Corrections Officer Knocks Out Inmate by Slamming His Head Into Wall, Then Lies About It

Corrections Officer Knocks Out Inmate by Slamming His Head Into Wall, Then Lies About It

A Marion County, Florida corrections officer Charlie Broaderick was filmed on jail’s CCTV slamming a handcuffed inmate’s head into the wall.

James Duckworth, who was being held on driving under the influence (DUI) charges was being prepped for a breathalyzer test. The inmate then turns his head away from the officers and appears to clear something form his lips the only way he could with his hands tied behind his back.

Charlie Broaderick claimed Duckworth spat on him and immediately responded to it by smacking Duckworth’s head into the wall. The head trauma left the inmate knocked out and a large blood stain appeared on the wall behind him as the officers put a spit mask over the unconscious man’s head.

Broaderick then pressed his fist into the side of Duckworth’s neck. Because the inmate appeared unconscious, a nurse was called in. When she showed up, Charlie Broaderick lied about what happened by stating that the inmate “hit the wall” with his head. In the report, Broaderick claimed the inmate had been combative and needed to be restrained, yet in the video the inmate apepars cooperative and even complements an officer by calling him a “gentleman”.

The incident happened in October 2013. As is typical of cops, actions of James Duckworth were considered justified and would continue being justified if the video did not make it out to the public. So after two months of pretending the abuser did not act out of line, Charlie Broaderick was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery.

But guess what happened to Charlie Broaderick after the arrest? A big fat nothing – he reached a plea deal with the State Attorney’s office who dropped all charges against him in exchange for his job.

Basically, if you’re a cop, you can merrily assault an incapacitated man, split his head open, and get away with it. Ta da!

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      1. Right. I guess you apparently missed all the police brutality reports and videos of all the pregnant women and infants killed by cops for no reason. Get out of your delusion. You’re not, nor have you ever been oppressed. Man is favored in the workplace, society, and in most cases even the law, and you know it.

    1. I saw this one a while back as it was completely blatant abuse of power, however relocating back to the Florida the CK Units have been on a roll of killing civilians. They don’t call it The Gunshine State for nothing, power tripping mongers with nothing better to do than to seek out potential victims to toy with.

      I despise law enforcement with a passion as I’ve yet to see a so-called good cop, at least in this state. I know first-hand what they since I once lived with one for seven years and it enlightened me as to how cops operate and behave towards civilians. As for the poor sap, he must’ve “accidentally” hit his head, laughable excuse for a human that Porky is.

      1. “I lived with one for 7 years” – bitter much?!?

        I’m honestly sick of best gore and all the pathetic moaning morons.

        Police this, Police State that, whine whine whine.

        This site has become a breeding ground for bitter people.

        I’m not a fan of the cops but I don’t constantly moan about it. Sort it out best gore.

        1. well lets see if your sick of this site then don’t come back at all. some of us have been abused by cops in the past and you wonder why we don’t like them… on fucking ruined my arm and now I can hardly use it like I used to… out field thrower from the back of center field all the way to home base back in high school then a cop fucked up my throwing arm…

          how would you like it if you walking with the officer doing nothing wrong then he dislocates you shoulder for no reason…

          give me a reason to trust cops that abuse their power every chance they get.

        2. Dude, it’s a video about police brutality, what else do you suggest the readership here discuss? It’s expression of opinion, these are what the comments are for. Cops get away with shit, because they can. Bottom line….maybe you feel butthurt because you are a cop?

          1. damn right boozer. we are here to open the eyes and learn exactly what’s going on in the world. If you don’t like it then don’t come back.

        1. I’m not a cop, I’ve been arrested more times than all of you idiots put together. Do you know what though, I used to try run off and kick off big time with them, so I used to get it back, sometimes I’d get hurt.

          But unlike Mr oh my arm hurts, I’m a man and accept that sometimes in life you don’t fuck with certain establishments, especially cops.

          I’ve watched this site go from decent topics of debate to just absolute bitching and it’s the idiotic generations we breed who think they have some sort of entitlement like they’ve earned the right to whine and moan.

          Just got on with your life and stop being such a pussy – that’s to most of you morons.

          1. oh really so you want to say a 6’9 cop needs to ruin a kids arm for no reason… I think someone one needs to really look at the law when it comes to code of conduct when addressing kids.. oh wait thats right a cop can knock a kid unconscious or kill a person and not face the same laws we do…

            get the fuck out you just made an enemy of over half the site…

          2. @Neil You’ve been arrested more times than all of us “idiots” put together. Well I’ve never been arrested so you certainly have me beat but I also believe that would make you the idiot for not learning from your mistakes. Also why don’t you post some material if you don’t like what’s being presented ? Subjects can include but not limited to your next cavity search while being booked into your local county jail. The only person who is whining here is you. You feel B.G. owes you something so you must have those entitlement issues you speak of. Your mom and dad probably told you all these things when they asked you to move out of their basement. You obviously have no respect for this site, it’s contributors or it’s members but yet here you are.

  1. I am sure that the officer in question was a “gentleman”.

    In British parliament the politicians always refer to each other as “honourable gentlemen” which, considering that most of them are thieves, criminals, paedophiles and general scum of the highest order, gives an all new meaning to the words “honourable” and “gentleman”.

    Therefore one could argue that referring to a member of the law/government as a “gentleman” is a fancy way of calling them filth, scum and garbage.

  2. The guy under arrest did not spit. He said , “How much time we got” then he kinda burped a little or some kind of acid re-flux but he made sure to turn his head away from the officer and then goes night night twinkle twinkle little star.

  3. It’s a threefold public execution. The brain of the newsreader being the third condemned.
    Reminds me that if you ever are assaulted, pretend at the A&E that you have inflicted your injuries on yourself if you want a correct diagnosis and proper treatment.
    Get your cure first and your justice later (if you dare).

  4. You know, these corrections people park their cars in front of the jail in the parking lot. If you wanted to, you could wait until they get off work and go confront hem. They should watch who they fuck with. Anybody could blow their head off after they get off work.

    1. @Poz they usually have barrels filled with sand right outside the door where they walk out. It is for when they are chambering a round in their pistols for the walk to their cars. They know they’ve made a few guests at the Gray Stone Motel un-happy during their stay. And they also know the jail is where most people will track them from to assault them.

    2. Great comments. Talking about sniping a cop after work. Very brave of you, typical keyboard warriors who’ve never done anything relavent with there sad pathetic lives.

      Luckily talking about murdering people is something the authorities are particularly interested in.

      1. @Neil it’s called freedom of speech, obviously your one of the sheep who merrily bleats as their rights are taken and trampled upon. If you have been arrested as many times as you claim your also more than likely a snitch if you still feel the need to protect your oppressors. Let me tell you the law enforcements view of people like you. Once a cock sucker always a cock sucker.

        1. @rayf – you are just a boy hiding behind a computer screen like so many on this site. It’s sad really and I feel sorry for you, I really do.

          If it came down to the crunch, you’d just curl up into a ball and hide like all the cowards who mouth off on here would do.

          I am not a whiner, I just get on with things, like a real man. Unlike you and so many on BG.

          1. @Neil you’re the “boy hiding behind a computer screen” here! These posts are covered with your immature comments saying the same thing to every guy on here. Why are you on this site if you hate how it’s done? Are you that fucking pathetic you have to stay here making your tough guy comments instead of just going to browse a different website? Or is it just that you’re such a loser in real life that you’re constantly picked on so you come here where you can be anonymous and run your mouth without anyone knowing you can’t back it up? Seriously piss off! Go find something productive to do like kill yourself so we can post pics of your bloated body here!

  5. What a massive tosser. An absolute total and utter disgrace, not only to his so called profession, but to the human race in general.

    There is nothing to feel proud about here Mr Broaderick, you are nothing but a craven, yellow bellied bully, who is too unfit, both physically and psychologically, to carry out even the most menial of Police tasks.

    Do the right and proper thing, hand in that undeserved badge, go home with your tail between your legs and begin the process of repentance.
    If you are man enough.

  6. this is why you pigs are hated. if you are a pig and you come on this site then just know you are hated and you are the most spineless worthless humans to walk the earth you are worse than actual criminals theirselves. you are a piece of shit and no one will ever like you. how does it feel to be a pig you scum of the earth doughnit fat maggot dicked loser

      1. Stop projecting upon others what you’re good at and then drop in favor of not “fucking with certain elements of society.” How’s that for monkey see monkey do? I don’t know you from Jack Shit but obviously I’ve got you pegged, right? *rolls eyes*

  7. First of all cops make my fucking stomach turn because they get away with murder ,not literally ,they really fucking do !! Most of these filthy pigs wait until your handcuffed or incapacitated and your not expecting it then, Wham !! They strike . I know there’s a few cops that are fair and try to do a good job , I just haven’t been lucky enough to meet one yet . How about the rest of you guys .What do you think ! I think the whole justice system needs a total fucking overhaul . It will take a long time but I know I will never trust them !! EVER !

  8. Don’t want to jump in here, but I think I must. Neil has a point, but he is not saying it in a way anyone will listen. Same for all of you who are screaming at him. Nobody’s opinion really matters when no one is listening. I find a lot of comments on this site and others that amount to nobody listening; just shoving shit down each others throats. If you ever want to have an impact on someone, this is not the way to do it. What I think Best Gore is,is a place where the photos and videos pretty much speak for themselves. We are witnesses to heavy shit. But what does that entitle us to? Nothing. We have no right to comment really, especially when the comments serve no purpose. So yes Neil, lots of stupid comments here. Juvenile and otherwise. But they have a point too. And when they get you to lose your cool, any influence you might have had is gone anyway. Shark tank it is. Maybe we just bring it down to some level that speaks to what we see here instead of cock fights and ignorant rants. Just a thought, and probably ignored.

  9. Looks like cop they just fired in the next county over from were I live. In Knoxville Tn. A Police Officer that looked alot like thus guy was finally allowed to take early retirement after being photographed choking a drunk University of Tenn. Student until he passes out. It made it on Daily Mail website and finally cost dude his job. At 1st since kid was white they were just going to sweep it under the rug but finally photos got released and dude was forced out. They like the power to much.

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