Cop Punches Woman in the Face Outside Nightclub in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Cop Punches Woman in the Face Outside Nightclub in Elizabeth, New Jersey

On March 3, 2013 during a brawl outside Envy Night Club in Elizabeth, New Jersey, a cop punched a woman in the face. The punch was filmed on camera by a retard with an Iphone and shared on YouTube so we all get a visual of what NJ folk are like and how the police continue their reign of terror not only in Canada, but also in the USA.

From the video it would appear that the cop was trying to arrest a man, but the woman appeared to intervene and was punched in the face for it. Best Gore member Hawk who hooked me up with the video summed it up the best:

I could only sum up this video in bullet points:

  • It’s New Jersey
  • Another Snooki-ess- bar hopping- soulless Bitch
  • In my POV the popo was just halting the spread of NewJerseysitis
  • Is It ever justifiable for a police officer to KO a woman? In a healthy/normal society NO, in a ZOG-ocracy Yes
  • WTF was the language used in this video, I could hardly hear a word of English

I personally would not have punched the girl, but I’m not a New Jersey police officer.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video and the sum up. This is basically where two of our societies’ greatest wrongs clash. Can’t even take sides cause both are just so plain fucking wrong, you just wish you could piss acid and dunk it on them from ahigh (all that NewJerseyness made me invent a new word):

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52 thoughts on “Cop Punches Woman in the Face Outside Nightclub in Elizabeth, New Jersey”

    1. Yet a taser would be completely acceptable?

      Put yourself in his shoes. A bunch of drunken Jersey-esque pieces of trash causing trouble, you’re a cop trying to arrest one of these guido pieces of shit and his guidette drunken bitch starts grabbin, clawing, pulling, smacking. You don’t have the time to assume she is unarmed, you have 4 hands grabbing at you with a crowd of their drunken friends nearby as you are the only cop on scene.

      I tell you I wouldn’t waste time unlatching, grabbing, charging, then aiming a taser.
      That’s a scary fucking situation for a cop. You have no clue when you got an asshole and a bitch in your face if one of their friends is gonna come up and stab/shoot/punch you.

      I say no diciplinary action needed, just a day or two off to recoup from dealing with these Jersey pieces of shit.
      As someone from UPSTATE NY, I hate anyone from NYC or NJ with a passion. They’re such arrogant pieces of smelly, ugly, shit.

      1. Fuck Yeah, I’m from Ithaca, NY and my dad would frequently take me to Ithaca College to work out and i could always tell when the loudmouth obnoxious assholes fron NYC NJ and Long Island were around because all you could here was them yelling shit like “Hey Ay what you doin’ ova hee-ya. FUCK THEM PIECES OF SHIT!

    2. I think he is not.
      -When woman behave like a man she need to be treated like man.
      Anyhow being a cop is most slimy thing in world.

      In Serbia we say:
      “???? ????? ????? ???? ??? ?????????” which means: “Better daughter to be a whore than son a policeman”.

    1. Oh no? Read my reply to the first comment. I think she deserved it 100%.
      NJ guidos and guidettes are such trashy pieces of shit. There is a strong possibility she was a gypsy too considering the area and crowd she was with.

      1. I agree, even with much I hate police, but dumb ass did deserve to get hit. I don’t care who it is, cop or not, your going to fight to save your ass, it was a logical response. NOW, yeah, the officer was probably the cause of the situation, but it’s STILL A COP, would you offer your hand to a rabid dog? As far as the gypsy comment though…the small numbers of Roma that actually are in NJ, are very shy and tend to hide their heritage, and simply another race. Opposed to the european slang term that basicly means “nigger” .

  1. I met a police cheif from New Jersey once, Atlantic City. He was the most obvioulsy bent copper I’ve ever seen. The thing was there was a lot of ex-coppers who were working there who had been good cops and not one of them noticed.

      1. He was still active in the US police service. He’d been paid to come over as a consultant to give lectures at an elite police training centre in Eastern Europe. One day a bunch of us went and sat in on his lecture before we went to lunch with him. He kept talking about ‘respect, respect, be respectful to your suspect’. I’m thinking you lying fuck, you’d waterboard a suspect in a minate if you can get away with it.

  2. Elizabeth, N.J. is about 30 miles from where I live. it’s next to Newark airport and is an industrial dump currently occupied by niggas and lowlives. cop was making an arrest and da bitch got indaway. so she got poped in the chops. no problem there. I would’ve done the same.

  3. that cop is just a person like the rest of us. i figure hes gotta send a proper message that hes not playin around or suffer the wrath of a very vengeful italian gorilla horde. a human was interfering with his arrest so to ensure that no more humans tried to intervene the first instigator was shut down. contrary to popular belief america is not a burger king and we cant all have it our own way.

    but we do serve whoppers all day bahahaha.

  4. hmmm…bitch clearly attacked him with her hands, the cop responded to threat with his hands. he did nothing wrong. drunk stupid bitches always cry about equality but when shit gets physical suddenly they are poor, defenseless women again. they just work the system, like fucking niggers.

  5. dumb bitch deserved it, no matter who she tried to grab onto in that group she would have been hit. So whats the problem with a cop trying to do his job and his only means to get the slut out of his way was to hit her… it isn’t like she will remember it in the morning other then the massive black eye she will have

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