Convicted Child Molester Beaten Unconscious by Inmate in German Prison

Convicted Child Molester Beaten Unconscious by Inmate in German Prison

On May 9, 2013 convicted German child rapist was beaten by an inmate inside his cell, and once unconscious, the attacker continued to beat on him until several of his ribs were broken. The beating was captured on video by a retard with an Iphone. Vertical filming morons now also in Germany.

The incident happened in the JVA Tegel prison in Berlin. 53 year old convicted child molester was first knocked unconscious with a radio and as he lay motionless face down on a bed, the vertical filmmaker pulled out his cell phone camera and recorded the rest of the assault. In the video, someone is overheard screaming: “Beat him to death!

Sustained injuries were not life threatening, but required hospital treatment. The video shows the victim being taken to Humboldt Hospital by ambulance.


The guys who beat the shit out of the convicted rapist are rapists too. Worse yet – they are also immigrants (who would never get a chance to rape a German woman if not for the Zionists importing them into Germany in massive numbers). In German prisons, rapists are separated from other inmates because they would get beaten all the time. So while the guy deserved it, fuckers who delivered the beating deserve it thrice as much.

Props to Best Gore member Miezekotze for the video and Leichenzug88 for the update:

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89 thoughts on “Convicted Child Molester Beaten Unconscious by Inmate in German Prison”

  1. Fuckin soft cock should have taken hold of his head by the ears and smashed it into the oil heater as hard and fast as he could for five to ten minutes. This may have at least destroyed his predatory ways against innocent children.

    1. See and that’s what I was going to say. Why not go for the dick n balls?! He’s a molester! Fuck his shit up! To me, yanking it off or cutting it off, etc would’ve best fit the crime. I think all these proven guilty convicted POS’s should be lynched!

      On a side note, the frame around the video reminded me of the Matrix movie! 馃檪

          1. Yeah Pauly that was a bit rough, I had to kill off Javier in the name of comedy, ill kill this one off next time some bloke hits me up for a bum root

          2. @GoreBro- I have no idea who Javier is but I thought that last guy was YOU! Lol, I need to stop posting real pictures of myself and just take on the identity of random internet strangers! Lol. Now I feel dumb! Ha

          3. Hey juicy that’s funny! Javier is an actor who played a bad ass serial killer in a cool movie called ‘no country for old men’, you should check it out its one of my favourites..I don’t think I’d put my real face up because of my job. But I’m
            Much more handsome

  2. I’m not sure if the attacker cares about justice or he’s just taking out a visceral frustration.

    I believe some of these guys don’t give of a fuck about morality and righteousness, they are just taking benefit of some particular despicable crimes to feed their own urges.

    1. Oh yeah you know it. It has nothing to do with the crime. Its usually the guards who let this happen especially child molesters. After there first beating they usually end up PC.

    2. Well I’m happy to see those urges taken out on a child molester or a rapist. In Australian prisons these criminals are considered as the lowest of a criminal order. If you harm women and children you will suffer

    3. By the way, you know what an intelligent pedophile would do ?

      Instead of molesting a child in a civilized country that forbids that, he can become muslim , go to Saudi Arabia and marry a 10 years old girl with the blessing of all the Imams and the welcoming of the child’s parents.

      1. I agree DerStepp… those pukes must have lil docks if they gotta capture a 10 yr old for a bride…what? Are they scared that a real woman might compare their tiny dicks to another lover? No wonder the men are all pissed off getting their junk pointed and laughed at!

  3. The rapist’s inmate did everything right. As a matter of fact, the rapist is lucky he’s in German jail, not in a Russian one where he would have been sodomized by a bunch of tough inmates on sufferance of prison authorities, his arsehole would have been destroyed, he would have been put under the bunk and would have been a prison bitch for the rest of his term.

      1. There is a very strict unofficial hierarchy in the Russian penitentiary system: there are two types of prisons ? so-called Red Zones (here, the word Zone in the Russian slang means correctional camp or penitentiary, or whatever you call it in your country), where the power resides in cops and prison authorities. Total legal mayhem there, where they totally overmaster the inmates and their will. Even the innocent confess to a crime.

        And Black Zones, where there?s still some unwritten punishment law of the underworld is in effect, which is considered more fair and nondiscriminatory, but if only a strong proof of guilt is provided (via the inmates/criminals? own info channels). In my first comment I was of course talking about the Black Zones )

          1. You’re doing well thanks, I find the Russian criminal underworld fascinating , I read what a can about the Vor. But not much is available in English

          2. @hockscroach I don’t see the Reply button for you. I suppose that by saying the word “Vor” you probably mean the Russian term “??? ? ??????”. It was very difficult to me to translate this into English, this term has no clear analogs in English. It literally means “Thief in law”. Semantically it means code-bound criminal, criminal lord, something like that.

          3. hockscroach,Russians / Slavs are only 40% of the population of russia.

            there is everything in Russian prisons, fewer Russians / Slavs
            ? the majority of prisoners are non-white people who live in russia or of Armenian immigrants, Kazakhstan, Georgia etc.

            ? this situation in jails Russian putin’s fault that encouraged legal and illegal immigration into the European russia. so much that 50% of the population of Moscow is illegal immigrant

        1. “ Regarding the population, absolutely not true. Where did you get these figures?? Russians are around 81%, Ukranians and Belarusians altogether are around 1,8%.

          1. Yo that word is like la cosa nostra which is the code of silence and honor american italian mobsters take or the stop snitching street code in America. ALthough both those are dead now

  4. Amateurs there was a completely good radiator there to smash his head into. That dude’s brains would have been soup if this was my hut. Or i would’ve hawked out his eyes.

  5. uuuuh i have enjoyed this Video Clip. lovely. he should have skinned him and cut his asshole in pieces then put salt in his fresh wounds, wait till he wakes up again and then rape him with a knife, while the Retard with the i phone castrates him at the same time.

  6. This is nothing compare to what I’ve done to these guys who do these horrible things he would of got the spaghetti can on his head a dozen times they let him off easy you should of kissed him in the head and tuck him in you guys didn’t do shit to him I’ve seen people get more on Jerry springer show

    1. how many times are you gunna tell us what you would do to him just in a differant way, we all got the point tough guy. its easy to say what youd do while sitting behind a computer screen but what ypud do in real life would be NOTHING!

  7. See. I don’t know. If I was a rule, things like molesting children will be met with immediate execution upon proof of deed (don’t wanna go killing innocent people yaknow).

    How can you rehabilitate these kinds of people? Impossible.

    1. @silenced- agreed 150%! These people can not rehabilitated in my opinion! Usually they get off waay too easy and they re-offend. Take Phillip Garrido for example. He did it again, and again and then pulled off hiding a victim for 17 years and fathering 2 of her kids! Why keep these people alive?! They’re parasites waiting for the right moment to swoop in on innocent children! Lynch the bastards! I do think it should be proven like you mentioned but once it is, why keep these scum alive and let them off super easy?! If I found out that someone molested one of my kids, I would kill them or die trying! I don’t think I’m badass but a slap on the hand in an American jail is nothing! I wouldn’t even bother trying to seek that type of “justice”. I don’t feel 3 warm meals, a warm bed, healthcare and free education is fair punishment enough.

  8. That would be like Christmas to a hardened criminal to have this guy as a punching bag. Here in America though this guy would have been beaten, raped, beaten again, raped some more, some sodomizing with some form of inanimate object, beaten some more, raped, raped, raped and finally beheaded.

  9. What gets me is in UK prisons (dunno about other countries) these shit cunt kiddie fiddlers are segregated from the normal inmates.
    If they were to be all together I honesty believe they’d be NO paedophiles in prisons cos they’d all be DEAD.
    They are the scum of the earth.
    I think the families of the children should also be let loose on them too. Justice would be served then.

    1. Usually here in the states they’re put in PC (protective custody). Our prisoners here don’t tolerate child sex offenders and rapists. Word gets out quickly! Guards are sneaky and they tell inmates things their not supposed to. PC inmates go to mealtime and exercise time separately. I think it’s ridiculous myself, but whatever.

      1. Nobody tolerates child molesters. Only Scandiva maybe, I don’t know exactly. But anyways law is imperfect almost everywhere. The friend of mine is now serving time in jail for grand larceny. He used to work in a bank and stole around 1 million in USD equivalent. No, he did not buy anything valuable. Gambling, you know.. (sports betting for the most part). He got 13 years. A homicide offender at the mundane level (don’t know the exact term in English, sorry) here can get 7-10 years.

  10. Since he was a kiddy-fiddler in a unit of kiddy-fiddlers… I speculate that he was either a baby rapist (lowest of the low,even to paedos) Or he thieved something from another inmate.

    And i am gonna go with he probably stole something, After all he got a minor violation in prison terms, Well by US standards. Then again it is a german joint and the fucking place looked more like a dorm room that a prison.

    Paedo’s should be executed once proven guilty… And I mean predatory ones…Not the 19 year old kid who slept with a 17 year old kid and got paedo charges….That shit is wild how they get sex offender charges for consensual sex.

    Whoa way too high right now…. pardon the rambling.

  11. I gotta tell you I just can’t keep quiet any longer. iPhones are not the only phones that record vertical. My first cell phone only recorded vertical (and it wasn’t an iPhone). If you turned it sideways it would still record vertically, and you would have to tilt your head or the tv/monitor in order to see it. Just had to put my two cents in…

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