Con Artists Receive Public Punishment, Mexico

Con Artists Receive Public Punishment, Mexico

Con Artists Receive Public Punishment, Mexico

In the city of Chiapas, Mexico, at the market of San Juan Tapachula, an alleged mother and daughter are caught trying to use fake money. They are publicly humiliated, they have their hair and clothes cut off. If that doesn’t teach them not to scam than I don’t know what will.

In the video they are shamefully lying on the ground, trying to cover up. One girl, with cute jeans I might add, cuts some hair off of the daughter, and another person cuts the jeans off her, reviling her lady parts, I don’t think her pussy passed this time.

The two walk away with a slap on the wrist, compared to what they do in Africa. The younger one waddles away with her tail tucked between her legs (or in this case, her cut up panties) like the guilty bitch she is. Good job mom, for comforting your child, after passing down your trash life skills to her.

Props to Best Gore member @mandingo7 for the video:

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          1. Sloppy Joe !! Aha ha ha. In Australia that is what we call a jumper – the other Aussie name for this piece of clothing……(yanks call them a ‘sweater’ which sounds disgusting by the way, like it would be sopping wet from soaking up all your sweat after a bout of exercise)…….

          2. I’ll bet it smelled great. Nice thing about those is they flush real easy, but they can leave a huge mess at the end if you spackle the bowl. And then you gotta wipe afterwards for like 5 hours. Sometimes you even have to come back later to finish the job. I hate trying to flush a lincoln log though. Especially when you have to flush those things like 17 times after breaking them up into little pieces with a plunger. God damn water saving toilets. How many prison tats did the Taco Bell employee have that served you? I’ve started a game of counting neck tats.

    1. Fuck-Mn,,, Since the Jew-Cunts are The Biggest Con Artists, & Bigots on Earth, we should send them all to Mexico, in order to get some beatings. But we will make sure to send them all in the bush where drug Lord Sicario’s are waiting with long-ass Dull Machetes for some live dismemberment’s.
      Now Would That Not Be Cool??? 🙂

      But Also,,, would it not be cool if they cut-off both of their ears,,, theie noses,,, and finally each of their 2 nipples?? Ohhhhhh, Yeaaa,,,, 🙂

          1. Me too, dont remember how I even found it but so glad. My husband cant stand seeing this sort if content.
            He says girls shouldn’t be into it! Huh…

          2. My roommate won’t look at anything with gore, it sucks sometimes because I want to share that shit! He does like me to read funny comments to him. He thinks we’re all sick fucks to look at the images here, but I feel like I’m among my peoples.
            Are you in ME? @blackbear

          3. @karmen40
            Hey to you! I’m doing pretty good, it could always be worse I guess. I’m always happy to see a notification from you, I’m grinning right now. 😀 We’re about to get over two inches of rain. I have to go batten down the hatches in a few of my summer homes I caretake out on an island.
            I hope things are improving over there, or did you just kill the dumb bitch? 😛 Some people are just monsters.

          4. @illegalsmile55
            fuck me mate, i wish it was that easy. As you can imagine, family dynamics considered, it is a pretty highly charged yet precarious situation.
            She will dump me brother once a better “punt” comes along. Of course, its no good telling him anything now. Man, i wish i had the space and time to tell you the whole story. Having said that – id probably just wind myself up [further]
            As far as my brother, Its an old and repetitive story with him and the women he chooses.
            Ive had her number from square one. As has my niece [brothers daughter]. If anyone ends up killing the dumb bitch, it will be her. The strongest, most tenatious, and most capable woman ive ever met….. amongst other, more gentle and loving characteristics of course!
            She would make mincemeat of that bitch. Again, if the lack of dynamics made it that easy.
            Fuken family,…eh?

          5. @karmen40
            I wish you could tell me the whole story, I’m a good listener and find psychos interesting. 😉
            I was “raised” by one of the most evil cunts who ever walked the earth….so I’m rarely shocked by anyone’s actions. I’m always interested in the crazy things some people do, fascinated by their complete disregard for anyone but themselves. The world is full of them…unfortunately.

          1. That made me throw up a little…into a glass, and I mixed it with a ‘Mexican Yeast infection’, and drank it. And I must say, it was quite delightful.

  1. In my country con-artists get fast tracked into positions of power, such as politics etc, so its nice to see an opposite approach to them for once. Still. I really wouldn’t want to see Jeremy Corbyn, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron etc removed from their clothing. Their policies and words are painful enough without that added detail.

    Nigger con-artists are also a huge problem in my country as well. Nigerian/Wakandan princes and such. I would actually pay for their hideous bodies not to be exposed to me then.

    1. In a post about beaner on beaner wetbacking you find an angle to bash the blacks. If you would walk a mile in their grass skirts, you’d see that they live exciting lives.
      Has National Geographic ever asked you to pose nude? When was the last time you threw a spear at a helicopter?

      1. Well, we don’t have beaners in my country. Just whites. East/West Asians and blacks.

        I attempt to approach most conversations via my own experiences though. National Geographic however is my go to programme for all other racial learning points, including nudity, diversity and spear chucking.

  2. This would have to be the most weak, tame & strangest punishment I’ve ever seen on this website, honestly, it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.
    & to top it off, this is out of of, if not, the most blood thirsty country in the world.
    Mexican’s are getting soft.

      1. Lol. I read that they had 17,000 murders in the first six months of this year, worse than the 16,000 recorded in 2018. This would be their 3 consecutive most violent year since 2017. And Mexico has about half of the total number of people murdered in good ol’ Brazil, which is destroying its Amazon rainforest now.

  3. All that this scamming mom and her daughter wanted was to shop dead till they dropped ; but things took a turn for the worse when they were caught unawares on a wrong foot , meaning that this had to end somewhere someday and this was it .

    You go shopping all dressed up but made to head back home stark naked almost . They were lucky to escape unhurt as the public ire wasn’t mercurial that day.
    They must know bad begets bad .

  4. Why is it do I sense that were we to have a close look at the character of the bitches doing the cutting we would find that they too are con artists, liars, cheapskates, or even worse.

    I know that most humans are shit. But when they believe they have moral high ground such as a situation like this, watch out. They don’t take self focused moral inventories, while celebrating exacting ‘justice’ any chance they get. Not unlike humans who have badges.

  5. Hire a group of people to publicly shame you, cut your hair and clothes off, and then walk to the shopping area to get free clothes and wigs….I’ve seen that con job before. Well played, ladies. They’re like Mexican Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

  6. “And I’m proud to be an American
    Where at least I know I’m free
    And I won’t forget the men who died
    Who gave that right to me
    And I’d gladly stand up next to you
    And defend Her still today
    ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt
    I love this land
    God Bless the U.S.A.”

  7. I found this to be just a little extreme. Yes the mother and daughter were doing wrong but they should not have been stripped down naked in public. They should of just took them to jail. They both made a poor decision.

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