails to steal the briefcase because somebody interferes. The assailant casually walks away knowing that he’ll be back for his next victim soon.

Perhaps the most WTF worthy are the thieves of car sideview mirrors. They again appear to approach the motorists with what would seem as a legitimate question so the motorists stop and while one keeps them distracted by having them look one way, a thug standing on the opposite side of the vehicle applies his weight to break the mirror off and run away with it. It’s very “Eastern European gypsies” again.

These thieves operate as openly as panhandlers here in Alberta. Completely unfazed by the fact that they may be seen and giving no thought to possible consequences of their actions because there likely will be none. It’s truly appalling that they don’t hold back in any way. No second thoughts, nothing. Not even an attempt to hide who they are.

Props go to to Best Gore member salva-.- who looks like he’s barely 13, but he’s actually just turned 18 so he’s allowed on BG. They must start fucking at a very young age in Colombia and it gives them youthful appearance. Nothing wrong with that:

If you suffered through whole 5 minutes of audio torture which accompanies this video, you probably need an immediate fix for your ears before you cut them off. So here it is. Did you know “Killing In The Name” is 20 years old now?

If you’ve never seen Rage Against the Machine live, you’re a poor fucker who will have lived life without any worth. Unless of course you got to see Metallica live with Cliff Burton cause if God exists, he would have been at each of those shows, headbanging right in the front row, right under the stage, drooling as Cliff shreds his bass to Pulling Teeth.

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          1. Aw sorry Jesus…

            Expectations are bad m’kay ~ you’ll be disappointed a lot having expectations.
            Trust me… I learned the hard way.

            Besides, I think my bitch is VERY sexy!

          2. Very nice Leslee.

            You certainly do have Greensleeves.

            I know enough about Cannabis to know that they require an awful lot of care and attention.

            Although… I am what Tulio likes to call a TEMPERANCE WANKER… Haha. I don’t smoke and barely drink much anymore…

            I say that as I suffer with a nasty hangover.

          3. @Spankmy…
            Get back to me around November.

            You grow your way and I’ll grow mine.
            I’ve most likely been growing longer than you have been on this planet.

  1. I believe I said before, if some chimp ever tries to rob a store I happen to be behind the counter of, you better believe I got a finger on the trigger as soon as I see that mook walk into my shop. I’ll get one of those door locking buttons and start shootin away.

    Got an old police riot gun at an auction for $250. No safety, extended mag 12-gauge Mossberg. 9 rounds as fast as you can pump and pull a trigger. I could cut Gypsy robber scum in half.

  2. Thanks for the music Mark – you must have been reading my comments about the shitty music (if you can even call it that) on the gore videos. Thanks for waking up my ears with something descent ๐Ÿ™‚ I

    preferred the ‘Killing in the Name’ video, I would love to have been at that concert.

  3. Thanks for the music Mark – you must have been reading my comments about the shitty music (if you can even call it that) on the gore videos. Thanks for waking up my ears with something descent ๐Ÿ™‚

    I preferred the ‘Killing in the Name’ video, I would love to have been at that concert.

  4. Notice most of the scumbags are of the same skin-tone? I think its a little more than coincidental in the video montage. I can’t believe those fucking monkeys are so low as to take the side-mirrors off of cars.
    I’d like to see one of those guys get their face blown off by a driver smart enough to carry a gun.

      1. Shitholes? Pfff best country ever loser.. where are you from.. Mexico supongo pendejo, con ese nombre d naco animal q tiene,petatero hijideputa respete o d?game lo mismo d Colombia personalmente pirobo carechimba

    1. @Ramm- Maybe the person who made the compilation chose to only add clips of the blacks doing the crimes? Its a possibility to keep in mind. I am not racist as I dislike MOST of everyone equally. I am tired of human bullshit garbage.

      1. @Tulio- There is nothing sexual about me. I don’t have ‘relations’ with anyone anymore BUT when I did it was always with a white guy, I don’t remember this black man you speak of! I must have been drugged, drunk, or in a coma.

          1. @Rooster- Ah, I don’t give a fuck because I am just BLOWN away by my own state of mind, sleep deprivation, and sexual deprivation.

  5. these assholes are on a fuckin mission, they should have remote control 50 calibre fuck up sticks attached to those cameras though, you would get a double bang for your buck… i would gladly man it & feed them hungry pricks accordingly.

    1. Jeje funny you say that have you seen how they do that white powder, one ingredient is sulfuric acid and some farmers from the mountains with surely shit in his feet stomp it and before being white it looks coffee like a lot of shit and your two minutes of “i feel good” have cost a whole nation for over 30 years a really fucked up suffering but i know you dont give a fuck about a third world country, not even to the people here in Colombia give a shit thats why stuff like in the video keep happening every day and even worse stuff.
      /m/etallica /m/ great band

  6. Fuck yeah. Just in case anyone needed proof of how damn good Cliff Burton was, play generic hip hop then listen to anaesthesia…..shame he died before getting the wide spread recognition he genuinely deserved
    \m/ \m/

  7. Stealing mirrors, plastic lamp covers, what a bunch of pathetic useless vermin. Of all the things someone could come up with to steal. And the topper is taking them right off vehicles at a stop light. Why not find a parking lot somewhere…? Duh…

    1. Those mirrors are expensive, about $500 to replace on Chevy and Ford trucks and SUV’s. They are the automatic ones that have a switch on the inside. The parking lot suggestion is right, because you can just pop the mirrors out with a large screw driver. This is, or was a big problem along the Mexican border because thieves would just take them into Mexico and re-sell them for about a $100. Ford and Chevrolet are big down in ole Mexico. The drug and human smugglers love Ford and Chevy because you can cram a lot of product into them, whether powdery white, leafy green, or fleshy brown.

  8. I’ve been jumped once in broad day light, and robbed three times. I hate how now a days you cant even enjoy a peaceful walk down the street without having to worry about this shit happening to you. I also had to turn off the volume for this video.

    1. @ bomba,

      I understand exactly, you can’t walk down the street without listening to every footstep coming up behind. It sharpens your instincts though, I survived my muggins intact and it made me realise how much worse it could have been. I definately learned some lessons from them and some predatory maniac rapist would have a much harder time catching me off guard now.

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