Connecticut Cops Beat a Defenceless, Tasered Man

Connecticut Cops Beat a Defenceless, Tasered Man

Recently leaked video from a park in Bridgeport, Connecticut shows police officers beating and kicking a man who had just dropped incapacitated to the ground after being tasered. Video contains over-amplified audio track, but the sound of the taser can be distinctly heard.

The incident happened in May, 2011. Two cops who zapped the victim with the taser kicked and stomped him as he lay defenceless on the ground. Third cop drove up to them in a cruiser and added a kick of his own. I wonder if US cops use the same dirty tricks as Canadian cops and charge victims they beat up with assault on a police officer.

The offending officers from this video have been identified as Joseph Lawlor, Elson Morales and Clive Higgins. Now that the video has leaked (identity of the person who filmed it remains unknown), Bridgeport Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr. ordered the Office of Internal Affairs to conduct an investigation and promised that if violations are found, action would be taken.

No wonder people with power don’t want the public to operate cameras when they are around.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

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62 thoughts on “Connecticut Cops Beat a Defenceless, Tasered Man”

    1. WTF! Why is everyone always hating on the cops for a few of them that do wrong. Stop hating on the men and women who risk there lives each and everyday to protect our sorry asses. We are fucking BestGore members we see what happens to country that have corrupt cops or worst no cops at all. So STFU on how you hate cops just because you did something wrong and think they are EVIL for doing there jobs, unless you want to be like Mexico, Thailand, or even worse Brazil now Fucking realize that we need cops to prevent us to be like those countries

          1. dude.. we have the utmost respect here for men who properly do their jobs and aren’t assholes about it. i forgot his name but there’s one lurking around here as a member. but when you see this kind of shit. what do you expect us to say/

      1. Welcome To Reality: in my opine, you’re completely right. Christ, what ever the guy’s done, if you’ve fully captured him, then further kicking/beating in my opinion is beyond those “law enforcement officials”. But…., then again, who really gives a fuck. You play, you pay.

    2. that mother fucker probably deserved a few kicks. this was clearly a prolonged chase otherwise there wouldn’t be so many police cars, with more coming according to the sound. Fucker may have ran innocent people off the road – give him a good kick. Fuck that guy.

    3. What a lot of people don’t realize is, the cops that remain silent when they see their colleagues brutalizing people are as guilty as the cops committing the crime. I.e., the Blue Wall of Silence.
      That’s why I say fuck all of them. Chris Dorner is an example of what happens when a cop tries to expose corruption within the police department. He was wrongly fired.

        1. @Broke, I think the Canadian and American cops would just share donuts and taser stories. I would love to go one on one with a cop without his fucking gun, taser, and badge, and infinite backup from other pigs.
          You cannot resist a “little bit” or threaten a cop “a bit” because he willcall for his infinite back up or beat you to a pulp or kill you.
          If a cop is forcing you do do something against your free will, rights, and bounds of reason and law… you must either comply as a slave or you must kill the cop. There’s no inbetween. And when we start killing cops, that will be a civil war.

          1. It will be a civil war that I would happily participate in. I know not all cops are bad but I’ve seen enough videos of them taking advantage of their power to make me want to behead the motherfuckers cartel style while their wives and children watch

          1. You can challenge a pig to a fight and they’ll never accept no matter what no matter if you tell them to do it in a cell with no camera, or do it in an alley where no ones watching, or do it when you get out of jail and they’re off work and I know this cause I’ve asked on multiple occasions when getting arrested and I felt the cop was being a tough guy, the problem is their nothing without their badge and gun you ram those things away and they’re some of the most weak individuals you’ll ever meet…most of them anyway especially the asshole tough guy wannabe…their are however a couple cops who are men and not punks and would accept the challenge to fight if asked to do so the only problem is those cops are always respectful and don’t treat people like shit so they never get asked to fight but I guarantee you If asked those would be the ones to fight.

  1. A year ago i was driving along side another vehicle and the driver yelled ‘fuck you’ to me while flipping me the bird as well. So i in return yelled fuck you and tried to run him into the parked cars. Next i turned the corner and put the truck in park, jumped out to confront this jerk off and just then he pulled up on me and got out with the passenger and announced they were cops. Well now…i was surprised to say the least. I was ordered to put my hands on the hood of the car and being a stable minded individual i complied. I was ready to break this dude’s face because that’s something i like to do to people like him, but i gave no resistance and all turned out well for both parties aside from me getting busted for DUI. The actions of the driver who is a police officer is what brought me to that state of mind in wanting to fuck him up. As an officer of the law why is he yelling ‘fuck you’ at me while in uniform from his car window. ( In uniform under his jacket). They like to have it both ways.

    1. @gunkgirl, Please be careful, we don’t want anything to happen to our gunky!! It’s hard these days to find a man with whom you share similar…”interests” But when you do, it’s more than worth the wait!! 😉

        1. Obliterator, hahaha FD is not being held against his will. I know, because I asked him. He said tell them no and to say he misses some of you alot…or maybe he said let me go, I won’t tell the cops. It’s hard to make out exactly what he’s saying with that gag. 😉

    2. well, i dont like to tell other people what to do, but Gunky if this guy is serious about that shit than you need to stay away from him in “that way”. you’ve seen enough video on here from brazil and mexico. people after him would also then come after you…not worth it.

  2. “I wonder if US cops use the same dirty tricks as Canadian cops and charge victims they beat up with assault on a police officer?”

    I live in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. I can tell you with absolute certainty that cops here flat out lie in the report and say you hit them in order to facilitate severely beating people who are handcuffed. I have seen this. I have heard it from numerous other people here. Beating a handcuffed person laying on the ground is cowardly, but when the person who got beat is the one who is charged with battery, and the officers false testify in court, well, that just makes people want to kill cops.

  3. (Sigh) Here we go with the SHEEP comments on BG again. The title of the video…’cops beat defenseless man’, so, everyone starts hollering. How do WE know what the fucker did? What if he had just finished beating the shit out of his 3 year old daughter, or torturing an animal? Then, we’d all be screeching for his blood. The fact that THREE of them went after him, one just getting out of the car, in broad daylight, makes ME think this sure as shit wasn’t a jaywalker.

    Now, I’m not a cop, but I was a Paramedic for over 11 years, and trust me, when a group of cops fall on someone like THEY did, they generally deserve it.

    Considering everyone’s comments in the recent ‘mall rat gets tasered’ where SO much on the other side of the fence…THINK.

    1. regardless of anything he did at all…… it again…………..maybe again…
      are you saying that the cops can stomp him while hes down for any alleged act they deem fit? i think thats the judges job to mete out punishment.. correct me if im wrong.. obviously the dude did douchey shit.. but hes prolly gonna fucking get off on it now that this video is its lose lose for all partys

  4. Am I the only one thats ok with this? Have you ever seen a car chase? If I were following an idiot for hours while he drove like a dumbass putting me him and the public in danger I would fuck him up. You run you get fucked up. Running on foot makes no difference. When did we start feeling sorry for criminals?

  5. Those two cops are such fat barstards they probably can never catch anyone so they wanted to make the most of it.
    Com’n police forces, shouldn’t officers be made to have a good level of fitness. . From what I’ve been told after all thier fitness testing during training they never take anymore.

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