Cop Flips Out and Threatens Driver for Refusing to Stop Filming Them

Cop Flips Out and Threatens Driver for Refusing to Stop Filming Them

This is once again why it should be a duty of every civilian to videotape police whenever one sees them. Cops have yet to prove to us that they take their oath to serve and protect the civilians seriously so until such time as they start taking the oath seriously, instead of using their jobs to boost their own egos and assault, falsely arrest and falsely charge innocent civilians, assume that they are up to no good. Until such time as they are there for us, not against us, assume that the cops are intending to violate somebody’s civil rights, and film them. Always make it your duty to film the cops because they have yet to give us a reason not to.

Meathead in this video proves that he doesn’t care that a civilian didn’t break any laws. Maintaining the law and respecting the freedom of civilians who don’t break it is clearly not on his agenda as a cop. He thinks that because he’s a cop and you’re not, you must give up your rights so he can have his way. And as we se way too often, he’s not the only one.

It would appear that the civilian in this video understands that cops on duty are up to no good and as such, he understood the importance of filming them in order to protect the civilian they were looking to abuse. Turned up, he himself was that civilian, but since his cameras were rolling, he saved his own ass. The meathead cared not that by filming them, even if it meant following them, the civilian was not breaking any law. As a cop, he doesn’t care about the law, only about his own gratification from abusing someone because he knows he will get away with it.

Luckily in this case, the meathead’s partner realized that the video the civilian was filming would be a proof beyond any doubt that they had abused their badges and ended the standoff by forcing the abusive, threatening and insulting cop away. Would he have done the same has it not been communicated to him that they are being videotaped?

We all need to start filming cops lest we all end up faced with the threat of having our lives ruined by a power tripping cop for no reason other than because he has the power to make you a victim and you don’t. If we all start filming every second of their active duty as so called public servants and peace officers, perhaps then, and certainly only then will the cops stop acting as abusers and start being actual public servants and peace officers.

Props to Best Gore member NuvosOrdo for the video:

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97 thoughts on “Cop Flips Out and Threatens Driver for Refusing to Stop Filming Them”

    1. wouldent it be smarter to film them in some surrepititious way like with a watch camera so they dont flip out and are more likely to say or do something incriminating. plus what if you hold a camera in his face and wind up getting a shot through the spine and wearing diapers for the rest of your life? they have eyeglasses hidden cameras watch hidden cameras on ebay i personally would not provoke a person with a gun but i guess everybody is different he might lose his job but he might put you in a wheelchair for life.

    2. I’d love to find out what the other cop said to him.What a complete asshat.Obviously he feels powerless at home and must come to work to throw his fatass around.Bravo Best Gore for exposing these meat puppets for what they are once again!

    1. Fatty was way out of line when he said that, but I figure the exchange was going back and forth for a long time already- notice the editing of the video.

      When you get pulled over, and fat cop asks for your license and registration, you give your license and registration THEN you start asking why you were pulled over.

      The guy was driving around some joint “5 times?” Perhaps the cops assumed he was casing the place?

  1. Dear Pig,
    The Supreme Court has ruled citizens are legally allowed to videotape police officers in public.
    Your own ignorant opinion (pigpinion) is not relevant.
    Now shut your mouth and go solve a real crime, you useless pork rind.

  2. Fucking hell the cops are really getting out of hand if this site is anything to go by. No wonder everyone hates them in America. A little bit of psychological screening and cunts like this wouldn’t get the opportunity to power trip and abuse the innocent public. To protect and to serve my ass. Should say “to abuse and intimidate” on their cars. Cunts like this need to be caught on their night off and brought somewhere quiet in the trunk of a car and given something to think about. Seriously scare the shit out of him. Leave him with the promise that if he doesn’t change his ways one random night he is humane wake up chained to a bed and a few aids infested men of African origin are gonna “invade” his privacy if ya know what I mean. Cowardly useless power trip cunts Godin behind a gun and a badge

    1. It’s the psychological screenings that creates these cops. The attitudes they project are exactly what police forces are looking for. Until THAT changes we can always expect this type of behavior from the cops.

    1. I know the guy you’re talkin about broke, he could knock out someone wearin a crash helmet he hit so fuckin hard. Wish he was the cop, would have spiced up the video a bit anyway. No talkin, just a few slaps and reconstructive surgery to the jaw

    2. I saw butterbean fight once at the Grand Casino in Gulfport….actually I was only like 12 and didn’t have to pay to get in because it was an open air fight…so I sat on the sand dune overlooking the arena lol

  3. It won’t be long before it will be illegal to follow cops around recording them in case they overstep their authority. I am not pro cop, I am pro common sense. You would get pissed off after a while too if you had people driving around videoing you all day. How do the cops know that the guys videoing don’t have any bad intentions?
    Tim McVeigh looked innocent enough.

    1. But if you’re just doin your job l, why worry if someone is videotaping you. In my job we are monitered by cameras all day, I couldn’t give a shit as I just do my job, so let them waste their time. The cop in this video hadn’t got the mental capacity to out-argue the guy, and when he couldn’t out-think him he resorted to anger. Just what ya want with someone who has a gun. And way more power than a civilian.

    2. How do they know if they have bad intentions? They don’t, but it’s still not their right to harass those people and assume they are the “bad guys” like so many of them do.

      Tim McVeigh looked innocent, so does my neighbor and my 66-year-old Mother. So cos one of them blew up a building, my neighbor and my Mother should put up with asshole cops like in this video?

      How about people slowing and recording accident scenes? They too should be stopped and harassed cos McVeigh was a terrorist?

  4. wow. you know, if I were a cop, I would try to keep myself peak physical condition (as I am now), plus regular trips to the range so that I wouldn’t need twenty rounds to take out one perp.
    know your rights, seriously. it is absolutely legal for you to make video evidence of any encounter with the police. at least in America.

      1. who me? lol. naw man, just watching what I eat and exercising regularly. no gods involved, just me.
        no drugs, no weed, no cigarettes, no alcohol. and i cut out fast food and soda and caffeine(well, I limit myself to two cups of coffee in the morning and that’s it). getting older now, and getting more paranoid about shit like cancer and heart disease and other shit. plus I look good and feel good.
        now i’ll get run over by a fat-ass who smokes two packs a a day. ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. yes i would say film, but don’t hinder they’re activity. for starters if they feel threatened they can stop you. If your following them around with a little black thing in your hand, they may mistake it for a gun.
      I’m just saying film them, but be aware that in the dark they may mistake your camera for some kind of weapon. Also if they see somebody following them, it may very likely raise suspicion. Remember they are under allot of stress too. People shit on them daily, and there are also the crazies who want to fight them in a suicide mission.Gang initiations to kill them to get in, So be aware that they could flip at any moment to a self defense him or me mindset. allot of them are also not that bright. So i can kind of see the world from they’re point of view, but they do need to be kept in check.
      So film them, but be very careful in your body language and actions.

      1. you’re right. there are other factors to consider especially how you ACT around them. whether you are within your rights or not, if you go out of your way to be an ass they will return the favour. there is no black and white with the law and legal system and everything varies from state to state and county to county and borough to borough(in America), there are so many grey areas learning everything can make your head swim but…most of the time, if you cooperate they will work with you. however, there are exceptions. like this bloated badass.

    1. Most cops are used to being the ones that ask the questions and are in control. I’m pretty sure that was the issue he had as he found out really fast that he was neither.

      People need to realize that they are working for you (even if you’re under arrest), and it’s your right to ask questions, film (if you’re not under arrest as you cannot film in that situation), etc. This is happening more and more these days so it’s no wonder more and more videos of cops spazzing out are making their way online.

      Keep filming, keep asking questions and keep these cops in check. Sooner or later (most likely later), these cops will be weeded out in favor of a better breed of cops that actually know whom they work for and why.

  5. I’ll probably get some shit for this. but this last week i’ve been stopped 2 times. first time was by state (missouri) dude didnt freak, or anything, even let the officer know i had a handgun under the seat (legal or corse). managed to squeak by with a citation for car plates out of date. 2 nights ago got stopped yet again, k-9 unit this time. he managed to bust me with the same thing, plates out of date, got a warning to get them fixed and drove away. Mind ya’ll this was in Missouri..I got stopped once in Indiana, get cuffs, car searched, jailed and was threatened while in the cruiser (threatened to shoot me if i was lying about having weed). guess the point being, like with everything in this fucked world, there are some decent cops but lately getting over shadowed by these power tripping pigs in uniform.

  6. Its one thing to film as a neutral 3rd party but this guy probably provokes cops with his camera just to get a rise out of them. Why else would he drive by five times? Obviously more concerned with getting the cops attention than filming whatever injustices they could be committing. I’m all for filming the police but do it in a respectable, safe manner.

  7. To be honest, the driver was kind of pushing his buttons, the officer didn’t seem to care that he was being filmed, it was the guy getting political when it really wasn’t necessary. If the guy had been doing laps around the cops as implied, it makes sense why they would wonder what’s up. All the cop was doing was a license and registration check, but the dude had to get all political for no reason at all…

    Having said that, the cop still shouldn’t have raged like he did.

    1. I’ve done that political shit…it doesn’t work and it only pisses them off.I have found out that being honest to a cop will get you out on your way quicker. I’ve been busted with small amounts of drugs and beer and ran stops and have been honest about my actions and every time the let me go with a warning.A cop wants you to make his day way much easier and if you do so then they will let you go.Well depending on the crime that has been committed.

  8. damn cops..I got stopped once..well many times but this one time the cop had me on the curb and this white dude with his dog comes up with a camera and starts questioning the cop as to why he had me handcuffed on the curb.he kept filming until he let me go.

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      1. Hahaha, I had tears for hours in my slits. ๐Ÿ˜†
        This BigMac Chunky would be so puzzled, that he?d tazer himself.
        Should he unfortunately arrest me and I have to appear in the court, the judge better dont ask me to swear on the bible. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Is videotaping pigs the only way for the courts to believe you over a cop? (degenerate bully’s that need to be stomped like the roaches they are). i hate seing shit like this, how can you give cops power, over people that posses more intellect than the swine enforcing the laws? America is all fucked up. I just want the government to take over a complete police stae, martial law already, or the citizens to revolt and take up arms, whichever one, but one of these needs to happen soon , the anticipation is killing me.

    1. yeah, American cops also have a tendency to talk down to you, for no fucking reason. you can be completely legit and in the right but they still talk to you like your their semi-retarded cousin or something. so annoying.

  10. Any Law Enforcement agent that deals directly with the public should have to wear a video camera attached to should or chest.

    That way he knows he has someone looking over his shoulder should he get power trippy, and also give the citizen he’s confronting some peace knowing 12 cops aren’t going to come out and lynch his ass. Without someone seeing it.

  11. the idea of law enforcement is good. the system and the people they allow to do the enforcing is very flawed. seemingly because only certain types of people are attracted to law enforcement. the process is flawed, therefore you get officers who cannot act objectively, they seem to just care about being a part of a “gang” or what do they call it, “fraternal order?”. that status and brotherhood is what they want, not the reason they should be police in the first place. protect and serve.

  12. How come there is no video of me saving the guy trapped under the burning semi, arresting the man with a loaded gun pointed at me without killing him, changing the tire on the side of the interstate when it’s so cold and rainy that my uniform was frozen, giving children candy and stickers, etc? Because on one cares.

    People only want to hate the police when they catch something bad on video. If I recorded you guys doing your jobs all day I’d find a mistake. No one remembers when we saved your child’s life, took a bullet trying to make your community a little safer, and so on.

    1. There are plenty of those videos all over the place actually. They get their rightful attention. Hell, just yesterday, Mark posted the video of the cop saving that child at Wally World. So please, lets not try to make it like no one films, watches or acknowledges the good cop(s). TV loves to boost rating with the good cop videos as well.

      The bad ones though will always get a little more attention because we as people should expect the cops working for us to always try and maintain a level of professionalism we expect from our police. When they fail to do that, as this cop did, people are going to notice.

      It’s the bad ones making it hard on the good ones. There is a reason lots of people have a distrust for all cops because they simply don’t know with ones will beat the Hell out of them, or will actually help them. If I were a cop today, I’d spend as much time exposing and weeding out the bad cops as I would criminals. Too many cops treat all cops as “Brothers”, when they need to be holding them accountable along with the criminals.

  13. Amazing posts; he was almost like a TSA employee who had passed some kind of additional test.

    P.S. TSA people if you want my passport number to harass me, I’ll provide it, but then I will sue your ass off, if you delay my progress through your invasive antics to ‘prevent terrorism and protect the population’.

    TSA, it’s all driven by creating a sense of fear in the population that makes the ‘sheep’ easier to control.

    The corporations want little worker drones that they can pay minimal wages to, and the government would like to remove most of your hard earned cash, through direct and indirect taxation.

    Note bene; the above does not apply if you are ‘wealthy’.

    1. Although I never experienced the joy of being groped by a choleric pedophile, the TSA seems like a criminal sect to me, its a conspired group of negative selected low lifes, drilled to attack everyone that doesnt comply with the never ending hubris of the government. On the other hand, they are just victims of mindcontrol, like in a sect or the military. Despite that they are in favor of the power, they are no different than the majority of us, permanent busy and under sensory overcharge, highly receptive and low of time to enhance their cognitive functions to question their situation of being an ignorant, anxious homo consumens.

  14. Fuck American cops make us all look like fucking morons sometimes. To me they just all look like fat dikey bitches, Ill never be a cop, my hair is to beautiful and my facial hair isn’t going away mother fuckers.

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