Cop Restricts Man from Breathing by Placing Knee and Full Weight on His Neck

Cop Restricts Man from Breathing by Placing Knee and Full Weight on His Neck

A Denver police officer Chad Sinnema was disciplined for the use of excessive force, after a video showed him restricting a man’s breathing by placing a knee and his full weight on the man’s neck. As punishment, officer Sinnema was suspended for four days.

The victim was apprehended after a domestic violence call on August 22, 2014 in downtown Denver. Officer Sinnema wrote in his report thus:

I initially held him down by placing my knee on the back of his upper shoulders… I again applied pressure to his upper shoulders with my knee…

In other words – this cop downright lied. You can even hear him say: “You’re not going to try to kick us anymore?“, which is essentially an admission that the mistreatment was not a necessity exercised to restrain an offender, but an act of retaliation, because the cops know that in a police state, one’s guilt and punishment are not determined by the court. Instead, the cops take it upon themselves to be the judge, jury and executioners, and execute punishments on the spot, per their own whim.

Weird that there has just been a case of a cop applying undue force to a citizen’s neck with a knee in Denver, and what do you know…

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70 thoughts on “Cop Restricts Man from Breathing by Placing Knee and Full Weight on His Neck”

    1. @Acneska, I’ve seen this kind of shit many a time when I once resided in Seattle; the SPD Bike CK’s were notorious for this behavior. Yeah, he really had his knee on the guy’s shoulder, fucking scumbag liar-you have a 200 lb thug using his entire weight on his neck. Nowadays cops randomly select their victims as it were a sport, downright pathetic and criminal.

      You can completely forget about your rights, inherit or otherwise because the Police State won’t allow it and those who enforce it prefer it that way.

      1. I would have to agree %100. The cops don’t even try to hide the knee on the neck “technique”. You can watch pretty much any episode of cops and see that shit. The thing that gets me about this video is how long he actually sat there with his arms across his leg like he’s getting a pep talk from some coach out of view. Then he proceeds to inform the guy about how to act like a man! I’m not a big social media person but I looked up this cops Facebook page, and obviously it’s blocked from public comments, and this guy is one of those cowboy hat wearing redneck pieces of shit. So you know that his daddy showed him how to be a man. Th

        1. Anyway the first thing that popped out and got me was his membership to a group called “blue lives matter”. So that alone screams, to me anyway, civilians are just collateral damage when weighed against a cop’s pride or opinions.

      2. @AJK, fuck the police, but fuck a thug nigger more!!!. I’m not saying that shit was justified, but once again it’s a win for me a dumb ass cop gets a suspension and a knee grow got fucked up. Just his luck….Pig Sinnama was a bike cop so his legs were much stronger than the others

        1. Especially when it is the officers job to “serve and protect” most law enforcement officers now a days are no better than the criminals They just have a badge to protect them, while doing their dirt! Bullshit fucking bullshit!

  1. I’m finding it difficult to sympathise with the man getting restrained. Specially as he is getting arrested for domestic violence, yes it was wrong to restrain him this way, but if this was his next door neighbour doing this to him instead of a police officer, then most people would be cheering him on.

    1. @Espliam, I hear you on that but my stance of cops period will never waiver, they’re still a bunch of paid killers in blue. If you look at them they suspect you of something, you accidentally get in their way they charge you with assault and if you laugh too loud they’ll assume that you’re heavily intoxicated.

      Police State Blues…………..

      1. Over in the UK its not that bad, one of the things we have problems with when it comes to policing is their inefficiency when responding to crimes, a girl who I knew from School got raped and it took the police 3 days to respond after she reported it, as for Police in the US, I get a while different impression of “protect and serve”

    2. Gotta agree with that… domestic violence is probably #2 on the “Crimes of Douchebaggery” list. Someone needs to tell that cop that the knee is supposed to be up against the neck… not on!

      I don’t know how the altercation occurred but once the suspect is on the ground and handcuffed, they should have searched him and then stood up if they found nothing. They could have told him not to move until transport came.

      Would have justified if he some enormous dude on drugs but he looked pretty levelheaded.

      Four day suspension though… usually its a public ceremony with medals/trophies/blue ribbons/pats on the back.

          1. Tis ironic to be sure. I’m imagining having a police force, maybe on one of our small islands or villages with hardly any crime being kitted out with them, that would be cute.

  2. Well it’s a good thing that the cops Apprehended there Suspect because he was dangerous!….. Cheep Shot! 😐 It’s too bad he wasn’t a Suicide Bomber that Surprise would’ve had Awesome Results! 😀

  3. Not saying it’s right but cops are human too! If he was trying to kick ’em, even while he is cuffed, most people would be of the mind set of “fuck you too”! If that part is a lie well then he was just being an asshole!

  4. The guy looks rather skinny, so, why the need for four coppers, one with his fucking knee on the guy’s throat, to hold him down !?!
    These so called Police are downright pathetic, they truly are a total embarrassment.
    Like many aspects of society, a sea change is required, across the board regarding US policing. Their conduct has got way out of control.

    Maybe one day, someone in authority with big enough balls, will emerge to tackle this malpractice. It really needs to happen.

    1. I got pulled over on my way home from work at the hospital pharmacy for letting my car registration run out, I’d been busy with work, rescuing dogs, and trying to manage my health condition so it simply slipped my mind. Young cop probably the same age as me flicks his lights on behind me so I pulled into a gas station with plenty of witnesses. I distinctly remember feeling stupid because we’d had a “party” at work and my curls were in pigtails, my nails were glittery, and I had worn bright pink eye shadow as part of our girly-girl theme for the day. (It was a Sunday, we were bored don’t judge me unless you know the stress of being a hospital employee.) Fucking Sunday afternoon, a young woman in my hospital scrubs with goddamn pigtails in, only thing I did wrong was forgot my stupid registration ran out, and the cop not only goes full psycho yelling at me over a fucking sticker but he calls for backup! Seriously??? I’m 5’7″ and was seated in my car, seatbelt on, hands on my steering wheel, admitting I forgot to renew my registration and fully accepting my fine for doing so. I couldn’t have been less threatening than if I’d been a baby! Thankfully my ridiculous encounter ended when the cop’s “backup” showed up. He was an older guy who just laughed at the asshole and apologized to me for the bullshit.

      1. Haha what a joke of a cop! Reminds me of when my mom, sister and I were in the car and my sister got pulled over because she didn’t have a front license plate (stupid car was made so you couldn’t put it on the front so it was kept in her trunk) and this cop gets out of his car and can clearly see all three of us women and yet he still slowly approached us with his hand on his gun like we were armed and ready to fight. He was a young cop too.

          1. Lol they are pussies because I’m the least intimidating person ever. I have the strangest encounters because people come up to me all the time thinking I’m their new best friend and will solve all of their problems in life.

          2. @LF me too! Just today I was at the store buying cat food and some random guy started telling me his cat eats the same food, really likes to eat, weighs 24lbs…..ugh!!! Who cares buddy?!?! Worst part, then he tried to follow me still talking about the kind of cat and it’s name and whatever else! I just kept walking and not acknowledging him til he finally went away. This kind of weird shit happens to me ALL the time! I blame my natural curls, people find them cute and I guess that leads them to assume I’m friendly.

          3. @IGI

            Sounds like you had an admirer lol! I know exactly how you feel. My problem is I’m too nice and it’s hard for me to just walk away…I’m working on it. A month ago I had a roofer come to my house for an estimate and he decided to tell me about his fucked up childhood with a father who physically and sexually abused him and his siblings and how his 4 siblings all killed themselves and he’s the only one left and then showed me pictures of himself when he had abs….so fucking awkward!

      2. Ridiculous.
        It seems to me the younger US cops are afraid of their own shadow, which points to inadequate training. I mean really, a cop calls for back up in a situation like yours !, do me a favour, he ought not be
        anywhere near being in a police force.
        Thankfully, the older guy saw it for what it was, which was nothing much when all is said and done.

        1. @ewestomper You’re right, he seemed afraid of his own shadow lol I don’t know what he thought I was going to do, I’m no weakling but I’m certainly not big enough to be intimidating especially to a male cop. I’m just glad I didn’t have my dogs with me, being bully breed mixes he would’ve shot them for slobbering on the car windows for sure!

  5. The cops restrict everything. They restrict our fun, our rights, our freedom, our lives and they do not follow the code of ethics they are sworn by. They are the biggest lawbreakers of them all. Video evidence against them is mounting all the time but nothing seems to be done about it. I wonder when the public will say enough is enough and finally a change will be made. We need order in society but these people are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, they are just as criminal as the people they are arresting! Just because you give somone a badge, a uniform and a title, it doesn’t mean they can treat other human beings with such disregard and get away with it. I await the reckoning.

    1. The cops don’t restrict anything.
      The laws restrict it.
      The people you vote for restrict it.
      They pass laws – cops don’t pass laws, cops enforce the law, you get your day in court, and then it’s decided.
      Did you not listen to the call – he had been in a domestic, had already been in fights, and then went nuts when they made contact with him to talk.
      Who does that sober?
      No one.
      The cops don’t take your fun away…the laws do.
      If you want to change that, change who you vote for…

      1. The cops are not to blame…there are no corrupt cops… no trigger happy cops…cops stick to the rules… it’s the politicians that did it, no actually it’s your own fault because you vote for the wrong person.
        Yeah right.

      2. And for your information you mouthy little cunt, I haven’t and I never will vote!! I opted out of society a long time ago because I never signed up for it. And you saying “you will have your day in court” is a fucking joke!! The judges are the worst of them all, like you would get a fair trial?? Your an asshole

  6. Long time lurker (mainly for the beheading videos and ISIS) but I’m also an officer, and I’m kinda tired of the reactionary way people act towards officers on here so I figured I would post.
    First, listen to the conversation about what happened.
    Why he ended up there.
    Secondly, you have a bunch of motorcycle cops and a bike cop – there are no cruisers. They have no means of transport and have to wait for it.
    He’s already fought them (details in the convo on the phone from the body cam) and they have no means to transport and contain him to a vehicle.
    This is what we refer to as a ‘time out.’ You restrain (search while restrained), hold, and wait for the person to either stop struggling so you can sit him up – or you continue to hold him because to stand him up present an immediate danger to 1) himself, if he stands up and starts fighting he could get injured; 2) the officers, though while restrained he was kicking and freaking out and that can cause an officer to get hit or to fall and injure themselves.
    If you have ever tried to hold someone down, you’ll realize it’s exhausting with your hands, so the best thing, and most defensive tactics courses LE go through, is to apply body weight to the upper back/neck/chest/head to stop them from being able to use their legs and scramble up.
    He was communicating actively, he wasn’t complaining he couldn’t breathe, he needed some time to stop, let whatever adrenaline he had left to stop going through his body, and to come off the adrenal dump to realize what the fuck is going on.
    Once they had a vehicle in route to contain him, they talked him, informed him of consequences where he could understand because he’s exhausted his adrenaline, and his mind is now working, and he’s ready to move.
    Hundreds of thousands of arrests happen weekly (yes, I do have a problem with this) but with a combative suspect, the officer shouldn’t be expected to put themselves in situation they could come under undue harm to restrain someone because the internet got mad and people want to protest.
    This is text book and well done.
    When was the last time you got arrested, thrown to the ground, and restrained like this? Probably never – BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG TO MAKE THE COPS COME INTO CONTACT WITH YOU 99% OF THE TIME.
    You don’t get a knee on the back of your neck because you did something smart.
    Should they have shot him?
    Should have have tasered him?
    They did right…and you should be glad.

    1. Kth11 I’d say you make some valid defense points but, lets say you found yourself pinned to the ground like this, how are you going to feel? I think you know of all people that there is something wrong with the way cops are doing their jobs. Maybe tighter restrictions on prospective officers? Even you brought up adrenaline issues, well how about how it affects to cop ? Will they handle it under control or are they gonna act all Rambo?

    2. You stated “there was a bunch of motorcycle cops and a bicycle cop” and there is only one combative criminal. Why do most cops choose to use excessive force to the head/neck area rather than shoulders/back? I assume this is because they want to do bodily harm to the individual rather than just detain. Two wrongs don’t make a right and your duties as law enforcement officers are to “serve and protect.” They get irate because an idiot is breaking the law and enforce their own punishment! I have seen numerous videos of cops randomly violating peoples rights, mainly freedom of speech! Its a power trip thing and its only creating more criminals because citizens are tired of being treated poorly.

    3. @kth11 – all other arguments aside, so it’s ok to lie on the report? “Placing my knee on the back of his upper shoulders”, said twice even though it was clearly on his neck. If the cop lies about this in an official document, what else does he lie about and do that are against the law? The cop thought the guy needed to”think about this for awhile” so said cop decided to be the punisher as well? How do you justify all that?

  7. Cuff the guy then cuff him to something fixed , like a pole , post, newspaper machine ,his buddy ,hell anything. Then back off and if he thrashes about and hurts himself ,then its on him! How far is a handcuffed person gonna get dragging something like that . Or i supposed its best to just restrain him to the point of suffocation! No suspect , no court fees, no prisoner to house which also means no rehabilitation and here’s the part i like best, without all those criminals to punish we have less need of jailers and judges,corrections staff and even cops in general! Yeah you go keep up the good work buddy, don’t worry, I got your back

  8. Oh no! I just realized the flaw in our new plan! If we kill all the citizens then who are we gonna get to fill the needs of prison industries? I doubt we can use the Jews surely they won’t fall for it again, hmm, Or will they?

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