Cop Fired for Stomping and Elbowing Handcuffed, Non-Violent Guy Gets Job Back with Backpay

Cop Fired for Stomping and Elbowing Handcuffed, Non-Violent Guy Gets Job Back with Backpay

On July 1, 2011, Lt. Mike Denton, a cop from Owasso in Oklahoma was filmed on video beating a handcuffed, non-violent man. Bryan Spradlin was arrested for public intoxication and as he was being transported to the police facility, Mike Denton stomped on his head while he’s handcuffed, bent his arms so far back as to likely cause permanent rotator cuff damage, and then elbowed him in the face three times.

Because the assault was caught on both CCTV and officers’ lapel cams, and the video went viral, Mike Denton was fired. However as of April 15, 2014, his termination was changed to a written reprimand, and Denton was reinstated with back pay and all benefits.

Mike Denton returned to work on September 22, 2014, keeping his rank and position. In other words, this man whom you see in the video below assaulting a handcuffed, non violent guy, is back on the street with a badge and a gun. But what he has now is the encouragement from the experience which taught him that he can get away with anything, with complete impunity. Welcome to the police state!

And I’m sure this wasn’t the first time he assaulted someone, just the first time the video of it went viral. Otherwise he would never have been fired in the first place. Whatever the lies he wrote in the report about the incident would have been taken at face value, with the victim having absolutely no means to seek justice. The fact that the district attorney never pressed criminal charges against the cop speaks volumes about the system of police impunity.

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    1. I saw this video quite a few times and will always despise this kind of abuse, nothing like the good ‘ol boy network of CK’s sticking together. Even with this incident being recorded he still got his fucking job back, of course he’ll most likely will repeat this kind of shit again and again.

      FD, the cops here in Florida are exactly the same way if not worse; you can forget about your rights and safety, you’ll be lucky if you’re not tased or shot first. In Illinois the Supreme Court has ruled it a felony for citizens to record police in public, what a bunch of shite.

      Not only did this uniformed cunt got his job back but with back pay and benefits, it’s only a matter of time when citizens will have enough of this behavior. These Civilian Killers get away too much shit it’s utterly disgusting and pathetic, you’re not even safe in your own abode; apparently warrants are too much of a hassle once they break inside.

      The PBSO loves to assault citizens, especially kill those with mental/neurological illnesses, they done so in the past year and a half-worthless bastards if I ever seen one.

    2. Walt Disney would be ashamed, honestly FD. Cop looked like he couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper sack. They should have stripped him of his gear and left him in the cell with the abused for about an hour, let em “talk it out”.

  1. On that note there’s a video floating around of Mike Brown the I can’t breath guy publicly killed by police anyhoo it shows Mr Brown beating the shit out of a old timer. Don’t know if its ligit but if it is well karma has a way of making things right. Has anyone seen it?

      1. Yes omg I must sound like a tool. I work a lot and cannot keep up with all the national news. But mike brown in that video was so evil and cruel. If it’s real justice was served. Thanks for clarifying for me

  2. Fuck these pigs. All these fuckers got little dick Napolean syndrome and think a badge will make them feel manly. They have no real power in life so they would rather have superficial power where they can legally kill anyone who challenges them. Its like a Beta male who was granted Alpha male status, he goes bonkers and takes it too far.

    1. Yes, ive put my disgust on that facebook page. I’m new btw. Hi.

      This is what i wrote:

      Why did that police officer elbow that guy in handcuffs? I’m from The Netherlands and if that would happend there, the police officer would be fired. PERMANENTLY.
      I understand some people getting shot by cops in the US cause the police have the constant pressure of a real uknown threat. But this was just lame, pathetic even. I would support any campaign against this police brutality if it would happend here. 100%

      ( On July 1, 2011, Lt. Mike Denton )

      All in all it’s just some scrabble to show my disgust for this police department. Reinstating this guy is saying you are all as emotionally messed up as this guy. Your own kind right. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Greetings from Holland, stay safe and happy holidays!

      Not to brag or anything, just to share my disgust for police brutality with you guys. Fuck them pigs.

  3. Kansas lawmakers have recently considered a bill that would put internal affairs investigations at even greater risk of succumbing to police corruption… while simultaneously would make it much harder for citizens to report instances of police abuse.

    Before submitting a complaint against an officer… the bill would require citizens to swear an affidavit.
    The citizen could be prosecuted if any part of the complaint is later shown to be erroneous.

    Until the accusers swear affidavits… complaints will not be investigated.

    Police officers accused of abuse will never be questioned until after they’ve read and reviewed all aspects of the complaint… according to the bill.
    Suspects are never given the opportunity to review the entire case against them before being questioned.
    This is exactly the opposite of how police interrogate citizens… how ironic.

    All investigations are final… according to the bill.
    No other police agency would be allowed to review the case if one agency finds a cop to be innocent… even if the former agency is a higher authority… such as the state police.

        1. Would be no easy task with all the 50 States being so widely distributed, the various time zones etc. Coordination of the Revolution would be key. And which building could be the U.S version of the Bastille !?, The Pentagon perhaps, or maybe something a bit easier, yeah, let’s go for the White House.
          Take some advice from the French too,the farmers and fishermen, they know how to go about getting what they want, they’ve already had their way with our (UK) fishing quota’s and agricultural policy.
          Merci bucoup France !

  4. And cop still got away with it ….dammm
    No joke after watching this video and seeing how far back the fucking cops had the arms of that poor guy …made me fucking mad ……I just had to punch the boxing bag that I have in my crib…..

  5. Thanks Acneska for all the info you have shared, about how corrupt most cops are in the US and Canada. I live in a city runned by Freemasons so this sort of thing happens all the time. But Libtards don’t see it that way ๐Ÿ™ it is easier talking to a wall than to convince a Libtard what the truth is.

    “The further away a society drifts from the truth. The more it will hate those that speak it.”

    1. Those Liberalist idiots spit feathers if anyone so much as slightly disagrees with their rhetoric, they may even call a person a fascist for doing so. The double standards are breathtakingly obvious to anyone but themselves.

      The Truth Will Out.

  6. I think you guys need to be more open minded. Everyday these guy’s have to put up with cocky little dipshits everyday. You don’t think you would feel alittle indifferent after awhile. What they did was very wrong I won’t lie, But I honestly think as stupid as it may seem that guy deserves a chance. He’s probably got a good record in the service and all. The pressure of the job’s hard. THOUGH. He does deserve to be punished so as a civilian as that, atleast I think, Is not apart of their training as to subdue. Considering how they asked him if he’ll walk. I’m sure he was being really cocky with them. I think the majority of the conflict that arises is do to be thinking their smart. If a cop says do this just do it. Trust me they are the ones with the power and you don’t want to trigger it. lol. I’m moving on
    TL;DR Yes sir, Im sorry sir, Won’t happen again

  7. Oklahoma? This pig should be rolling in it’s own filth on a farm somewhere not getting paid to impinge upon basic human rights probably on a daily basis. Look how pissed off he is over nothing, OFFICER BACON probably has a concave dick and micronuts from a decade of state sponsored steroid abuse.

    P.O.L.I.C.E =


    1. And things shared with the general population, too (IMO);
      1) Emotional exhaustion –> Apathy.
      2) Fear of missing a meal over actually doing something.
      3) Cognitive dissonance and bias.

      Two dudes v.s. an anthill of fire ants isn’t going to end well.
      Greater numbers will succeed, but the risk of being bitten will never go.

  8. Well, it had to happen this is an @Acneska post I cannot have the slightest hesitation in 100% agreeing with.
    What a joke, how has he failed to get sacked?
    You can just see it now….the high fives and whoops when he got re-instated, the welcome back party at a local bar from his pals…. where some innocent bystanders get punched by drunk cops but no charges of course….no doubt all topped off by coercing local hookers into some ‘complimentary’ sex for all the boys at a local motel.
    DAMN i wish I was Cop!!

    1. Nope, he should be prosecuted. I’ve been spit on, screamed at, kicked, and smacked and I have never and would never do that to someone in custody. Once the handcuffs are on, game over. Hell, we have the defense attorney’s here check your report to make sure you double locked them. Also, cuffs that are too tight are classified as excessive force and will get you in the IA office. And all it takes is the jailers stating in their report that the detainee had marks on their wrists. So no, he should be fired and prosecuted for violation of oath of office amonge other things, which is a felony here.

  9. Hi I’m new here although I’ve been lurking on here a while to get the real news. This is horseshit any way you slice it. It takes a very specific type of person to handle the job. I know I don’t have the type of personality to be a police officer simply due to the fact that I hate stupid people. In my opinion police officers are obligated not only to enforce the law but to set an example in the community they enforce it. That being said this guy shouldn’t even have the right to be a rent a cop. The cops around where I live are the same way. Stupid, abusive, paranoid, pieces of shit who wonder why normal people don’t like or respect them.

  10. This is to be expected from a police state that wants to fearmonger the masses with their words in a book called the law. Also, for anyone who wants to hit innocent people who have it coming (being intoxicated = defying the law) then become a police man. You get all kinds of weapons for your disposal. You can taser, shoot, kill, mangle, stroke, sexual assault, anyone and get away with it. As it is your job to do so.

    I love the police state, what do you love about it?

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